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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

E-Cigarette Liquid Nicotine Poses Poison Risk

Yenisley Dieppa tries different flavors as she purchases an electronic cigarette at the Vapor Shark store on February 20, 2014 in Miami, Florida. New reports show that the liquid nicotine in e-cigarettes could be potentially lethal. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Yenisley Dieppa tries different flavors as she purchases an electronic cigarette at the Vapor Shark store on February 20, 2014 in Miami, Florida. New reports show that the liquid nicotine in e-cigarettes could be potentially lethal. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

As e-cigarettes become more widespread, the nicotine liquid used to fill e-cigarettes has been found to be potentially dangerous.

Liquid nicotine is a neurotoxin and small amounts – whether ingested or absorbed through the skin – can be lethal.

As the New York Times reports, poison control centers around the country are seeing rising rates of accidental poisonings, especially among young children.

Here & Now’s Robin Young speaks with Ashley Webb, the director of the Kentucky Regional Poison Control Center, about whether she’s seen a rise in nicotine poisoning from e-cigarettes.

However, we heard from many Here & Now listeners who praised e-cigarettes for helping them quit traditional tobacco smoking.

Tom Glynn, director of Cancer Science and Trends at the American Cancer Society, says he’s intrigued by the promise of using e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool, but the scientific evidence – and the FDA – do not yet support the practice.

Interview Highlights: Tom Glynn and Ashley Webb

Webb on the main danger concerns related to e-cigarettes

“We’re concerned about children who get a hold of e-cigarettes or get a hold of the vials. One because they can spill it on their skin and have symptoms, or two because they can ingest it and have symptoms.

“But also adults who are handling e cigarettes or refilling e cigarettes have the potential to get it on their skin as well and have the same symptoms: nausea and vomiting, some pallor and sweating, salivation. We’ve seen a couple of cases with increased heart rate and blood pressure. We’re concerned that in a significant enough exposure we’d see cardiac affects and potentially nervous system affects including seizure.”

“We’re looking at such a high concentrated product that some amounts including just a milliliter to two milliliters can equal numerous cigarettes so we’ve seen calls for tobacco with children eating cigarettes and we do get a concern with that – but it takes a much smaller amount of the concentrated liquid to cause symptoms we’d be concerned about.”

Glynn on the American Cancer Society’s position on e-cigarettes

Our position on e-cigarettes are that they’re intriguing. In the short run, we know that they are going to be less harmful than a traditional burn cigarette; there’s virtually nothing that is more harmful than a traditional burn cigarette. And they may have a role in helping some smokers stop. But there are many, many scientific medical and social questions still surrounding e-cigarettes, and at this point we can’t actively encourage their use until we have more independent science-based information and FDA regulation.

Glynn on the debate over using FDA-approved cessation drugs and e-cigarettes

I’ve seen that argument for many years, and it’s just simply not the case. The FDA approved medications – all seven of them – five of them are nicotine replacement products, as well as two prescription products.

“They have been moderately useful: they help maybe on the first try, maybe 10 to 15 percent of people quit smoking. People then need to recycle and try again and they become more useful – particularly if they’re used correctly.

The limited data suggests that e-cigarettes are probably in the same range as the nicotine replacement products and the other two medications. So the question then arises: If they’re about equal, why use something that hasn’t been approved by the FDA? On the other hand – if they haven’t proved useful to someone – clinicians are not discouraging people from it — but basically saying do so with your eyes open.


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  • is33

    Of course nicotine is toxic. One needs to be careful handling it. As for me, I keep it away from my pets and if I had kids, I would keep it locked up. Its great for quitting. Also, as far as kids getting it, all of the shops I have visited card. In fact much better then most places one can buy cigarettes

  • J. Odgers

    What about second hand e-cigarette “smoke”? I rode in a van for about an hour with a person who was smoking a vapor cigarette, and at the end of the trip, I had the same kind of headache I get when I’m around traditional cigarette smokers. There has to be some connection.

    • http://depravda.blogspot.com Paul Zink

      I’m very sorry for your headache, but: (1) anecdotal evidence from a single event isn’t a scientific study; (2) being in a closed vehicle may have given you a more concentrated exposure to exhaled vapor than typical, and (3) the fact that you get headaches when you’re around smokers suggests you have a heightened sensitivity to cigarette smoke and may be transferring that mentally to eCigarette vapor because it resembles real smoke containing particulates from combustion. The vapor from eCigs is just that: water vapor that’s exhaled after the lungs have absorbed the nicotine in heated liquid suspension.

    • joe4379

      was it a nicotine vaporizer or were they maybe putting off hash fumes?

    • Ron Bockman


    • realsis

      So water vapor gives you a headache? REALLY? Water vapor that disapates in less than a second? How could that Possibly effect you? Perhaps it was the SIGHT of the vapor that made you THINK of cigarette smoke and automatically you assumed you got a headache?

    • NetShark

      Perhaps if you hadnt observed the person vaping you wouldnt have had a so called reaction.

  • http://depravda.blogspot.com Paul Zink

    Bans on eCigs by New York City and other municipalities have no reasonable health justification and are simply punitive, instituted by bureaucrats who abhor the idea of cigarette smokers getting a nicotine fix without having to stand outside in the cold and rain. Ingesting a small dose of nicotine is not illegal, so why should patches and gum be allowed while vapor inhalers are not? Perhaps because the use of them can be a cigarette substitute, for enjoyment rather than a pious “quitting tool”?

    • JustGimmeSomeTrooth

      Bingo. There is a strong puritanical undercurrent to the anti e-cigs arguments. I keep hearing “but you’re still addicted to nicotine, so you didn’t really quit.” Nicotine itself does NOT cause cancer, and “addiction” is only bad when engaging in the behavior or using the substance causes harm. When an addiction is good, we call that–well, just living. Breathing, we’re addicted to oxygen. Eating, we’re addicted to caloric energy and minerals/vitamins… and so on.

      When you reduce the harm of the behavior down to a similar level of say, having a cup of coffee or glass of wine… or a cheeseburger (probably worse for you actually)… or watching a stupid TV show…. then this hysterical reaction of screaming “ADDICTION ADDICTION!” becomes inaccurate and inappropriate. Yet this is the level of harm we’re talking about here. E-cigs shouldn’t even be compared to analog cigs when talking about harm because they are in an entirely different class of “vices”…. the class that society generally accepts and the law ignores because they are so close to harmLESS as to not even warrant a discussion. What’s happening is there is a false transference of the entirely appropriate bias against smoking, to e-cigs… simply because they resemble smoking and are designed to simulate smoking– yet they could not be different from each other. Entirely different technology/harm/effects. The only similarity is they are both nicotine delivery methods.

      • http://depravda.blogspot.com Paul Zink


        • JustGimmeSomeTrooth

          Hah! I guess maybe it’s an old school e-cig term at this point (I learned it from reading ecf forums a few years back, have been using it since then)

      • (>”)>

        Who told you nicotine in itself doesn’t cause cancer? Nicotine historically wasn’t regarded as a carcinogen, but based on animal models (on experiments conducted within the last 10 years) it does appear to be carcinogenic. I would agree that E-cigs expose you to less toxins and may in fact be less harmful, but I wouldn’t go so far as to comparing it to oxygen or food…

        • Joshua M Bouma

          I would rather be smoking 1 POTENTIAL carcinogen than 400-1000 PROVEN carcinogens.

        • JustGimmeSomeTrooth

          What studies are you talking about? Source? I suspect with these animal studies, if they’re even real, it probably wasn’t just nicotine alone (everything I’ve read has shown it to be essentially harmless and potentially even helpful for heart health in small doses…).

          And also again, even if your studies are legit–what is the ACTUAL SCALE of the harm, especially relative to analog? I’d like to know that detail about this study you’re talking about.

          But everything is technically carcinogenic to some degree… natural ambient radiation is everywhere for example… My friend who is a radiologist told me that every male human will eventually get colon cancer– past a certain age, statistically it’s like 99%. So even if you manage to survive to a very old age, in a sense you’ve been “coming down with” cancer your whole life, as has everyone else. That’s why it’s important to discuss the ACTUAL SCOPE and SCALE of this harm supposedly caused by e-cigs or the ingredients in them.

        • http://JimDisbrow.com/ Jim Disbrow

          According to the CDC: “The information about nicotine as a carcinogen is inconclusive.” That is current as of today. I don’t know where you get it “appears to be” carcinogenic.

        • John Dearing

          If nicotine is how you put it a carcinogen then I guess we need to stop eating most fruits and vegetables as they contain larger amounts of nicotine than mist eliquids. Look it up and wake up please.

