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Tuesday's Stories May 26, 2015

Egg Buying 101: Cage-Free, Omega-3, Organic And More

When it comes to buying eggs, there are many options. We get an egg-buying tutorial from an expert.

Thousands Displaced In Texas And Oklahoma After Deadly Floods, Tornadoes

Torrential rainfall, flash floods and tornadoes over the Memorial Day weekend have left at least five people dead in those two states.

Old-Fashioned Bell Helps 12-Year-Old Minnesota Boy Battle Cancer

David Gerfast and his family are fighting cancer with an old-fashioned ship captain's bell and high-tech proton beam radiation.

Just (Lobster) Roll With It: Variations On A Summer Tradition

More From Tuesday
1:52 PM EDT Comment

Department Of Justice Unveils Settlement To Reform Cleveland Police

The settlement comes months after a scathing DOJ report found unnecessary and excessive use of force by patrol officers.

12:40 PM EDT 3 Comments

France Moves To Vastly Expand Surveillance In Wake Of Charlie Hebdo Attacks

Although the country has long been critical of the Patriot Act, lawmakers are now moving to vastly expand government surveillance.

12:12 PM EDT Comment

Charter Communications Plans To Buy Time Warner Cable

The deal would create the second-largest cable country in the country. It comes after Comcast ended its bid to buy Time Warner.

12:45 PM EDT Comment

U.S. Home Prices Rising Faster Than Expected

A closely-watched housing indicator released today showed home prices are rising around the country.

1:33 PM EDT 5 Comments

Movie Theaters Had A Dismal Memorial Day Weekend

It's typically one of the most lucrative weekends for movie theaters, but box offices had the worst Memorial Day weekend since 2001.

1:06 PM EDT Comment

Heavy Rains, Thunderstorms Deluge Texas

The governor has declared disaster areas in 37 counties, after flash flooding forced evacuations and left thousands without electricity.

1:12 PM EDT 2 Comments

Lawmakers Leave Unfinished Business On Capitol Hill

Most Americans are back to work today after a three-day Memorial Day weekend, but the recess continues for Congress.

12:25 PM EDT Comment

Mattresses Are Now Recyclable In Connecticut

The nation's first state-sponsored mattress recycling program is aimed at getting old beds off the curb and into the renewable waste stream.

1:40 PM EDT Comment

Simon Rich's 'Spoiled Brats'

If you're looking for light fun read for an upcoming vacation, the short story collection "Spoiled Brats" comes out in paperback today.

1:47 PM EDT Comment

Bounce Houses: The Dangers Lurking Within

On Monday, three children in Florida were injured when a waterspout came ashore and lifted the inflatable house they were in.

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May 20 Comment

‘Finding The Good’ Through Obituary Writing

Journalist Heather Lende has been writing obituaries in the small town of Haines, Alaska, for 20 years.

May 20 3 Comments

Pandas’ Bamboo Diet May Endanger Them

New research examining the genetics of panda waste shows they would be better suited to eat meat than plants.

May 19 19 Comments

White House Unveils Plan To Save Honeybees

The White House's Pollinator Health Task Force has released a strategy to help improve bee habitat and health.

May 19 2 Comments

Congressman Weighs Risk And Rewards In ISIS Raid

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff says he's concerned about balancing the risk to soldiers and the value of the captured intelligence.

May 18 37 Comments

Marathon Bombing Survivor Reflects On Death Sentence

Jeff Bauman says he opposes the death penalty, but the bomber's "life ended when he made the choice to do that."

May 18 10 Comments

Chef Ottolenghi On Food, And Its Role In Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Jerusalem-born, London-based chef Yotam Ottolenghi is widely acclaimed for his restaurants and his cookbooks.

May 15 4 Comments

The Anatomy Of Viral Content And Internet Outrage

What makes an idea go viral? What creates Internet outrage? One man is finding out... tweet by tweet.

May 15 7 Comments

More Bad News About Honeybees: 40 Percent Died In The Last Year

It's the second-largest loss of honeybees ever recorded in a single year, according to a report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


Peter O’Dowd follows the route of Abraham Lincoln's funeral train 150 years ago, to look at modern-day race relations and Lincoln's legacy.

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May 25 Comment

Father’s Love For Fallen Son Inspires Memorial Day Tradition

In what has become an annual tradition, volunteers join Paul Monti, whose son died while serving in Afghanistan, to plant flags at each gravestone at the Massachusetts National Cemetery.

May 25 3 Comments

An Ordinary Day At Arlington National Cemetery

Official ceremonies will be held at Arlington National Cemetery to commemorate Memorial Day. Here & Now's Lisa Mullins has this report of an ordinary day at the cemetery.

May 21 7 Comments

YouTube Sensation Publishes Her First Cookbook

Maangchi's career was born when her son suggested she start making videos of herself cooking Korean dishes.

May 21 17 Comments

UC’s Napolitano Speaks Out On High Cost Of Public Ed, Anti-Semitism On Campus

Janet Napolitano talks about a plan to freeze in-state tuition, and campus protests against Israel's occupation of the West Bank.