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Friday's Stories February 5, 2016

Why Some Forensic Evidence Isn't Accurate Or Reliable

The co-founder of the Innocence Project explains the problems with certain types of evidence, such as bite marks.

Lead 101: Flint Crisis Is Latest Example Of America's Lead Problem

Public health historian Gerald Markowitz reminds us that the problem of lead poisoning is anything but new.

Brazil Warns Zika Virus Could Be Transmitted Via Urine, Saliva

Researchers found active Zika virus in urine and saliva samples, meaning it might be possible to transmit it through those fluids.

Voter Anger And Anxiety In New Hampshire

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12:06 PM EST 12 Comments

Sanders, Clinton Clash In Last Debate Before N.H. Primary

Democratic political analyst Jamal Simmons parses what this latest clash will mean, four days before the New Hampshire primary.

1:12 PM EST Comment

Chinese New Year Brings Celebration, Horrific Travel Conditions

Long and crowded journeys are ahead for those returning home to ring in the Year of the Monkey.

12:25 PM EST 3 Comments

Tuberculosis Outbreak Plagues Alabama Town

The rate of tuberculosis in Marion is 100 times greater than the state average, and worse than in many developing countries.

1:20 PM EST 7 Comments

GOP Field Narrows, Candidates Spar In Final Debates Before N.H.

With the New Hampshire primary four days away, candidates from both parties are making their final pitches to voters.

12:33 PM EST 3 Comments

Pope To Meet Russian Orthodox Leader After 1,000-Year Estrangement

The Catholic Church and the Russian Orthodox Church split during what was called the Great Schism of 1054.

12:12 PM EST 2 Comments

Heading Off Sex Trafficking At Super Bowl 50

Law enforcement warns there’s a darker side to all the fun – sex traffickers trying to cash in on the big event.

12:52 PM EST Comment

Overcoming Addiction In Vermont

"Even though I had glimmers of hope of what my life might be like if I could stop using, I could never stop."

1:33 PM EST 3 Comments

U.S. Economy Adds 151,000 Jobs In January

The job growth wasn't as strong as it was at the end of last year, but it was enough to bring unemployment down to 4.9 percent.

1:52 PM EST 3 Comments

'Pride And Prejudice And Zombies' Takes An Undead Spin On Jane Austen

As the movie hits theaters, we revisit our conversation with Seth Grahame-Smith, who penned the book the movie is based on.

12:45 PM EST 4 Comments

Social Media Buzz: Zika Conspircaies, #DadDo, Cam Newton’s Pants

Danielle Belton, associate editor at The Root, talks about what’s trending in the world of social media this week.

1:45 PM EST 3 Comments

Earth, Wind & Fire Founder Maurice White Has Died

After decades crafting funk, soul and disco hits with his seminal R&B band, White died in his sleep on Thursday at the age of 74.

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February 2 Comment

High School Players Ready To Commit On National Signing Day

Increasingly, the day, and the hype around it, have provided fodder to the critics who say college football is anything but amateur.

February 2 136 Comments

The Super-Wealthy VC Behind The Fight For A $15 Minimum Wage

Tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer believes a higher minimum is good business and the right moral choice.

February 1 3 Comments

DJ Session: A Mexican Obsession With Morrissey

On today's playlist: the band Mexrrissey, which claims to be "delving into Mexico's unlikely obsession for all things Morrissey."

February 1 17 Comments

From 14 Cases To 4 Million: The Insidious Spread Of Zika Virus

The World Health Organization has declared that Zika virus is a global health emergency of international concern.

January 29 5 Comments

A Mammoth Find At Oregon State University Football Field

Construction workers stumbled upon ice age mammoth bones when they were digging up one of the end zones in the stadium.

January 29 97 Comments

Examining The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Ethanol

Nearly half of Iowa's corn goes to produce ethanol, which the U.S. government mandates to be blended with gasoline.

January 28 15 Comments

American Freed From Iran Describes 41 Days Of Detention

Matthew Trevithick was taking language classes in Tehran when he was arrested and sent to Iran's Evin Prison.

January 28 8 Comments

30 Years After Challenger Explosion, Locals Remember Christa McAuliffe

The world watched in horror as the space shuttle carrying McAuliffe, a teacher, and six astronauts exploded on Jan. 28, 1986.


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February 4 5 Comments

Susan Tedeschi And Derek Trucks Talk Music And Marriage

The duo talks about their new album, "Let Me Get By," and about making music together as Tedeschi Trucks Band.

February 4 Comment

Do Babies Understand FaceTime And Skype?

It's reassuring for parents and grandparents far away from their little loved ones, but what do babies get out of it?

February 3 16 Comments

Telling The Story Of ‘The Invisibles’: White House Slaves

Of the first 18 presidents of the United States, 12 were slave owners, even though some spoke out against slavery.

February 3 112 Comments

Why Bernie Sanders Resonates With Young People

At the Iowa Democratic caucuses, he won 84 percent of voters aged 17 to 29, compared to Clinton's 14 percent.