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Wednesday's Stories July 29, 2015

Garden-Inspired Cooking With Kathy Gunst

We visit our resident chef's garden in Maine, make gazpacho and get a recipe for a plum tart with hazelnut crust.

Two Sides Of The GMO Debate

We moderate a debate over a bill that would bar states from forcing food manufacturers to label genetically modified foods.

Boston Mayor Wishes LA Luck In Possible Olympic Bid

Mayor Marty Walsh reflects on how Boston's Olympic bid fell apart and suggests changes at the International Olympic Committee.

Lion Shooting Shines Spotlight On Ethics Of Trophy Hunting

More From Wednesday
12:52 PM EDT 3 Comments

'Optimism Is High' In The West As El Niño Strengthens

NASA climate scientist Bill Patzert says "everyone's thinking about this El Niño as the great wet hope" to help with the historic drought.

12:06 PM EDT Comment

Taliban Leader Reported Dead

An Afghan official said today his government is examining claims that reclusive Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar is dead.

1:06 PM EDT Comment

House And Senate Debate Separate Highway Bills

The House votes today on a patch to keep federal highway and transit aid going to states, while the Senate is debating a long-term bill.

12:40 PM EDT 4 Comments

'Key & Peele' To End After Fifth Season

After receiving multiple Emmy nominations earlier this month, Keegan-Michael Key announced that this will be the last season.

1:33 PM EDT Comment

Microsoft Quietly Launches Windows 10

The company is hoping that users are happier with Windows 10, after Windows 8 was widely criticized when it was released in 2012.

12:13 PM EDT 6 Comments

What China's Stock Plunge Means For Its Government

It's been a bumpy ride for China's stock market this summer. What does it mean for confidence in the Xi Jinping administration?

12:33 PM EDT 4 Comments

Brady Continues Fighting 'Deflategate' Suspension

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady denies destroying his phone to avoid giving the NFL information it requested.

1:52 PM EDT Comment

Supply Storehouses Keep Wildland Firefighters Supplied, Fed

Tom Banse of Northwest News Network get a tour of what you might call the for wildland firefighting.

Music From The Show

From Submerse to Shellac.

Recent Favorites
July 24 11 Comments

U.S. Takes Home Gold… In Math

For the first time since 1994, six American teens won the International Mathematical Olympiad.

July 24 3 Comments

Food Innovators Develop Seaweed That Tastes Like Bacon

Researchers say a fast-growing new form of a seaweed tastes like bacon when fried.

July 23 5 Comments

‘Paper Towns’ Author John Green Taps Into Teens

The film adaptation of "Paper Towns" comes a year after "The Fault in Our Stars" grossed over $300 million.

July 23 Comment

CDC Study: Teen Sex, Pregnancy On The Decline

The number of teenagers having sex is at the lowest level in 25 years. Less than half of 15 to 19-year-olds say they've had sex.

July 22 4 Comments

Education Secretary Responds To New ‘No Child Left Behind’ Bills

After several failed attempts, the House and the Senate have passed their own bills to revise U.S. education policy.

July 22 10 Comments

After 37 Years, Tony Geary Leaves ‘General Hospital’

Since 1978, Anthony Geary has played Luke Spencer on the ABC soap opera, winning eight Daytime Emmy Awards.

July 21 19 Comments

The True Story Of A British Secret Agent In The Civil War South

Journalist Christopher Dickey has written a new book that looks at slavery through the eyes of a British agent in Charleston, S.C.

July 21 8 Comments

A Renewed Search For Extraterrestrials

A Russian billionaire has pledged $100 million to help observatories in the U.S. and Australia look for aliens.

Robin and Jeremy

Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson host Here & Now, a live two-hour production of NPR and WBUR Boston.

July 28 146 Comments

Religious Groups Upset Over Boy Scouts’ Decision To Lift Ban On Gay Leaders

The chairman of Trail Life USA, a group that formed after the Boy Scouts opened its membership to gay youth, explains his position.

July 28 5 Comments

Shamir: From Country To Pop

The 20-year-old talks about his new album, his androgynous voice and how his disco-pop sound has evolved.

July 27 11 Comments

U.S. Wind Power On Course To Grow Big

The Department of Energy says wind power is poised to become one of the country's largest sources of energy.

July 27 2 Comments

Alaskans Still Cleaning Up Reminders Of Japan Tsunami

Crews are picking up and bagging tons of debris that were swept out to sea when the tsunami hit in 2011.