    • Rick Olmos

      One reason for this is, the government gets money from Gums and patches along with the real cigarette. They’re stumped on how to get more tax for product already approved for consumption by the FDA. Ouch! Scrambling around like broken neck chickens trying to figure out how to get more tax money. I’m tired of being treated like a second class citizen because I smoked cigarettes. Vape is safe for me. I can tell by the way my physical health. And the insurance companies are trying to scramble around too. Wanting to change vaper users as smokers. That’s a crock

  • SadikurRahman

    Wouldnt cannabis rather be a better solution? It would eliminate tobacco completely from the table and reduce the craving for nicotine; leaving the user more conscious of them selves and their surroundings. I mean isn’t that the affect cannabis imposes?

    • joe4379

      smashing idea! i encourage you to share whatever it is that you’re smoking with any tobacco users you may meet on your way to the store for munchies

  • derek

    i smoked for 22 years and tried to quit multiple times using multiple techniques with no luck. in 2012 i tried ecigs. i smoked my last real cigarette before bed and starting using an ecig the next morning, and i’ve never gone back. within a few months i was breathing better, had more energy, my sense of taste and smell had improved and i was even able to discontinue my blood pressure medication. my breathe, clothes, care and home no longer smell like smoke. and i’m spending hundreds of dollars less per month on my “habit”.
    i’m slowly lowering the amount of nicotine in my ejuice orders and eventually will be nicotine free.
    i have nothing but good things to say about ecigs.

    • derek

      sorry, *car not *care

    • Michele From Ohio

      I had the same experience. I would NEVER go back to smoking ‘real’ cigarettes, even if I couldn’t get E-Cigs anymore.

      Put that in yer pipe and smoke it, Phillip Morris!

  • flashsteve

    Robin….your expert said that ‘half of people who smoke cigarettes will die from smoking’ Huh? How could you let a statement like that pass? I checked many sources and a generally agreed number is more like 1 in 9. That doesn’t take into account the fact that those people might have died from something else within another year or so. No wonder people do not believe so-called experts (and the media), when such statements (which, on their surface, are absurd) go unchallenged?

    • http://depravda.blogspot.com Paul Zink

      Health professionals, those working in the media and others have been able to say pretty much anything they want about cigarettes for the past 10 years without fear of contradiction or challenge. One of the current EU mandatory warnings on cigarette packs, reading “Smoking Kills” was taken from Joan Claybrook (former head of the NHTSA) and her “Speed Kills” slow-driving slogan. Simple, easy to remember, and absurdly over-simplified. I didn’t drop dead after my last cigarette, and most NASCAR racers seem to survive driving at 190+ MPH.

    • eileen@hereandnow

      Hi flashsteve – This statistic refers to how many people around the world will die from smoking. The World Health Organization http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs339/en/ and by the American Cancer Society http://www.cancer.org/aboutus/globalhealth/globaltobaccocontrol/the-global-tobacco-epidemic

      both use this number.
      Eileen Bolinsky, H&N producer

      • joe4379

        But but but…the first sez “Tobacco kills up to half of its users.” Equal to or less than is not equals. Anyhoo, the second link is unsourced but the page as a whole refers the reader to other resources, including the tobaccoatlas.org. That site soesn’t have the statistic, nor do the other linked resources, as far as i could see.
        Sounds like 1/2 is the upper bound, not an estimate, or that the ACS’s 1/2 statistic was taken at face value if no other sources were checked.

  • Stefan

    I agree that there are dangers with nicotine liquids. I think some simple regulations around container type and strength could be beneficial. I used and electronic cigarette to quit smoking and recommend it to anyone who asks. This is a life changing product. If people spent half as much time making it safer and more accessible as they do trying to ban it, the world would be a healthier place.

    • paulklamm

      I said the exact same as you. E Cig helped me quit a 30 year Real Cig habbit. I have a young son and family. Cigarettes are smelly and nasty once you quit long enough to realize how bad they are. I am sure there are some negatives, but it helps much more than hurts… Much more.

      • Mike

        for sure paulklamm

    • Michele From Ohio

      Agree 100%

      • Rick Olmos

        Ex-smoker for nearly a year now Spetember1st will be ONE FULL YEAR!!!!! Thank you Vape! I feel so much better smell so much better and healthier.

  • Rayray

    Just listened to your story on this and I would like to start with my experience having used a vapor pen to quit smoking after 20 years. And without having to spend 60$ on gum (which I am allergic to) or the patch, which does little in my experience. I thought about using Chantix, however, after having a friend use it for 4 months and her experience of having all kinds of side effects, I decided against a pill. When I found vapor pens ( I do not think of it as an e-cig) I was relived to have something that gave me an easy transition from all the habits surrounding smoking. Now almost a month later I have no desire to smoke traditional cigarettes, none. I am actually a bit offended by the smell… not drawn to it as I have been in past attempts to quit. I can easily see the effects on my body, mind and smell. I can also see transitioning away from the vapor pen in the future. I feel so free, and I have no nightmares, no mood swings, and it cost me 30$ to start.

  • doc

    Ecigarettes do help people quit smoking. I smoked 3 packs a day for more than 20 years. I switched to electronic cigarettes last august. I will never smoke again as long as ecigs are available to me. I can no longer stand the real thing. The liquid can be toxic if missused its true. The same is true of cough syrup. All my liquids are in childproof bottles and are clearly labeled. I do think the toxicity is being over stated however. I usually do get a small amount of liquid on my fingers when filling and have suffered no ill effects. I of course wash my hands afterwards. Common sense can solve so many (problems).

    • nwguy

      you are the exact person this fake news story is trying to scare back to cigarettes. Big tobacco is losing sales and is pumping out propaganda news

      • Fluffy Cloud

        Id rather take my chances into the unknown with vaping than signing up for a guaranteed death sentence with smoking. If vaping is so bad than why do i have more energy and no longer get winded when i do physical activities if this is leading up to something bad ill take my chance on that cuz at least now the quality of life for me is ten fold.

        • Rick Olmos

          Same here. Congrats to you.

      • Matt

        Thats exactly why they want to classify it as a tobacco product. So they can grab as much cash as they can and slap a large tax on it.

    • paulklamm

      common sense will solve a lot of problems. it is going to come down to money pretty soon. the government sees money it can have by “regulating” it. King george did too many years ago..

  • Elizabeth Giles

    Has anyone addressed the question of “second-hand vapors”? I was seated on a bench back-to-back with an e-cig user in a train station and had inhaled a hit of the vapor before I was aware what was going on behind me. I got up and moved immediately, but spent the rest of the day with an aching, burning sensation in my lungs. Really, e-cigarette use should be banned wherever smoking is banned.

    • JustGimmeSomeTrooth

      Oh yeah right… there’s no way you had that reaction in your lungs for “the rest of the day”… if you had it at all. Why make up a story like that? 2nd hand vapor has been shown to contain barely any nicotine (certainly less than cig smoke), and it dissipates much more quickly than smoke as well…. but there is just no way that you had that reaction even if you somehow actually inhaled a tiny amount of vapor.

      For arguments sake though, lets say you did have that reaction. EVEN so, the conclusion shouldn’t be this knee-jerk “ban them EVERYWHERE!” sentiment– because you either a) have some specific allergy that caused that reaction or b) it was because of something else like train fumes or you had a cold. (By the way, car exhaust and numerous other pollutants in the air are FAR more dangerous than e-cig vapor).

    • GQbd

      Darn, I had the same reaction to somebody’s cologne. And somebody else’s lack of bathing. Maybe they should ban perfumes and allow the cops to enforce personal hygiene. Or maybe we should just pull on our big boy and big girl pants and quit whining.

    • Bamatami

      It’s water vapor, so you’d better stay away from buffets with steamed broccoli!

    • Trevor

      Liar. Trains are obsolete. No one sits at train stations anymore. :]

      • Elizabeth Giles

        The train station I spoke of was a subway station – and yes, there are cities that have well-used subways. The involuntary hit I was subjected to was no figment of the imagination; it was painful and nauseating. Nor am I an obsessive-compulsive hypochondriac type.

        I WISH e-cigs had no secondhand effects (wouldn’t that be great for all parties concerned?) but direct experience proved otherwise.

    • Michele From Ohio

      You should put your over-active imagination to good use–like fiction writing.

      If you are this sensitive to any kind of smoke/vapor, how do you even go outside without wearing a gas mask? I would think that the exhaust from cars and buses would knock you out if you are this overly sensitive to cigarette smoke….

      • Elizabeth Giles

        This is no fiction. Just because the hit of nicotine is not carried in smoke, doesn’t mean it’s not a hit of nicotine. My lungs felt like they were coated in Vapo-Rub – suffocating. And why wouldn’t they be? We’re still dealing with an inhalant. A drug-laden one.

