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Today's Stories October 8, 2015

John Fogerty Talks Creedence, And Life After

He was the creative force behind one of the biggest bands in the world, Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Michael Bloomberg Takes Climate Fight To Cities

New York's former mayor and Vancouver's mayor Gregor Robertson push for climate change policies at the city level.

NOAA: Global Bleaching Event Threatens World's Coral Reefs

It's only the third time in history that we've seen such an event, and it's potentially disastrous for the world's oceans.

On Day Of Election, McCarthy Drops Out Of Speaker Race

More From Today
12:40 PM EDT Comment

A Marine Changes His Mind On Women In Combat

Sebastian Bae thought the women he served with in Iraq were a liability. Meeting female veterans changed his mind.

1:40 PM EDT Comment

Dealing With Alcoholism In The Family

Patrick Kennedy, the son of the late Senator Ted Kennedy, has broken what he calls a "conspiracy of silence." It's not an uncommon story.

12:12 PM EDT Comment

Belarusian Wins Nobel Prize In Literature

The Swedish Academy praised Svetlana Alexievich, 67, for creating "a monument to suffering and courage in our time."

12:06 PM EDT 2 Comments

Medical Charity Demands Probe Into U.S. Airstrike On Hospital

The airstrike killed 22 people at an Afghan hospital. Doctors Without Borders is demanding an independent investigation.

1:12 PM EDT 5 Comments

Do Russia And The U.S. Have Any Common Ground In Syria?

Joshua Landis, director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma, discusses the evolving situation in Syria.

1:33 PM EDT Comment

Could This Be The Cubs' Year?

The Chicago Cubs, who haven't won a World Series since 1908, move on to play the St. Louis Cardinals in one of the Division Series.

1:52 PM EDT Comment

Remembering The 1905 Nashville Streetcar Protest

Fifty years before Rosa Parks helped spark the modern civil rights movement, Nashville's African-American community took a bold stand.

Recent Favorites
October 2 4 Comments

Fishing For Gold After Viral Video Fame

The video of a Boston-area man's incredulous and expletive-laden discovery of a sunfish has gone viral. What happens now?

October 1 Comment

A Rare Bipartisan Effort To Reform The Criminal Justice System

The legislation would reduce mandatory minimums for certain drug offenses and largely ban solitary confinement for juveniles.

October 1 42 Comments

What Does It Mean To Raise A Spiritual Child?

Psychologist Lisa Miller discusses the scientific link between spirituality and health, and how it relates to children.

September 30 5 Comments

Bard At The Bar: Shakespeare-Inspired Cocktail Recipes

Two English professors and longtime friends got the idea for "Shakespeare, Not Stirred" while having a drink together.

September 30 5 Comments

How To Stay Sharp As You Age

A psychiatrist and a psychologist have come up with nine keys to keeping an agile mind, including curiosity.

September 30 17 Comments

Missouri High School Joins Others In Canceling Football Program

Amid reports about the effects of concussions and two recent deaths of high school players, some schools say it's not worth the risk.

September 29 Comment

Recapturing The Magic With John Cleese

The legendary British funnyman and Robin Young attempt to reenact their interview that wasn't recorded.

September 29 24 Comments

Does Anyone In The GOP Carry Jack Kemp’s Torch?

A new book argues that Jack Kemp was the most important Republican of the 20th century who was not president.

Robin and Jeremy

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October 7 185 Comments

Lawsuit Challenges Transgender Locker Room Access At Planet Fitness

We hear a counterargument to our conversation earlier this week about how to accommodate transgender people in gyms.

October 7 11 Comments

‘I Drive Your Truck’ Songwriter Now Drives Her Brother’s Truck

Like the real-life story that inspired her hit song, Connie Harrington now drives a pickup truck to remember a loved one who died.

October 6 27 Comments

Former Sandy Hook Teacher On Moving Forward After Tragedy

Kaitlin Roig-Debellis explains how she worked through her grief after the tragic shooting in her new book "Choosing Hope."

October 2 5 Comments

Study: Chemo Unnecessary In Many Cases Of Early-Stage Breast Cancer

A new study finds that many women with early stage breast cancer don't benefit from chemotherapy.