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Today's Stories July 6, 2015

After Celebrations, Back to Reality in Greece

Today, the country faces the same reality of closed banks and cash shortages.

Andrew Bacevich On Iraq, ISIS

Is the recent surge of ISIS tied to decisions made by Barack Obama?

Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids: Dear Mr. Prime Minister

A new podcast that features grown-ups reading things they wrote as kids.

Vera Brittain’s 1930’s Great War Memoir Resonates Powerfully

More From Today
12:20 PM EDT 5 Comments

The Rise Of The MP3 And The Fall Of The CD

Stephen Witt discusses his book "How Music Got Free: The End of an Industry, The Turn of the Century, and the Patient Zero of Privacy."

1:40 PM EDT 4 Comments

Aetna Acquires Humana As Other Health Insurers Look to Merge

Aetna, the fourth largest insurer in the U.S., bought its rival Humana for $37 billion. What does the merger mean for consumers?

1:45 PM EDT Comment

Reforesting After Fracking: Working To Restore Pennsylvania's Drilled Land

State regulators in Pennsylvania are working on a less-discussed, but no less serious, side effect of oil and gas development: forest fragmentation.

1:01 PM EDT 3 Comments

After The Vote Against Austerity, What's Next For Greece?

After Sunday's overwhelming vote against austerity, Greece's future in Europe is in question.

1:05 PM EDT 2 Comments

A Look At What's Coming Up This Week In American Politics

Where do nuclear talks with Iran stand and what legislation will Congress take up when they return from recess tomorrow?

12:34 PM EDT 2 Comments

Political Rhetoric Soars Across Europe After Greek Vote

Sunday's "No" vote in the Greek referendum has significant political implications both in Europe and across the globe.

12:52 PM EDT Comment

USA Women Win 2015 World Cup

The American team beat Japan 5-2 in Canada on Sunday, winning their first Women's World Cup since 1999.

12:33 PM EDT 13 Comments

5-Time Deported Mexican Immigrant Admits To Killing

The seemingly random killing of a woman at a popular San Francisco tourist spot is stirring up debate about how to deal with undocumented workers in the U.S.

1:34 PM EDT Comment

After Greek Vote, Markets Wake Up Jittery

Stocks fell in Europe, and oil and commodities are also off as markets around the world are responding to the Greek vote.

Music From The Show

From Caribou to Man Man.

Recent Favorites
July 1 6 Comments

What It’s Like To Lead A Non-Hierarchical Workplace

Terri Kelly is one of few people with a title at W. L. Gore – the maker of Gore-Tex – and she says she really doesn't like having one.

July 1 3 Comments

Joy Williams’ New American Songbook

The singer-songwriter and four-time Grammy winner joins us with a playlist of what she considers quintessentially American music.

June 30 6 Comments

With Pluto On Its Horizon, NASA Spacecraft Nears Target

"We haven't done anything like this since Voyager in the 1980s, and nothing like it is planned to ever happen again."

June 30 49 Comments

Chorus Helps Trans Men And Women Find Their Voice

The all-trans chorus was founded to help people learn to use their changing voices in a safe space.

June 30 137 Comments

Social Justice Activist: Slavery Never Ended, It Just Evolved

Bryan Stevenson of the Equal Justice Initiative recently launched an effort to mark where lynchings took place in the U.S.

June 29 12 Comments

First Known Plane Hijacking Was A Flight To Freedom

Nearly 60 years ago, a forced laborer in a Hungarian brick factory hatched a far-fetched plan to escape.

June 29 38 Comments

Paul Thurmond Explains His Change Of Heart On The Confederate Flag

The state senator is now among those calling for the flag to be removed from near the South Carolina State House.

June 26 4 Comments

What Happens When Mavericks Gather For Family Reunion

Their family name inspired the English word we know today. We drop in on their unusual family reunion in San Antonio.


From controversial new textbooks to a Maverick family reunion, here are stories from Jeremy Hobson's week in Houston and San Antonio.

Robin and Jeremy

Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson host Here & Now, a live two-hour production of NPR and WBUR Boston.

July 3 Comment

Kids Books Feature Famous Figures As Children

Brad Meltzer is known for his political thrillers, but he also writes kids books about real-life people like Rosa Parks and Amelia Earhart.

July 3 Comment

Not Your Typical Summer Reading List

NPR Books editor Petra Mayer and Cleveland poet and bookstore owner R. A. Washington share their picks.

July 2 11 Comments

Professor Says Jefferson Davis Statue Should Be Removed, Preserved

At the University of Texas at Austin, there are calls to take down a statue of the Confederate president on campus.

July 2 2 Comments

Sweet And Savory Watermelon

Our resident chef shares five recipes, including watermelon pickles and a watermelon, crab and arugula salad.