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Today's Stories June 30, 2015

With Pluto On Its Horizon, NASA Spacecraft Nears Target

"We haven’t done anything like this since Voyager in the 1980s, and nothing like it is planned to ever happen again."

Social Justice Activist: Slavery Never Ended, It Just Evolved

Bryan Stevenson of the Equal Justice Initiative recently launched an effort to mark where lynchings took place in the U.S.

Chorus Helps Trans Men And Women Find Their Voice

The all-trans chorus was founded to help people learn to use their changing voices in a safe space.

Tennis Hall Of Famer Stan Smith On How The Game Has Changed

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12:52 PM EDT 3 Comments

Google Is Manipulating Search Results, Study Finds

The study by top legal and economic scholars found the search engine giant knowingly buries its competitors. Google refutes the findings.

1:06 PM EDT Comment

Negotiators Scramble As Greek Debt Deadline Looms

Greece could become the first developed country ever to default on a loan to the IMF. We look at what it would mean.

1:25 PM EDT 19 Comments

What Makes A Word? Making Sense Of The Argle-Bargle

Justice Antonin Scalia is known for his eyebrow-raising words, including jiggery-pokery, mummeries, ukase and argle-bargle.

12:06 PM EDT 3 Comments

Puerto Rico Says It Can't Pay Its Debt

The governor wants creditors to postpone bond payments and restructure the U.S. territory's $72 billion in public debt.

12:12 PM EDT Comment

Some States Still Don't Have Budgets

In Illinois, that means some state workers could go without pay and some state services could be disrupted.

12:40 PM EDT 4 Comments

Christie Says He's Running In 2016 To 'Change The World'

Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie launched his campaign for president in the gymnasium of his old high school.

1:12 PM EDT Comment

Washington State Battles Wildfires In Parched, Hot Conditions

The wildfire season is off to an early and fierce start. Hundreds of firefighters have been called in from around the state.

1:33 PM EDT Comment

Obama To Expand Overtime Pay For Millions

The Labor Department will expand overtime pay, in a move the administration estimates would impact 5 million U.S. workers.

12:33 PM EDT 3 Comments

Housing The Homeless With Health Care Dollars

A multimillion dollar experiment is underway in Los Angeles: using health care dollars to house people who are chronically homeless.

1:20 PM EDT Comment

In California Drought, Grape Growers Face A Trade-Off

The drought could affect production of low-cost bottles, but if can you shell out for the more expensive stuff, you might be in for a treat.

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June 24 9 Comments

Houston’s Mayor On Race, Roads And Gay Rights

Jeremy Hobson sits down with Annise Parker, the city's second female mayor and first openly gay mayor.

June 24 Comment

10 Years Later: Hurricane Katrina Evacuees In Houston

Syeda Hasan of Houston Public Media spoke with two New Orleans evacuees about what it took to call Houston home.

June 23 3 Comments

Garlic Scapes, Green Garlic And Roasted Garlic: Recipes And Tips

Our resident chef shares a primer on garlic, as well as recipes celebrating the ingredient she prizes above all.

June 23 12 Comments

How One Nonprofit Is Working With Houston Immigrants

The Baker Ripley Neighborhood Center is helping immigrants in Houston deal with common challenges in the United States.

June 22 7 Comments

What Shifting Demographics And Growth Mean For Houston

In addition to being the fourth largest city in the U.S., Houston is also the most ethnically diverse city.

June 22 111 Comments

A Conversation With Pastor Joel Osteen

The Texas native is pastor of the largest church in the country, with about 40,000 people attending Lakewood Church weekly.

June 19 Comment

Charleston Shooting Victim's Brother Remembers, Honors His Sister

Malcolm Graham, a former North Carolina state senator, is the brother of Cynthia Hurd, one of nine people killed in the shooting.

June 19 8 Comments

Every Student At This Inner-City High School Is Going To College

Verbum Dei High School is an all-male preparatory Jesuit school that caters to low-income students in Los Angeles.


From controversial new textbooks to a Maverick family reunion, here are stories from Jeremy Hobson's week in Houston and San Antonio.

Robin and Jeremy

Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson host Here & Now, a live two-hour production of NPR and WBUR Boston.

June 29 11 Comments

First Known Plane Hijacking Was A Flight To Freedom

Nearly 60 years ago, a forced laborer in a Hungarian brick factory hatched a far-fetched plan to escape.

June 29 34 Comments

Paul Thurmond Explains His Change Of Heart On The Confederate Flag

The state senator is now among those calling for the flag to be removed from near the South Carolina State House.

June 26 4 Comments

What Happens When Mavericks Gather For Family Reunion

Their family name inspired the English word we know today. We drop in on their unusual family reunion in San Antonio.

June 25 82 Comments

Controversial New Textbooks Go Into Use This Fall In Texas

The books contain information challenged by academics, that critics say is making education far too political.