        • Michele From Ohio

          Sorry, Liz. I ain’t buyin’ it. Why don’t cars and buses affect you the same way? If you live in a large enough city to have a public transportation system, you are inhaling a lot of carbon monoxide every day.

  • Abbie4949

    I just started using eCigarettes about 6 weeks ago, I have already had to decrease my nicotine level from 18 mg to 11 mg, which I wasn’t expecting to happen not only so quickly, but without any effort on my part. What I realized very quickly is that the amount of nicotine in smokable cigarettes appears no where on a pack of cigarettes; not only did I never know my actual nicotine intake level, I imagine tobacco companies can adjust the amount of nicotine and other addictive ingredients based on sales. It’s true that stores don’t even allow anyone under 18 to enter. I do agree that in general, the same rules that apply to cigarettes should apply to eCigs, because I don’t want anyone who doesn’t smoke, especially kids 18 & under, to be attracted to it. However, in bars, where kids are not allowed, I think an eCig smoking/vaping section would be very appropriate. I agree, that nicotine “syrup” should have proper warning labels, but as consumers we should be aware of whose money is paying for any particular research we are using to guide eCig use and regulations.

  • joeschmo

    I smoked a pack and a half a day for 35 years. I switched to an advanced e-cig and will be cigarette free for two years next month. I mix my own e-juice and purchase a supply of nicotine base once a year. To reduce cost I puchase the nicotine at 100 mg strength (far too strong for vaping) and immediately dilute it to 25 mg for freezer storage in bottles.I use that diluted base during the year to mix e-lquid diluted to 15 mg or less. Yes, the 100 mg (10% nicotine) is quite strong and dangerous to anyone who lacks the ability to handle and dilute it safely and accurately. However, many prescription drugs and household products available to the public are just as dangerous. Unfortunately, anything related to smokers or ex-smokers is fair game for the nanny state folks.

    • Buzzard

      Well that’s just fine for you. You are clearly taking precautions. However these liquids are freely used in secure mental health units as an alternative to smoking! This is because the dangers are not known. This is not a nanny state, this is showing sense. You wouldn’t hand someone on these units a bottle of bleach, why would you hand them liquid nicotine?

      • Use your head

        So you would rather the same mental health patients, die of lung cancer than getting their nicotine from a much safer source…how selfish of you.
        Its common knowledge that nicotine in and of itself affects the brain with these patients. There isn’t enough nicotine to kill someone in an e-cig use some common sense when spouting off like you know something.

      • http://JimDisbrow.com/ Jim Disbrow

        What does a secure mental health unit have to do with me using e-liquids? So I should be barred from using bleach because you wouldn’t give it to a mental patient? That is one of the worst arguments I have heard against the use of e-juice yet.

      • Rick Olmos

        So, if you were to speak to a person who has been vaping for 10 20 years, would that be more convincing for you? I’m just saying, the UK has been using the E-vape for about this long now. It is new to the us so to speak. Not that new but still new.

    • azroadrunner

      I am interested in your recipes, very much! I smoke the V2 liquid and have noticed a constant sore throat, and as with other vapers there is a distrust of chemicals used by the Chinese. So for me and thousands of others I hope you will at least e-mail me a safer recipe so I can make an educated decision on what vaping mix I trust. Thanks! RoadRunner

    • Rick Olmos

      Been mixing my own since I started e-vape. I refuse to cal it an e-cig because that is what caused all the confusion in the first place. It was an inocent marketing plan that has backfired because of the C word. Im approaching my first year and I feel great.

  • William Karinen

    Propaganda by big tobacco, I don’t believe it for 1 minute.

  • tommy

    Was any distinction made between the pure nicotine liquid and the pre-mixed, vastly more common liquids?

  • Bonnie

    First of all, no common Ecig user is walking around with pure nicotine in their pocket. The eliquid they are using has been diluted by the manufacturer down to 1.8% (18mg) or less. This does not kill you if it gets on your skin, nor does it make you sick. Of course you shouldn’t let your child drink it just like they shouldn’t drink a bottle of vodka or cough syrup! By the way, adults shouldn’t drink it either. That’s not what it is meant for.
    Secondly, each ingredient in eliquid is FDA approved. It is not approved as a whole, but I’m not so sure FDA approval really means all that much. When you look at drugs like Chantix that have known side effects such as suicide (how is that even a side effect?!), and those drugs do have FDA approval. Perhaps that is why people choose to use these devices rather than those with the FDA stamp even though they have the same success rate according to your coverage. Another “fact” I would dispute, as would many of the people I know that choose to Vape.
    Once again NPR, I am disappointed in your coverage and fact twisting. This follow up really just sounded like more of the same regurgitated in a manner to scare off more potential Ecig users. Still no mention of the Drexel Study, still no information from or even about CASAA. I truly do not see how that segment was supposed to give a different point of view.

    • JN

      If you don’t believe the FDA, you should stop having them test all the food that goes into your body that comes from places like China for poison.
      Depression is a side effect of some drugs which may lead to suicide. I’m not saying pharmaceuticals don’t lobby the FDA (although the person being interviewed is from the American Cancer Society, and worries about you getting cancer, not having you go off cigarettes and therefore lose cigarette profit.) I’m just pointing out discounting the FDA is not exactly in your best interest.
      I congratulate all who have quit smoking due to e-cigs, but I also know people who have picked up smoking because of it, because it “doesn’t have the smell, and they can smoke wherever they want, and it’s not, like, that dangerous, right?”
      The interview also mentions “On the other hand – if they haven’t proved useful to someone –
      clinicians are not discouraging people from it — but basically saying do
      so with your eyes open.”
      I think the point is that you should be careful when smoking them, and that perhaps they should be prescribed, so that doctors have a chance of telling clients of the risks they pose if they’re not using them properly.

      • JustGimmeSomeTrooth

        And with those opinions you have revealed yourself to have swallowed whole the propaganda that this kind of story represents, and that Bonnie so eloquently exposes in her post.

        First, you don’t know “people who have picked up smoking because of it.” And this is because they DIDN’T PICK UP SMOKING, they picked up VAPING (if your story is to be believed).

        That kind of (perhaps) unconscious interchangeability of terms reveals your inherent and unexamined bias against ecigs (apparently because in your mind they are more synonymous with real cigs than they actually are).

        And you also reveal a subtle condescension with this little gem: “and it’s not, like, that dangerous, right?” Oh, so you think people who are actually informed about their own actions (unlike yourself) are somehow stupid? Is that why you make them sound like a valley girl or teenager or whatever you we’re going for here? The fact is, YES, they AREN’T “like, that dangerous”– in fact, they are literally not dangerous at all. It shows a basic lack of respect for the rights and thoughts of others to portray a vaper this way (regardless of whether they actually started out of the blue or transferred from analog).

        Secondly, this “well they are certainly less dangerous” concession is just disingenuous– every single user of e-cigs out there knows they are so crazily less harmful than real cigs as to be a thoroughly negligible amount of harm– you are blinded by their association with analog cigs, not somehow a brave skeptic as you apparently conceive yourself to be.

        The burden SHOULD be on those (like yourself and the guests/producers on/of the show) who claim the jury is still out, because as far as I’m concerned the trial has been over for some time now. We should be talking about ecigs in the same sort of context we talk about other MINOR potential harms or “vices”: trans-fats, lack-of-exercise, too much TV, too much internet, smog, sun tanning, prescription drug side-effects, cheeseburgers, glass of wine at dinner, and so on (and some of those are likely much more harmful than ecigs could ever be).

        • cloud chaser 12345

          Amen! I will just leave my .02… do some looking in to what hospitals have in their air they pump out. Bet ya you will find that vg is used

          • JustGimmeSomeTrooth

            Interesting. I hadn’t heard of VG being used currently, but I have read about a study they did in the 50′s where they instead used PG in hospital ventilation, and they found that it reduced airborne infection by a pretty significant amount if I remember correctly.

        • Rick Olmos

          Tell them like it really is. The truth does hurt those trying to mimic the well informed.
          Thanks for the support of a now ex smoker for nearly a year now and a current Vaporer for nearly a year with WONDERFUL side effects! Cleared lungs, can climb towers over 100 feet now without the feeling of passing out. Oh yeah! I am all so ever greatful to the Vape!!
          I make my own vape and I know what I am putting in it. I’ve read about each product. Thanks

      • jack lee

        dumb ass get doctors are you crazy costs a small fortune to go to a doctor now ,with obamacare ,high deductibles .far left liberals believe fed gov an they lie like obama

      • Karen Pons

        seriously, get a grip I mean we are all adults here and if you can go out and buy a bottle of vodka then you should be able to go and buy this low amount of nicotine,that will prevent you from going and buying a pack of cigarettes

    • raznmytazzn

      There always seems to be one big “know-it-all” on discussion boards. Someone that destroys an article (or tries to) with one cold comment full of empty facts. My guess is you are a “Vaper” as is my husband. He thinks he knows it all too…meanwhile hes sweating like a pig and vomiting when he vapes too often. If you are a doctor and can tell me there is zero connection between his vaping and constant headaches, vomiting and really badly sweating please by all means tell me….and I want full on facts with documentation not just ur ranting. oO(I swear some people talk or type before their brain even fully awakens.)

