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April 10, 2015 3 Comments

Malcolm Gladwell Wrestles With David And Goliath Stories

The bestselling author of “Blink” and “Outliers” argues that our assumptions about power and advantage need to change.

April 8, 2015 8 Comments

‘Heather Has Two Mommies’ Turns 25

The children’s book was the ninth most frequently banned book in the 1990s. Is it still relevant today? Author Lesléa Newman answers.

April 7, 2015 3 Comments

Documenting America’s War On Crime From Within

Urban sociologist Alice Goffman decided to study the effects of the war on crime by living in a Philadelphia neighborhood for six years.

April 6, 2015 2 Comments

Mark Twain Was A Travelin’ Man

In his day, Twain was better known as an author of travel books. A new book traces his footsteps around the world.

April 2, 2015 6 Comments

What Businesses Can Learn From Improv Comedy

Two executives behind the improvisational theater group The Second City explain why a “yes, and” approach is better than “no, but.”

April 1, 2015 11 Comments

‘Becoming Steve Jobs’ Attempts To Dispel Myths, Chart An Evolution

There’s a new look at the man who was not only the driving force behind the Apple computer, but also the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

March 30, 2015 8 Comments

Unveiling The Pain Of Secondary Trauma Victims

Mac McClelland was diagnosed with PTSD after witnessing another woman’s horror at being brutally assaulted. She joins us to explain why she didn’t believe the diagnosis, at first.

March 26, 2015 Comment

Key West Honors Its Other Famous Writer

Most people think of Ernest Hemingway when they think of famous Key West writers, but Tennessee Williams lived there much longer.

March 23, 2015 4 Comments

Interweaving Family History With Healthy Soul Food

The mother-daughter team of Alice and Caroline Randall write a memoir-cookbook that dives into the often fraught relationship black women have with the kitchen.

March 19, 2015 30 Comments

‘Understanding Black Youth': Its Cultural Vibrancy And Its Challenges

A Harvard sociologist says the same community that faces high unemployment and rates of incarceration is also responsible for some of the world’s most vibrant popular cultures.

March 18, 2015 142 Comments

Confession: I’m Biased Against Women Authors

Here & Now’s Peter O’Dowd has kept a log of books he’s read over a decade. He found a dearth of women authors. Is it just him?

March 18, 2015 9 Comments

An Astronaut Uses Books To Launch Kids Into Science

Astronaut-turned-children-book’s author Mark Kelly wants to encourage kids to dream big and take an interest in science.

March 17, 2015 22 Comments

Kathy Gunst Does Breakfast

Never skip breakfast again with these recipes from Here & Now resident chef Kathy Gunst.

March 16, 2015 68 Comments

Is The Internet Hurting More Than Helping?

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Andrew Keen argues that the Internet economy as it exists hurts the middle class and benefits the few.

March 13, 2015 Comment

‘Panic’ Out In Paperback (And Maybe Coming To A Theater Near You)

Universal Pictures has hired Lauren Oliver to write the screenplay for her young adult novel. We revisit our interview with her.

March 10, 2015 Comment

Smith Henderson’s Debut Novel ‘Fourth Of July Creek’

The novel made a number of critics’ best books lists. As it comes out in paperback, we revisit our conversation with the author.

March 4, 2015 10 Comments

70 Years After Hitler’s Death, Germany To Republish ‘Mein Kampf’

The new annotated edition of the book will mark the first time in decades that the text will be found in German bookstores.

March 3, 2015 3 Comments

Burying Grief In Training A Goshawk

In her award-winning book “H Is for Hawk,” Helen Macdonald tells the story of training a vicious predator after her father’s death.

March 3, 2015 Comment

Revisiting A Blast From The Past With Dave Barry

Jeremy Hobson took the opportunity to catch up with the writer and humorist, whom he last interviewed in 1993 at the age of 11.

March 2, 2015 Comment

Revisiting The Pre-WWII Chinese Nightclubs With Author Lisa See

The novel “China Dolls” tells the story of popular Chinese nightclubs in San Francisco in the late 1930s.

Robin and Jeremy

Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson host Here & Now, a live two-hour production of NPR and WBUR Boston.

April 23 10 Comments

Iconic Images From Rock And Roll Photographer Henry Diltz

Crosby Stills and Nash, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, the Doors, the Eagles, all became his friends and subjects.

April 23 22 Comments

Police Shooting Of Tamir Rice Still An Open Wound In Cleveland

Five months after the 12-year-old was shot, Peter O'Dowd visits the neighborhood and speaks with Tamir's mother, Samaria Rice.

April 22 6 Comments

Saving Food Scraps From The Trash To Make Better Meals

Are you throwing away your broccoli stems and peach pits? Food writer and cookbook author Eugenia Bone says don't.

April 21 Comment

Photographing Armenian Lives Around the World

Photojournalist Scout Tufankjian started the Armenian Diaspora Project to explore what it means to be Armenian.