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Today's Stories September 30, 2014

Hong Kong Protests Could Expand

Protesters say they could expand their demonstration to include labor strikes or occupation of government buildings if their demands aren't met.

Secret Service Director Faces Congressional Hearing

Julia Pierson will face lawmakers today over an incident earlier this month in which an armed intruder scaled the White House fence and entered the residence.

Why Do School Districts Need Grenade Launchers?

An investigation by the Washington Post found that at least 120 educational institutions have received military equipment from the Department of Defense.

Thousands Could Lose Affordable Care Act Coverage

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1:40 PM EDT 6 Comments

UC System Releases Sexual Assault Policy Recommendations

A UC task force has released its own sexual assault policy recommendations. At the same time, California lawmakers recently passed an affirmative consent law.

1:50 PM EDT 5 Comments

Incipient Field Of Futures Studies Helps Countries Prepare

Futures studies is the study of creating possible, preferable and probable futures for governments, businesses, and societies.

12:35 PM EDT 7 Comments

Inside America's Newest Utopia: Tony Hsieh's Las Vegas

Re/code's Nellie Bowles has been reporting from Las Vegas, where Zappos founder Tony Hsieh is attempting to build what Bowles describes as a utopia.

1:35 PM EDT Comment

eBay Plans To Separate From PayPal

In a major reversal, eBay announced it will split its PayPal business into a separate, publicly traded company.

1:10 PM EDT 4 Comments

USDA Steps In To Relieve Salmon Glut

With an overabundance of pink salmon, the USDA is buying cans of salmon to help keep prices up and give to food banks.

12:40 PM EDT Comment

Scientists Change Memories With Hope Of Treating Brain Disorders

Scientists are now able to manipulate memory in profound ways that may lead to new treatments for a range of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

12:50 PM EDT Comment

Medieval Mystery Novel Out In Paperback

English professor Bruce Holsinger's medieval mystery novel is out in paperback, and features Geoffrey Chaucer.

1:20 PM EDT Comment

Iraqi Forces Stop ISIS Advance On Baghdad

The BBC's Lyse Doucet reports from Iraq, where Iraqi forces, assisted by international air strikes, have apparently stopped the latest advance by ISIS on Baghdad.

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September 26 3 Comments

On Living After Accidentally Killing Someone

Poet Gregory Orr reflects on accidentally shooting and killing his brother during a hunting trip decades ago when they were children.

September 26 5 Comments

Severe Black Lung Rebounds Among Miners

The most severe kind of black lung almost disappeared from Appalachia after regulations went into effect. But now it is on the rise again.

September 25 3 Comments

U.S. Ebola Effort Focuses On Treatment Facilities, Training

The White House is sending 3,000 U.S. troops to Monrovia, Liberia, to help assist in the effort to contain the Ebola crisis in the region.

September 25 4 Comments

Seattle To Fine Residents For Trashing Food Waste

A new measure in Seattle will fine residents if more than 10 percent of their garbage is food waste in an attempt to curb waste going to landfills.

September 24 Comment

Gregory Maguire Goes from ‘Wicked’ To Pre-Revolutionary Russia

The author of the "Wicked" books takes inspiration from Russian folklore in his new book, "Egg & Spoon."

September 24 9 Comments

A Century Of U.S. Involvement In Iraq

With ISIS in control of about one third of Iraq, we take a historical look at how the U.S. and Iraq have come to this juncture.

September 23 2 Comments

Kathy Gunst Falls For Winter Squash

'Tis the season for winter squash. Resident Chef Kathy Gunst has a number of recipes and a guide for tasting and selecting squash.

September 23 9 Comments

Philippine President On Climate Change

Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson spoke with Philippine President Benigno Aquino III ahead of the UN Climate Summit.

Robin and Jeremy

Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson host Here & Now, a live two-hour production of NPR and WBUR Boston.

September 29 5 Comments

Michigan Coach Faces Criticism For Keeping QB In Play

University of Michigan quarterback Shane Morris was having trouble standing on his own after a major sack. The coach kept him in the game.

September 29 22 Comments

Methodist Pastor Faces Last Church Trial

Reverend Frank Schaefer, who was defrocked for officiating his son's same-sex marriage and later reinstated, awaits one more church trial. He writes about the experience in a new memoir.

September 29 2 Comments

Monarch Butterflies Could Be On Rebound

After precipitous declines in the monarch butterfly population, there are signs the species may be on the rebound.

September 26 4 Comments

Dean Of Boston Sports Journalism Celebrates 42 Years On The Job

Here & Now's Robin Young visits the most-beloved sportscaster you've never heard of: Jonny Miller.