      • dylan

        Try and reduce the nicotine amount. They have 0% nicotine. I’m no “know it all”, but I hope that helps with him vomiting. He probably got got a high dose of nicotine. If all else fails try a different flavor, if he is using flavored, or try a different brand name

      • Rick Olmos

        I’ve been vaping for a year and I have never once felt like this. You’re not the expert either to make these claims. Don’t look for doctors on the internet, take him to one and find out what is wrong with him. He may be allergic to something. The main ingredients are Proylene Glycol ISP.(food grade) same as what is used in food preservitives. Glycerin ISP (Same stuff used for candy softners) Then thers Nicotine deluted. If he is already a smoker, He’s already been exposed to the nicotine and much more. Then there are the many flavors. Also used in many many food flavoring products. So, take him to a doctor and find out whay is causing this.

      • Zebra52

        You should take anger management classes.

      • Eric

        You should tell you husband to cut down on the nicotine if you read when comment above when I first started smoking e-cigs I was at 32mgs of nicotine and I would get headaches every now and then but once I went below 20mg the headaches stopped. I am now at 0mgs of nicotine still using a ecig and have never felt so healthy in my life.

        • ilovevaping

          I’ve been vaping for several years now, there are certainly no ill side effects. I believe because it is a newer thing, it causes people to be quite skeptical about it. the media claims that there are too many unknowns, but something unknown doesn’t necessarily mean one should steer clear of something. nothing is gained without effort. I have never experienced any sweating or vomiting from vaping, then again I have a rather high nicotine tolerance. the only thing I experience is a pleasant nicotine headbuzz after taking a nice long drag (I vape from a dripper so much more vapor is produced) the liquid I carry with me is only 6mg nicotine which is nowhere near enough to cause death, unless maybe you drink the whole vial of e-liquid… which is not its intended use. so long as it is used properly, there shouldn’t be any issues. it’s damn safer than smoking. E-liquid consists generally of vegetable glycerin which produces the vapor, propylene glycol which is next to harmless and is found in ice cream, nicotine, which is just about as harmful as caffeine, and flavoring, unless you vape e-cigs like blu electronic cigarettes which contain distilled water… again, harmless.

  • janeschmo

    I think it could be a very beneficial tool for quitting smoking. Why don’t we look at it as a possible way to end peoples addictions to smoking. Make it e-cigs less expensive than smoking but it manditory that you need to speak to a counsilor who can set you up on a plan to reduce the amount you use. A plan that would work for you. I am sure private funds could be raised in minutes to implement a plan like this. Not to have it open to kids who think it is a fun trendy way to show your friends how cool you are. If you ask people who smoke regular cigarettes why they started you will find it was because they thought it was cool. Something that most of the time they regret starting or end up suffering from poor health because of. I don’t think anyone will dispute that nicotine is an adiction. Get people the help they need. If the argument can be made that people will go back to smoking. Look at the posts where people say that they don’t think they would want to go back. That it smells bad and makes them feel bad. When you smoke you are in denial as to how bad it makes you feel. But if you had enough of a break from it with e-cigs you may realize how bad smoking is for your health and not want to slide back into such a bad and expensive habbit.

    • doc

      I fail to see any reason to see a counselor before switching to ecigs. There is no such requirement for patches or gum.

      • liquefaction

        More important, there are no such requirements for CIGARETTES!

        Why not make anyone who buys a pack of something known to be very bad for you see a counselor who can set them up on a plan to reduce the amount they use?

        The hypocracy just stuns me.

    • richr

      So overweight people should have to consult a councilor before switching to salads and low caloric foods?

      I doubt most smokers live in denial. I smoked for 30 years and never once thought it was good for me. That is why smokers are attracted to vapors. We get instant positive feedback, better breathing increased stamina, less coughing. Why people want our government to regulate every aspect of our lives is a mystery to me. I will say this, whatever the future holds I doubt they will find vapors more deadly then traditional cigarettes. I personally am thankful I live in a time where this option exists I was not going to quit traditional cigarettes any other way.


    The Government and the Anti-Smoking Groups should be TICKLED PINK that there is a safe alternative to SMOKING TOBACCO ! I started Vaping 28 days ago and have had NO craving to Smoke Tobacco.

    As far as I’m concerned, Vaping is the BEST Smoking Cessation Aid ever!

    • JustGimmeSomeTrooth

      Indeed, I am struck by the lack of data as to how successful ecigs are at cessation. And I’m skeptical of the conclusions of the studies I have heard about (have heard things like “on par with nicotine gum” or “10% fully quit” blah blah). This goes against what I myself have experienced and seen anecdotally– it’s closer to 90% in the people I know or have turned onto e-cigs. (It might help that I’m using a more advanced setup than the basic gas-station ecig which probably most people try– which is a rip-off and not nearly as pleasant or effective).


        If and when they do a study, they will find out that it is 90% effective. Everybody I talk to has QUIT Tobacco with Vaping !

        • JustGimmeSomeTrooth

          Me too. I have personally introduced e-cigs to at least 9 people, and 8 of those 9 have quit smoking completely. The 9th person has reduced cig use by at least 75% if not more (and has had trouble with hardware and got frustrated– but I have no doubt if he found a setup that was more dependable for him he would be able to be successful).

          The issue is that it’s still way more convenient to buy analogs because they are sold everywhere. With good quality e-cigs, you pretty much have to order online or find a speciality store locally.


            The thing about ordering online is to have some spare hardware in case of a breakdown. And a few bottles of e-juice always available, so you don’t run out.

          • JustGimmeSomeTrooth

            Yes absolutely… I always have at least 4 batteries in rotation at any given time, with some old ones stashed away in case of some catastrophic loss of all my gear. (I advise new vapers to get backups too but I find that particular advice gets ignored often).

          • Michele From Ohio

            I have been vaping for four years. I, too, don’t think I could have quit w/o an e-cig, either. I tried almost all the methods, the patch, the gum, the lozenges. I missed the act of smoking. Sorry to the haters, but the act of smoking becomes ingrained, the younger you are when you start, the more ingrained the act of smoking is. I am so thankful for e-cigs, and have cut my nicotine consumption way down since I started vaping.

            Anyone considering vaping shouldn’t waste their time with the e-cigs that resemble ‘real’ cigs. They don’t give the same sensation as the tank style e-cigs do. Tank style e-cigs are more like the actual smoking experience. Yeah, they look kind of dopey, but who cares?

  • Mila Wells Asadova

    Thank you for raising awareness for this issue. Recently I have noticed more and more businesses allowing people to smoke E-cigarettes indoors! Everybody knows that it is less harmful for the people smoking the E-cigarette, but it is REALLY REALLY BAD FOR SECOND HAND SMOKERS! This means it is bad for us and our children! Let’s keep raising awareness about this issue and stop it!!! http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/314896/lifestyle/healthandwellness/fda-second-hand-smoke-from-e-cigarettes-may-be-harmful-to-your-health

    • Bamatami

      It’s water vapor for goodness’ sake! You’d better keep you and your children away from buffets with steamed vegetables!

    • Amanda

      How is the vapor being expelled from the lungs any different than the vapor expelled from someone using a steroid inhaler? Would anyone prevent someone from using a traditional inhaler for asthma because the exhausted vapor could potentially contain medication that often-times has negative side effects? Below are known potential side effects from one medication that’s inhaled using a standard inhaler:

      *bronchospasm (wheezing, chest tightness, trouble breathing), especially after starting a new canister of this medicine;
      *chest pain and fast, pounding, or uneven heart beats;
      *tremor, nervousness;
      potassium (confusion, uneven heart rate, extreme thirst, increased
      urination, leg discomfort, muscle weakness or limp feeling); or
      high blood pressure (severe headache, blurred vision, buzzing in your
      ears, anxiety, confusion, chest pain, shortness of breath, uneven
      heartbeats, seizure).

    • JustGimmeSomeTrooth

      This is such nonsense. How much did you get paid to write this garbage? I hope it was a decent cents-worth, sheesh.

