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Tuesday's Stories November 24, 2015

Ferguson: One Year Later

City council member Wesley Bell looks back on the past year since protests and violence swept the Missouri city.

Sam Sifton's Tips For A Happy, Delicious Thanksgiving For All

The New York Times' food editor talks about his favorite dishes and how to accommodate everyone without going crazy.

'Welcome To Night Vale' Goes From Podcast To Page

The popular podcast, presented as a radio broadcast from a weird desert town, has been adapted into a new novel.

French President Hollande Meets With Obama

More From Tuesday
12:40 PM EST 2 Comments

Belgium's Counterterrorism Weaknesses

Politico's Ryan Heath discusses the security challenges Belgium is facing and how Brussels became a breeding ground for terrorists.

12:52 PM EST Comment

First Major Virtual Reality Headset Is Now On Sale

Kurt Wagner of Re/code reviews Samsung's Gear VR and what it means for the virtual reality industry.

12:12 PM EST 7 Comments

Chicago Braces For Black Lives Matter Protests

City officials plan to release video of the police shooting last year of African-American 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

12:06 PM EST Comment

Turkey Downs Russian Fighter Jet, Increasing Tensions

Russian officials dispute Turkey's claim that the fighter jet strayed from the Syrian side of the border into Turkey.

1:12 PM EST Comment

Why Oil Prices Rose After Downing Of Russian Fighter Jet

Ali Velshi of Al Jazeera America explains why oil prices rose on the news of the fighter jet being shot down by Turkey.

12:33 PM EST Comment

A New Way To Measure Taste: The Electronic Tongue

Food scientists at Washington State University have an unusual new partner to help them evaluate drinks, medicines and sweeteners.

1:33 PM EST 2 Comments

Friendsgiving: The Best Fall Holiday?

It has all the trappings of a standard holiday-season gathering, with one notable absence: blood relatives.

1:40 PM EST Comment

Airport, Train Station Security Tightened Amid Travel Rush

Bart Jansen of USA Today explains how security is being beefed up and what effect that could have on holiday travel.

1:52 PM EST Comment

Water Park Owner Chains Himself To Slide To Protest Auction

"If this doesn't work and it goes to auction and I lose everything, I'll still be able to spend the rest of my days saying I tried my best."

Music From The Show

From Kraftwerk to Craft Spells.

Recent Favorites
November 19 3 Comments

Paris Journalist: On The Walls It’s Written ‘We Are Not Afraid.’ But We Are.

Following the coordinated attacks on the city last week, attempts at resuming normal life have not been easy for Parisians.

November 19 5 Comments

Sugar Vs. Corn Syrup: A Bittersweet Legal Battle

In a Los Angeles courtroom, sugar producers are suing members of the high fructose corn syrup industry.

November 18 5 Comments

Burt Reynolds Looks Back On His Life And Career In New Memoir

As the title "But Enough About Me" implies, the book also contains many of his memories about people he's met along the way.

November 18 16 Comments

Cranberry Recipes: Sauce, Butter, Syrup And Scones

Resident chef Kathy Gunst celebrates cranberries with these four recipes, including her "favorite holiday condiment."

November 18 16 Comments

Researchers: 1.5 Million U.S. Families Living On $2 A Day

Where do these families live? How did they get so poor? Two researchers explore the answers in a new book.

November 17 22 Comments

In Iran, Exposing Hair In Public Is A ‘Stealthy Freedom’

Thousands of women are posting photos of themselves without a hijab, as part of a protest campaign called "My Stealthy Freedom."

November 17 7 Comments

Timbaland Reflects On His Music Career In ‘Emperor Of Sound’

For two decades now, Timbaland has been producing some of music's biggest stars, including Missy Elliot and Jay-Z.

November 16 14 Comments

Arundhati Roy: India Is Undergoing An ‘Ideological Tectonic Shift’

The author has joined the growing list of writers, filmmakers and academics protesting "thuggish violence" against India's Muslims.


Experts share a range of perspectives on how to combat the Islamic State militant group, and the role the U.S. should play.

Robin and Jeremy

Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson host Here & Now, a live two-hour production of NPR and WBUR Boston.

November 23 3 Comments

James Taylor Is ‘Gobsmacked’ By Medal Of Freedom Honor

The five-time Grammy winner looks back on his career, ahead of receiving the country's highest civilian honor.

November 23 25 Comments

How To Travel While Black During Jim Crow

A postal worker created a guide for black travelers that was published almost every year from 1936 to 1966.

November 20 7 Comments

The Obama Administration’s Strategy In The Fight Against ISIS

The president's special envoy to Global Coalition to Counter ISIL discusses the administration's strategy against the militant group.

November 20 24 Comments

The Language Of Counterterrorism: Is Obama Striking The Right Tone?

President Obama has been careful about how he frames terrorist attacks and the fight against extremism. Some say too careful.