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Thursday's Stories September 3, 2015

Steve Almond's Manifesto Against Football, Continued

The author and lifelong football fan has written a new afterward to his controversial 2014 book "Against Football."

Remembering Katrina Through Art

An exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art marks the anniversary by going beyond images of the storm-damaged city.

Explore Yogurt's Savory Side With These Recipes

Our resident chef Kathy Gunst brings us ideas and recipes, including one for zucchini-yogurt-mint fritters.

Judge Jails Kentucky Clerk For Refusing Marriage Licenses

More From Thursday
1:20 PM EDT Comment

Jonathan Edwards Reflects On Making Music And Rediscovering Family

The singer-songwriter, who had his first big hit, "Sunshine," in 1971, is still engaging audiences across the country.

1:06 PM EDT 6 Comments

Migrants Board Trains In Budapest But International Borders Remain Closed

Hungary's prime minister claimed the crisis was a "German problem" and argued that migrants need to be told to stop coming.

1:33 PM EDT 2 Comments

Judge Lets Brady Play, Ruling Against NFL In 'Deflategate'

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady can suit up for his team's season opener after a judge erased his suspension.

12:06 PM EDT Comment

China Marks Anniversary Of WWII's End

A massive parade of tanks, missiles and troops marked the anniversary of Japan's surrender and the end of WWII.

12:12 PM EDT 5 Comments

The Politics Of Vocal Pitch

Biologist Rindy Anderson of Florida Atlantic University found that people are biased towards candidates with deeper voices.

1:40 PM EDT 4 Comments

Is Private Investment In Public Housing Good For Baltimore?

A new program that allows allows real estate companies to buy a share of public housing buildings is raising concern.

12:33 PM EDT 2 Comments

How Healthy Is The U.S. Economy?

The health of the American economy will be at the heart of the Fed's much-anticipated decision about whether to raise interest rates.

12:52 PM EDT 4 Comments

What To Watch On-Demand This Fall

NPR TV critic Eric Deggans explains what original content means to online streaming services, and what shows are coming this fall.

Music From The Show

From Blondes to Swans.

Recent Favorites
August 28 Comment

DJ Session: The Music Of New Orleans, 10 Years After Katrina

Nick Spitzer talks about the music that has resonated in the city since the storm, and how the music scene has changed.

August 26 14 Comments

A Recipe For Longevity? Beans, Friends, Purpose And Movement

For nearly a decade, Dan Buettner has researched the places people live longest, healthiest and happiest.

August 25 Comment

Recipes To Celebrate National Sandwich Month

From an end-of-summer tomato tartine to an Italian grilled vegetable sandwich, our resident chef shares her favorites.

August 25 3 Comments

Jimmy Carter’s Fight To Eradicate The Guinea Worm

The former president and founder of The Carter Center said he wants the last guinea worm to die before he does.

August 24 7 Comments

An American Music Playlist From The Strokes’ Guitarist

Albert Hammond, Jr., who was born in L.A. to two immigrants, answers the question, "What does American Music mean to you?"

August 24 4 Comments

The Key To Being A Hero: Don’t Think About It

A Yale psychologist argues that it's not quick thinking but rather a lack of forethought that allows feats of "extreme altruism."

August 24 9 Comments

How Art Can Develop Your Brain

Art historian Jonathan Fineberg discusses his new book, "Modern Art at the Border of Mind and Brain."

August 21 5 Comments

There Are 3 Ways To Get A College Roommate. Which Is Best?

Harry Wood considers the options: random roommates, using roommate-matching software or rooming with a friend.

Robin and Jeremy

Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson host Here & Now, a live two-hour production of NPR and WBUR Boston.

September 2 9 Comments

Why Head Lice Are Becoming More Drug-Resistant

Some of these small parasites have been mutating and are now resistant to many over-the-counter medications.

September 1 12 Comments

Favorite Son Hopes To Revive Michigan Football

The story of what's happened at Michigan over the last decade plays out in a new book by John Bacon.

September 1 3 Comments

Living With ALS In The Ice Bucket Age

Corey Reich was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease in 2007 when he was 21. Now 29, he continues to do well.

August 31 Comment

Adapting ‘The Boys In The Boat’ For Young Adult Readers

Daniel James Brown decided to adapt his book after an increasing number of young people told him they loved the story.