      Your link a) only says “may result in” and b) this is scaremongering BS. It’s all conjecture, and vague terms. Stop being reactionary and think for yourself.


    Lets see! The MSM has gone from Saying: ‘we don’t know whats in it’ to ‘it’s car antifreeze’ to ‘it causes kids to smoke real cigarettes’ to ‘little kids are getting poisoned by the e-juice’.

    Know What? As long as us Vapers stay on the ‘straight and narrow’, we will be OK!

    Notice how the MSM keeps Changing Their Story?

  • Shawn Eastman

    This is yet another stupid article to spread F.U.D. (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) F.U.D. for the most part is illegal in the US.

    First off, the nicotine gum is far more appealing to children, has a far higher toxic content then ecigs. The patches are as bad or worse then the gum for toxic content. So the “strawberry” flavored gum does not appeal to children? I think the pharmaceutical companies are trying to get our children hooked.

    Second is the term “Potentially Poison”, means it has not been found to have poisoned anyone, were as cigarettes have. So have house hold cleaners, and many things added into our food that we buy from the store. As a matter of fact, the toxin content in ejuice is often less then the toxic content of a cup of coffee. So while we are banning coffee, lets not forget that veggies and leafy greens you tell your children to eat also have nicotine in them.

    Third is those rising rates of poison among children, they did not state how many are due to ejuice, if any at all. They just said rising rates, this covers house hold chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. So how many cases are from ejuice? I need real statistics you are willing to stand by and sources please (Wikipedia does not count).

    Fourth As for the FDA approved medications, no thank you. Some cause suicidal thoughts and I have known people that killed themselves on them, or tried to kill them selves on them. The patches gave me terrible dreams and hallucinations. Far, Far, Far more toxic then ecigs, and causes pharmaceutical dependence as they have far higher concentrations of nicotine.

    While we are on the topic of fanaticism and idiocy, many also claim that people try other drugs with ecigs. While that may be true, people have also used notebook paper to roll a joint and notebook paper is everywhere. This causes kids to try drugs because they can buy notebook paper at walmart, and this notebook paper is marketed at Americas children under the guise of school supplies, we need to ban it now.

    • JustGimmeSomeTrooth

      Thank you for making the point about gum being probably more attractive to children (gum is practically candy, especially to a 6 year old!) than flavored ecigs juice (I kept thinking that during the show as I was listening, it was making me crazy)…. and the rest of your points. There is such hysteria around this issue and people like us must continue to repeat ourselves and tell the truth. Thank you.

  • GQbd

    Whether in the city councils of New York and Los Angeles or among the well meaning and earnest guests on your show, there is a visceral, even puritanical loathing of anything that has to do with cigarettes. It reminds me of my grandmother’s attitude towards sex. The basic complaint with e-cigarettes seems to be that people enjoy them because they mimic smoking and that sticks in some people’s craw. It is nothing short of condescending to tell people that the only legitimate reason to vape is because they have a loathsome drug habit and should use a government approve patch instead of replacing a burned tobacco habit with something they enjoy. Besides, there are some people who vape simply because they want to, not as a medical treatment. To the extent that it says, “Up your bluenose!” so much the better. Teenagers are going to love it.
    Sorry guys, the plain and simple fact is that smoking is cool. If you don’t believe me go watch a Humphrey Bogart movie. Or watch “True Detective.” Too bad tobacco is bad for you but if vaping is a safe alternative to burned tobacco then honi soit qui mal y pense.

    • JustGimmeSomeTrooth

      Thank you!

  • Stosh

    With all the hype and poor research shown in this article, no one had died from nicotine. There are far more dangerous things lurking about, and we all need government to protect us from the boogie-man.

    Consider ….

    Dogs – 30-35 people are killed each year in the U.S. Fido isn’t always your best friend. BAN dogs??
    Deer – 130 people killed across the U.S. by deer, almost exclusively because drivers hit the deers with their cars. That saying “a deer in the headlights” came about for a reason. BAN Driving?
    Cows – 22 people are killed in the U.S. every year from these seemingly docile creatures. Ban Milk?

  • kansas

    Why are we not talking about e-cigs strictly becoming a tool for quitting smoking alone. Why do we have to have it legal for everyone. Why not create a program using e-cigs for quitting with counseling and a step down program. Not just open to all kids who think it would be cool to do and must be safe since it is legal and so easy to get.
    They could actually be less expensive as a therapy and I bet private funding would jump at a chance like this to change someones life. If you look at the posts people prefer e-cigs and after awhile they don’t like the thought of going back to regular cigarettes. When you smoke you don’t realize just how bad it can be on your body. When you have distance from it you then see things you may not have noticed. How repulsive it smells and makes you smell. how you don’t have to worry about how people are judging you because you smoke. How you no longer have to gets looks at work when you take smoke breaks outside with the other addicts in the cold and rain just to get a fix. How you no longer have to clean and re-paint your home because of the constant yellow stain. Not to mention not having to worry about how you may be effecting the people /children around you. Yes, because I lived with two parents who smoked. It did make me ill, my clothes stank at school and I was judged. Use e-cigs as a tool to help people quit smoking. Not another for profit way to take advantage of those with poor judgment. Do it now before we are in any deeper.

  • Drank

    Nicotine is a toxin???? Tell us something we don’t know. I like how they always say these are so appealing to kids because of the flavors for kids. What about the vodka that taste like whipped cream or candy? If a kid wants to do something no matter what laws are in place they will find a way no matter what

  • Cultjam

    Please take a look at the comments made on a Reddit post yesterday: http://www.reddit.com/r/science/comments/219bgd/electronic_cigarettes_dont_aid_quitting_study_says/. The cat is out of the bag, the public already knows that e-cigs are highly effective to help smokers quit smoking, and telling them otherwise at this point would cost the medical and scientific community an enormous loss of public trust. What’s important now is to make sure the public becomes aware of the dangers of liquid nicotine. Again in that Reddit post, it’s clear many people do not know. It’s really not as important to regulate them right now as it is to get the word out that liquid nicotine is highly poisonous. A Reddit AMA with poison control specialists would be a great start.

  • http://DailyDoseOfBass.com/ idol

    If you leave a gun on a table and a child kills/harms himself, who is liable? The person who left the gun on the table, not the manufacturer. So why are we trying to place the blame on the manufacturers? This is the same argument that politicians use over and over again, that it’s “for the children.” Remember Obama parading the children around after Sandy Hook trying to get support for gun regulation? Should we regulate flavored toothpaste because children are more likely to eat it too? Maybe we should ban cars because children can be hit by them……

  • fun bobby

    put a warning lable on it like draino

  • nwguy

    aspirin is lethal too lets do a big write up about that too.

  • Ali

    I just start vaping 2 weeks ago and haven’t smoked a cigarette since, I think this sudden boom in e cig awareness is probably a scheme from big tobacco industry to keep the $ in their pockets!

  • http://tenterhooks.bandcamp.com Lenny Zenith

    This is poorly-researched without citations. E-cigs have the power to save millions of lives and you overlook the studies that have found negligible risks thus far. I will not do your homework for you, but Here and Now used to have my respect.

    • JustGimmeSomeTrooth

      A while back the American Lung Association came out against e-cigs. I found this to be deeply unethical– how can an organization devoted to lung health actually be against something that could help so many people?? It smacks of corruption and/or ignorance and/or propaganda.

  • Amanda
  • http://JimDisbrow.com/ Jim Disbrow

    I grew up in a family of smokers. I was exposed to smoking from the time I was an infant. I began smoking at the age of 12 and have tried to quit many times. I have quit for up to 5 years only to go back to smoking. I have tried the patches, gums, and medications without success.

    Due to growing up around smokers I have learned it is normal to smoke. Nonsmokers are people I consider strange and outside of what is normal behavior. Many people who grew up in similar circumstances probably hold a similar core belief.

    The only thing that helped me to quit smoking was my switch to vaping e-juices. When I feel the urge to smoke I vape and it is effective in curbing the desire to light up. I smoked for over 30 years and e-juices and since heart disease runs in my family e-juice probably has saved my life.

    I am dismayed at the way the media and local governments are attacking the use of e-juices. I have finally found a means of escaping a death from tobacco that works and does harm those around me and it is being attacked due to the ignorance of the media and government agencies. In an attempt to eliminate some of the misconceptions of vaping I will share some of my own experience with the use of e-liquids.

    I enjoy the variety of flavors of e-liquids so I decided to begin making my own. I researched the components and ordered USP bases from a US manufacturer. I found I could order flavoring either from e-juice wholesalers or use essential oils. Finally, I ordered the nicotine base in a 100 mg strength that I dilute to the desired strength. My own recipes cost less than 10% of what I would pay at a local vape shop and I control every aspect of the end product.

