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Wednesday's Stories July 23, 2014

ISIS Forces Christians To Flee Iraq City Of Mosul

The militant group's threat -- convert, leave or die -- has forced most Christians in Mosul to leave.

Foreign Policy Challenges Pile Up For Kerry

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is logging lots of miles as he deals with challenges in Ukraine, the Middle East and more.

Salary Gag Rules Are Illegal, But Still Widespread

Jonathan Timm writes that regardless of his job, "the story was the same: My employers wanted me to keep my mouth shut about money."

New California Football Law Aims To Tackle Brain Injuries Head-On

More From Wednesday
2:06 PM EDT Comment

Netherlands Mourns As Crash Victims' Bodies Arrive

The remains are being taken to a military base in Hilversum, southeast of Amsterdam. Robert Chesal joins us from there with details.

12:50 PM EDT Comment

DJ Sessions: Latin Alternative From Los Angeles To Venezuela

KCRW's Raul Campos introduces us to some groups he came across while hosting the 15th annual Latin Alternative Music Conference.

12:20 PM EDT Comment

Why Israeli Officials Are Upset Over Flight Cancellations To Ben Gurion Airport

U.S. and European safety agencies temporarily banned flights to Israel's international airport after a rocket landed a few miles away.

1:06 PM EDT Comment

Obama Declares Washington Wildfire Emergency

Wetter, cooler weather has helped firefighters in their efforts to get the largest wildfire in Washington state's history under control.

12:25 PM EDT 5 Comments

Deeply Divided Opinions On Israel And Gaza Make News Coverage A Balancing Act

Nearly every report on the fighting between Israel and Hamas is considered biased by one side or the other.

12:12 PM EDT 2 Comments

Congress Not Likely To Agree On Border Crisis Plan Before Recess

A week before Congress leaves for its five-week recess, the House and Senate are introducing dueling immigration plans.

12:35 PM EDT Comment

Cleveland Kiosk Delivers Virtual Health Care

The future of health care might be sitting in one of Cleveland's poorest neighborhoods. It's an enclosed kiosk where patients see a doctor.

1:55 PM EDT Comment

Commonwealth Games Begin

Only A Game's Doug Tribou is in Scotland for start of the Commonwealth Games, an event that takes place every four years.

1:25 PM EDT 2 Comments

Effects Of Child Abuse And Neglect On The Brain

This is the final piece in a series of reports from WBUR called "Brain Matters: Reporting from the Front Lines of Neuroscience."

1:35 PM EDT 2 Comments

And The Leaders In Innovation Are...

Switzerland has the highest potential for innovation in the world, according to a new report. We take a look at how the U.S. ranks.

12:16 PM EDT Comment

Political Newcomer Defeats 11-Term Georgia Congressman

Businessman David Perdue beat Rep. Jack Kingston to win the runoff for Georgia's Republican U.S. Senate nomination.

12:06 PM EDT Comment

Malaysia Jet Victims' Bodies Arrive In Netherlands

Two military transport planes carrying 40 coffins bearing victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 have landed in the city of Eindhoven.

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July 18 31 Comments

A Conversation With Immigrant Activist Jose Antonio Vargas

The immigrant-rights activist has written extensively about the fact that he has been living illegally in the U.S. for years.

July 18 4 Comments

Will Israel Widen The War And Will Hamas Run Out of Rockets?

What will drive Israel's decision? What are the strategic calculations Hamas is making and how will it emerge from this conflict?

July 17 10 Comments

Why It’s Good To Talk About Miscarriages

Karen Gibbons felt very much alone after her first miscarriage. Now, she wants to counsel couples and help them through pregnancy.

July 17 Comment

Meet The ‘Real Larry’ Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’

Larry Smith has had to contend with being known as the "real Larry" since the show debuted on Netflix.

July 16 Comment

Deborah Harkness Brings Her ‘All Souls’ Trilogy To A Close

Readers have been eagerly awaiting the conclusion of the series that began with "A Discovery of Witches."

July 16 19 Comments

What Honduran Children Are Fleeing

Sonia Nazario joins us to discuss the conditions in Honduras and what the U.S. should do.

July 15 9 Comments

Travel Writer Finds Soul Of America In Rural South

Paul Theroux has made a career of writing about his travels. But until recently, he'd never traveled in the South.

July 15 22 Comments

Peace Corps To Shorten Application Process, Let Volunteers Choose Location

Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet discusses the changes and the shifting role of the government-run volunteer program.

Robin and Jeremy

Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson host Here & Now, a live two-hour production of NPR and WBUR Boston.

July 22 2 Comments

Remains Of Clovis Boy Reburied In Montana

DNA from the boy buried 12,600 years ago shows his people were ancestors of many of today's native peoples.

July 22 Comment

After Malaysia Airlines Crash, A Closer Look At Planning Flight Paths

Retired pilot John Ransom discusses how to factor in war zones, and how the decision is made to close an airspace.

July 21 Comment

Boxing Attracts More Than Would-Be Fighters

At the Ring Boxing Club, boxers range in age, are both men and women, and include an award-winning author.

July 21 Comment

Why Hot Cars Are So Deadly

An average of 38 kids die in a hot car every year in the U.S. We look at the science of why cars get so hot so fast, and why children are more vulnerable.