    One of the major concerns mentioned in your broadcast was the toxicity of e-juices. I use a 100 mg base that due to misconceptions many people are afraid to handle. Some of the fears are poisoning from fumes and spills. However, the nicotine is suspended in an oil base making it less hazardous to handle. I have had no ill effects from fumes or spills. I have had the 100 mg liquid on my skin and washed it off immediately with no noticeable effects from the nicotine. If this were suspended in alcohol or other base that evaporated quickly it may be more hazardous.

    A few other things I would like to point out is that many people choose to use e-liquids that contain no nicotine. I have also noticed that all of the e-juices I have purchased are packaged with child resistant bottles, so retailers are taking steps to keep children safe. It would not be appropriate to hold them or me responsible for another persons bad parenting.

    Instead of attacking people for inhaling vapor out of a strange looking device, why not show a little bit of support? That vapor is adding years to that persons life and does not contain the hazards of second hand smoke. Why not ask them if vaping helped them quit smoking or how long they have been off tobacco?

    • S David H de Lorge

      I’m inclined to agree with you.

      That said, mixing two cigars into a horse’s feed will deliver enough nicotine to kill the horse. They aren’t kidding when they call it toxic. Should we be on guard against its replacing arsenic as a tool of murder by poison?

      • http://JimDisbrow.com/ Jim Disbrow

        Well comparing animals to humans is an apples and oranges type comparison. The risk of nicotine itself aren’t much different than caffeine. Both will kill a person at high doses.

        • S David H de Lorge

          You’re partly right, Jim. As with chocolate and aspirin, critters such as dogs and cats are more sensitive than big primates (or even big equines). You’re partly wrong, Jim. Disproportionate doses of nicotine are lethal to most animals. It’s why they’re used as insecticides.

          It’s more like apples and crabapples. Or oranges and limes.

          Anyway, you’re mistaken in the equivalence of caffeine and nicotine. Not badmouthing either here. Each actually has its place. Just check out the toxicity before you add an extra dose to your coffee.

          • http://JimDisbrow.com/ Jim Disbrow

            My point is you cannot compare an animals dietary requirements or sensitivity to a humans. If you don’t believe me try to survive on a Koala’s diet. The toxicity of cigars to horses has nothing to do people vaping.

            Can e-liquids be harmful if mishandled? Definitely. So can drain opener, gasoline, and any number of items found in most households.

            People have their own preferences and what is going on with this issue is some people are going on the offensive against a new activity because it offends them. New things tend to offend people, but people do not have the right to be unoffended.

            These reports are purely speculation and in my opinion people need to mind their own business, unless they have some definitive proof vaping is causing harm.

          • S David H de Lorge

            Jeez, Jim, did you miss my opening line: “I’m inclined to agree with you”?

            Yes, it is true that different species have different sensitivities to various toxicities. So what? I’m still inclined to agree with you.

            Besides, at a certain level, nicotine is known to be lethal to humans. It doesn’t matter if some other species succumb to a lower dose. There is a dose at which 50% of humans who get it will die, without rescue. There is a dose at which virtually all will die.

            Now, my somewhat tongue-in-cheek comment was not about vaping, or about using nicotine medicinally or recreationally, and it was not suggesting it should be illegal.

            My comment was about having the ability to buy pure nicotine liquid, a relatively invisible, odorless (or at least disguisable) lethal substance, by the gallon, when you’re an “Arsenic and Old Lace” type murderer. It is about the ability to add lethal doses to food and drink of a person who already is known to have a nicotine level, and getting away with murder because the presence of nicotine may be identified post-mortem, but not the concentration. Ha ha, right? Tongue-in-cheek meets psychopath.

            So who do you think you’re arguing with, and why? And about what?

          • http://JimDisbrow.com/ Jim Disbrow

            I wasn’t arguing I was clarifying. There are people who will run off with the example you gave and try to use it against an industry that is causing no proven harm. Everything being said in the media against vaping is conjecture. Laws and policy should not be based on conjecture.

            I’m not sure how successfully it could be used to poison someone. I have yet to find a lab that sells pure nicotine. I purchase 100 mg nicotine in either a pg or vg base. As far as I know it is the strongest available that is suitable for using in an e-juice. 100 mg might kill a person if it was disguised in food. They would probably just get very sick. Their would be a paper trail though and it’s expensive.

            Of all the poisonings I have read about I have only read of one fatality. I had nicotine poisoning once myself when I was a kid. It was the first and last time I tried Copenhagen chewing tobacco. That was one painful learning experience. lol

          • S David H de Lorge

            Okay. But here’s the situation now:

            You sound just like one of the paid lying apologists for big tobacco used to.

            I was taking you on faith as a sincere personal user speaking personally. I no longer know if I can.

            This alters the substance of the discussion not one whit, but it begins to feel like your endorsement may be impeachable..

            If you honestly don’t know it, nicotine’s toxicity reaches a lethal threshold all too easily, and much more reliably than caffeine’s. It’s not just about nausea in childhood.

            This is not me making an argument against vaping or using or selling nicotine. I use nicotine myself. It is about factual reality, and if this is all the better grasp you have of it, you’d better tread carefully.

          • http://JimDisbrow.com/ Jim Disbrow

            First of all. Vaping has nothing to do with tobacco, big or otherwise. I bought a Protank 2 a month ago and haven’t smoked since. E-juice probably saved my life considering heart disease runs in my family and I smoked for over 30 years.

            I am not an apologist for anything. If anything I am a little more than pissed off that a bunch of morons are coming out of the woodwork attacking something they know nothing about.

            In the last few weeks I ordered the supplies to make my own e-juices. I researched the topic and most likely know substantially more about the topic than you.

            I handle 100 mg/ml nicotine mixing my own flavors. The nicotine is suspended in a pg base. In handling the nicotine I have had it directly on my skin. I washed it off and have had no problems what-so-ever despite people like you making sound like I would instantly die.

            Here’s an idea. Why don’t you acquire some experience before you start running off at the mouth like you know everything and calling me a liar?

            Did I offend you? Good. You don’t have a right to not be offended, despite what the sissie liberals who are currently running this country and the media will lead you to believe. Finally, if I was a paid apologist I would lose my job for writing this. Have I made my point?

            By the way David, I am not mad at you. Just to reiterate, I think I have proved I am not a paid advocate. I suppose a pundit could get away with writing this, but I am not a pundit either. Not yet anyway.

          • S David H de Lorge

            And you’re not even kidding. What a wildly inaccurate, disproportionately angry reply. Appropriate doses of nicotine should be somewhat therapeutic for you (I mean this as a professionally informed likely reality).

            That I didn’t specify lethal doses has to do with my sense of judgment about details that don’t need to go into more broad circulation on the internet. I never suggested that limited skin exposure is lethal. I didn’t call you a liar, but did say that your empassioned replies to my rather friendly comments had begun to “”sound like”” the sort of comments made in the past by paid, lying industry apologists.

            I had begun to wonder if you had a vested interest in this industry. It seemed whenever I tried to agree with you, or to clarify a point somewhat at variance from things previously said, you responded as if some other message was more important, and as if nothing I had written was either on your side or of any value. But you kept having positive things to say about the industry.

            So now it’s come to this. I’m simply interested to know more about your work with nicotine, for my own purposes. But I’m not going to ask you. I’m going to try to remember your identity in order to avoid future dialogue with you.

            Please feel free to have the last word here. I’m done with you.

          • http://JimDisbrow.com/ Jim Disbrow

            The reply toned that way intentionally as means to prove I am not a paid advocate. That’s the point of the last line. It wasn’t personal. My interest is only in getting facts out versus all the speculation that is going around. If people think I am being paid to write then it’s impossible.

            You have to agree a paid PR pro would never get away with that reply. My purpose in posting here is to share facts from experience. That is why I am responding to things people can use against the industry.

            If you think I sound like I am being paid other probably believe ai am. The only way I could think to prove I am not is by a completely unprofessional reply.

            Here’s the deal. E-juice will save people lives and avoid major health issues later in life. The rub is that everyone from anti smokers to the government will be out against this. Anti smokers because they associate it with tobacco and the government because they are losing taxes.

            Can e-juice be hazardous? Yes, so can many things found in every household. The major issue seems to be children drinking it. While that is horrible it is a result of bad parenting. The same parents would be likely to leave a bottle of children’s Tylenol open and unattended. Tylenol is also toxic when used inappropriately.

            My only interest is responding to all of the conjecture surrounding the issue. I have read citations of non-existent studies and bogus facts. The facts are that both the pg and vg used in e-juice are usp medical grade made to be safe to inhale. The flavorings are used in aroma therapy as well as cooking. The only component in question is the nicotine and it has not been proven to be harmful if used as intended. Additionally there are many who choose to use juice that contains no nicotine.

  • Don

    I agree with you Bonnie completely! And in any event Government is not a friendly caring entity and Uncle Sam is really not your Uncle and certainly not a parent for it’s citizens, a person over 18 should not need parental supervision anyway so why do people keep looking at their Government for it? Grow up people, use the brains GOD gave you, use common sense the world is not a safe place and never will be! Stop trying to get Uncle Sam, who has no common sense and can’t even budget his accounts and is always spending irresponsibly, spending trillions more than he has but likes to tell every one else how to do things he can’t do but is always an expert… an expert at being a complete incompetent idiot, to save us from ourselves!!! Today’s generation is truly pathetic, grow up people!!

  • Terribad Information

    There is e-juice that contains no nicotine, literally 0ml. This is by far the worst article ive ever read thanks guys.

  • S David H de Lorge

    Where is Agatha Christie when we need her?

  • Switchtoecig

    There’s plenty of scientific evidence pointing out that e-cigarette is – healthwise – way superior to tobacco cigarette. And that should be it. That, of course, would be it if Big Pharma, Big Tobacco and Big Tax didn’t put their moolah before public health interests. Hence this brouhaha against e-liquids.

    Another thing – You can use “not researched enough” argument for just about anything under the Sun. Because as long as there are funds available, any further research on anything is justified. For readers who might get curious – here are two reputable scientific sources exploring e-cigarette issues. (You’ll also find author info there)

    US – Dr Siegel – tobaccoanalysis.blogspot.com/‎

    EU – Dr Farsalinos – http://www.ecigarette-research.com/‎

  • Chris

    We should ban outdoor grilling and indoor/outdoor fires ..ahh liberals too. When we you people stop taking every right we have? Go move to north Korea if you want to be a sheep

  • Citizens For The Ban Of Salt.

    Well all right! Lets ban it! Cant do that? Well lets tax the living crap out it! People should do their homework and see who is sponsering this. It IS THE COMPANIES WHO MAKE CHANTIX AND NICODERM AND NICORETTE FOLKS!! I and my wife quit smoking in december of last year. I smoked for 41 years. Also lets not forget who is taking the biggest hit for people quiting. Yes folks its the United States Government who doesnt get that tax money anymore from us EX SMOKERS. I know just declare it to be A NATIONAL SECURITY RISK and gun down people who dont carry their tax stamp for e juice. Let your child get into the salt and eat a pound of it and they might die from high blood pressure. Ban salt.

  • James

    If you have anti-freeze at your house and leave it out, is it poisonous if a child ingests it? So we should ban anti-freeze next then correct. This is stupid, it is about being responsibility and not putting children in a situation when they can get to the e-liquids. http://ehookahbrand.com/ you can find the e-liquids on this site then research the ingredients and determine for yourself if this is poison.

  • http://ireport.cnn.com/people/mintaroo?viewingAsOthers=true Shawn L Blumenfeld

    I am an ecig user. No carcinagens . the thing is mist, water ,h2o. What is this LIE that is being put out by the government who is not getting the tax ,like they do off of nicotine . I have asthma and I can be in the same room with one and not smell smoke , will not cough , the house never smells nor anyone or thing else . my lungs are clear , where my lungs were not clear while smoking cigarettes. the lungs are clear. It has never effected my asthma . I am a serious asthmatic. Nothing , zip.

  • realsis

    This is ridiculous! You people have to find something wrong with such a wonderful product. I’ll tell you this, I smoked almost two packs a day for 25 years and since I started vaping I haven’t touched a cigarette! Now that’s powerful and should be celebrated! Instead it’s being bashed. Please look at ALL the Ingredients in tobacco then look at the very FEW ingredients in the e juice, most of which are ALREADY in our foods, tooth paste, and cosmetics. Tell me which one you think is healthier? For the first time in years I’m not wheezing or coughing, my since of smell has returned, I can walk without being winded, I have better circulation, I am not polluting the environment, I’m not giving my loved ones second hand smoke, I’m not littering the planet with cigarette butts, I’m no longer stinking, no longer burning holes in my clothes and most importantly I’m no longer craving cigarettes. All these things are positive and vaping SHOULD be celebrated! ! Instead propaganda , lies, and inaccurate information is being spread around! Shame! As for making this product appealing to children, has anyone ever stopped to think that the TRUTH is they are NOT marketing to children, and perhaps ADULTS enjoy a wide variety of flavors! Just because I’m a adult does not mean I won’t enjoy vaping a cotton candy, or fruity flavor.in FACT most of us who quit smoking and now vape, the last thing we want is a tobacco flavor. It is a miracle that I was able to quit smoking after all these years without withdrawals or cravings!! Without vaping I could not have done this. There are so many positive things about vaping yet not one of these things are mentioned! It is utterly ridicoulas and these people should really be ashamed of themselves! Vaping had helped so many people. Why can’t we focus on positive things for once? Vaping is NOT smoking, it is NOT tobacco and should NOT be classified as such. And for those who use vaping to smoke pot, wake up people, they would find another way to smoke it if vaping wasn’t around.vaping can be a useful and positive tool in the fight against cigarette smoking. Vaping is so much cleaner, and better for your body. I am so angry that all they can do is make up negative things to say about it. This article goes as far as to imply the vaporizers are only colored for teens. That is such utter crap. I’m so sick of negative propaganda being spread when their isn’t a spread of truth to it.why not focus on real issues like alcoholism, drunk driving, and alcohol sales. No they won’t do that . Every time I turn on the television their is a commercial for alcohol. What a double standard society we live in! Don’t they think children watch those commercials for drinking alcohol?? Come on! What they REALLY want to do is get a piece of the action by taxing us to death. Do you really think they are concerned for our heath or our children’s welfare? If they were they would stop the adds and commercials for alcohol! Our children see those on a daily bases. It’s all about MONEY! …..end of rant…

  • JustGimmeSomeTrooth

    How well written, Stan. It just baffles me, why not use basic punctuation? Also, it’s “their” not “there” when you are talking about “his or her such and such” (and even that isn’t technically correct).

    Your argument seems to be about on par with your grammar, and I call BS. It’s WAY safer than you are making it out to be. How much did you get paid for that post by the way? Is it per word, or per post? Just curious.

    Your “friend” obviously had something else going on with them, and trust me, they would’ve known if they’d been ingesting enough juice to have such an effect.

    • Rick Olmos

      Winner again! I get that back flow in my mouth too and I haven’t been rushed anywhere except to a trash can to spit.
      Most of that fluid coming from the stem is his own spit by the way. He may need to learn to be a better vaporer. It’s pretty funny how quickly these people like to make false claims. If Stan has ever gone to a concert, ate a piece of candy, any kind of preservative foods, he’s pretty much swallowed what could have been used to vape. The fog used to make that smoke effect in concerts, on rollercoaster rides theatrical plays etc, is also used with this dangerous glycerin. And if people would take the time out to read about nicotine, it is in comparison to caffeine as long as you don’t wrap it in chemically treated paper and catch it on fire. I don’t understand Stan’s claim.

  • paulklamm

    Potentially Dangerous? My E Cig has stopped me from smoking after 30 years of this horrible addiction. It is a Godsend for me.. I cannot believe Good Morning America has such a negative review. Big Tobacco must hold stock in their network. “If a child drinks this liquid the child will get sick” is their agrument. and it needs to be regulated. Im tired of everything getting regulated. Then the price goes up…

  • stephen dickens

    Ive found a few minor issues that I will mention. And yes I’m a vapor. One is the small this button-less e-cigs. Which I actually like better then the button types such as the ego-t and so forth. But I have discovered that between the two types, the button types seem safer and here is why. I have used enough slim button-less type ecigs, that from time to time they don’t work anymore. So being in my nature to take a thing apart and try to fix it, I have noticed that the button-less slim ecigs, will get ejuice all around the battery. Which in my opinion may not be safe least the ejuice get into the battery, or some vapor or liquid from the battery get into the ejuice. The way these things work is they have something like a tiny microphone in the tip, that also has a led light on it, when you toke on them, air is pulled into this tip, across the microphone which then turns on the power, but the air also goes down around the battery and a small bit comes out the bottom part, where the atomizer is. This is only on the button-less small type ecigs. The button type ecigs have a battery compartment that is self contained and air tight, so no way for ejuice to get into that compartment. This is one issue I have, given I really like the small type of ecigs that feel like a real cigarette, at least in shape anyway. Another Issue I have had is when getting ejuice on my hands, Usually when using 24 mg nicotine types, I have noticed it messing with my head, tho I usually try to wash such off quickly, my point is this can happen. Other then these issues I really think ecigs in the long run are far safer then regular cigarettes on ones health. Just thought I would mention that part about the ejuice getting all over the battery since perhaps its not known this happens.

  • JT Marlin

    More fear mongering by useless smoking haters. E-cigarettes are saving lives. The stupid argument about banning e-cigs bc they are similar to real cigs and it is hard to tell the difference is ludicrous. The RAI CEO said it best “you might as well ban people drinking water because it looks like they are drinking vodka!”

  • jack lee

    first of all after smoking for 45 years ,finally was able to quit, nothing else worked for me , by using e cigs ,been off since last summer,next my breathing cleared up ,no cough,breath thru my nose ,congestion gone lungs show with xray clear now,no ill effects from e cigs at all . now if parents don’t watch small kids then they may drink or eat all kinds of things that are bad ,or deadly. don’t leave a loaded gun out either. Washington wants money and they will tax anything to death ruin anything they can, for their far left liberal communist ideas,an money, no stores here sell to minors anyway . bunch of bull about being poisoned ,no fool drinks pure nicotine not that much in e cigs anyway some people vape with no nicotine at all . leave us alone you bunch of communist socialist liberals ,democrats ect

  • mark

    i am just beside myself at this point. FDA cares about public health???!!! really?? where were they when thousands other product from weigh loss to the damn cigarette and other quick bucks chemical killed millions? didn’t we have issues with meat and poultry product that they didn’t give a two cents in the past? now all of the sudden the big brother cares for public safety. not sure how much FDA received from big tobacco company to finally step in on a product that is made of nothing but flavor and sugar. what about the e liquid has no nicotine? whats next ” second hand vaping”? you must be kidding me. i am a heart attack survivor and if it wasn’t for e cig i was dead by now. not to mention a cardiologist recommend e cig to quit. FDA you are a joke . what else the big brother feels is in tile to decide for me and my life. what about regulating my underwear since some bright color might cause vision issue for some people. and lets not forget the children. FDA and our politician truly care for their health and only 2 out of 5 children in USA suffers from hunger. get a life FDA and all other government agencies. we solved all other problem in this country and all left is vaping. WOW. last time i checked this is still United State of america. what a sad day.

  • Sandy

    Yep – you’re the expert – totally agree with you, now what do you have to say about sharp knives in the kitchen should we get an FDA equivalent dept. to analyze this dangerous scenario?
    Cars – yep those gas guzzling toxic thingama-smoky-jigs – is that dangerous – do you think? Can we boycott the cartels that invade countries just to get this product. Can we count on you in starting up a protest? We’ll back you up all the way!!
    Oh wait – the FDA has approved the tons of fluoride being pumped into our water supply – that must be good, right – after all it has been approved.

    Lets ban all caffeinated coffee – as you forgot to mention that the toxicity of nicotine and caffeine is not that dissimilar – why they are re almost identical – gram for gram……

    As a pharmacist, are you aware that if alcohol was discovered yesterday it would be classified as a schedule seven, narcotic, CNS stimulant, that could only be supplied by a qualified chemist and the product must be dispensed via a public register? Why is’nt this happening? I dont see cigarettes breaking up homes, inciting violence and other heinous acts of barbarism…..

    And the e-cig gets the blame because it cannot be controlled by the greedy, power hungry cartels and the FDA.

  • Matt

    I have been cig free for 2 months now thanks to my ecig. I have tried the patch, the gum, and chantix (crazy side effects). I feel like everywhere I look there is a story warning about ecigs with no actual proof they are harmful. Nicotine is addictive?!? Yep I kind of already knew that, but thanks for another article saying the same thing. I don’t smell like an ashtray anymore and don’t get winded running up the steps. To me they are positive.
    I have spilled the liquid on myself a few times while filling my tank. I have even had some come into my mouth through the mouthpiece. Never have I had any adverse reactions or had to seek medical attention. I simply washed my hands or rinsed out my mouth. Accidents do happen but if you are responsible it’s easily manageable. No it should not be left around children. Just like alchohol and guns. Until someone shows me proof it is more harmful than real cigs I will just keep on vaping happily for the next few weeks. Also if the FDA is so worried about it then how about they do some research and find something concrete. The government wants to regulate it as a tobacco profit also. Can’t help but think that is so they can tax the crap out of it to make some extra cash. You would think that with a viable additional method to quit smoking in the picture they would do everything to support it instead of trying to suppress it.

  • Karen Pons

    this is all about Big Tobacco Company they are so worried because tons of people are stopping smoking including myself I’m 50 years old I started smoking cigarettes when I was 12 years old and for the first time I don’t wake up hacking and coughing in the mornings when I’m grabbing that for cigarettes it’s wonderful you know anything else like bleach are you know medications are cleaners have to be kept out of the reach of children and nicotine patches and things like that have been around for years that go on your skin but of course anybody with any sense knows to keep those type things away from children so I think this is a big plus voice from Big Tobacco and big money if they’re losing billions of dollars and they’re getting quite shaky about it so let’s get real leave us alone let us enjoy our life now maybe we can have a longer life that we quit smoking cigarettes thank you my name is karen pons.

  • Robin Young

    People are aware that you can vape with no nicotine or negligible nicotine, right? It seems like there is a lot of talk about nicotine; it’s not integral to vaping. Also, if you start vaping without being previously addicted to cigarettes and decide to add 18mg of nicotine, to be frank, that is stupid. Why not regulate the nicotine instead of vaping, itself.
    Everything is a health hazard to kids. Leaving a child unattended is a health hazard to kids. Cars are a health hazard to kids! Why are cars still legal?! Because we don’t let kids walk on freeways or streets. Electricity is hazardous to children, so you get socket plugs! Kids are hazardous to themselves, they often hurt themselves while attempting to walk. Do we chop off their legs? No adults watch them. Are you kidding me?! Is this article from the onion?
    Alcohol is a toxin. Be aware. Most things are toxins if not taken in moderation. So refine how it is handled or packaged. I am glad that people are concerned with the dangers of this product. But, logic is logic and science is science. There is nothing scientific or logical that would dissuade me from inhaling vapor into my lungs especially if it is being used for CIGARETTE CESSATION. And as an ex-smoker (for me) it’s the only thing that worked. At the risk of sounding dramatic (by the caps/ sarcastic tone I’m sure you’ve realized I’m willing to take the risk) e-cigs probably saved my life.
    Robin Young

  • Mohammed

    I’ve just licked a bit of it and I’m kind of scared

  • Jose Rivas

    Bonnie is right the e juice is diluted and the ingredients are all FDA approved separately and alone or together make no difference they are simply not harmful. obviously treat e juice like a prescribed medication and away from kids it’s common sense. though not a lot of studies been done on e cigs I have friends that cut down on cigarettes due to vamping helping them also don’t have smokers cough and feel in better health.is called vaping for a reason it’s just vapor converted from e juice. some people after they quit cigarettes keep vamping but buy e juice without nicotine there are options and the FDA just wants to feel powerful by implementing so May regulations.oviously the government don’t favor vaping due to the losing money they used to get from every cigarette pack people buy and they say they want people to quit smoking when in reality they don’t just to get money I support vaping it better and way safer than a cigarette vape safe and be safe

  • sameer bhatia

    Fantastic blog its so useful for us thanks for sharing and
    make a wonderful click on it.to get more knowledge.

    e cig juice

    Sameer bhatia

  • Zexy_guy1984

    Yea? And how do u know that this person did just try to ingest a bunch of it to try and get a bigger dose of it. MayB they lied to you and it was something else. People lie all the time even to doctors and nurses. I started vaping for a month now, with 24mg e-juice and it leaks in my mouth sometimes and gets on my skin. Have not had a problem. MayB the e-liquid the person got it from didn’t actually know the potency of the nicotine. Also just want to add, if you ban e-juice with nicotine then you might as well ban alcohol, alcohol can do much more harm than that, not only can you get alcohol poisoning, which you don’t know at which point that is btw, but also all the other risks of doing absolutely stupid things. ie; driving in a car and killing someone or even yourself. Alcohol also when you get to that state where you can even black out which you have lost all control of yourself and drink more to the point of poisoning. Also can lead you into other drugs that are far worse. I speak from experience being non practice alcoholic for over a year now. I have quit all my stupid horrible habits. Cigarettes was my last vice and by far the hardest to stop. Now have stopped for about a month. Like I said I have had no problems with this nic e-juice. To ban something for what you think is dangerous, is just stupid. Ban nicotine e-juice then ban alcohol. Alcohol far worse, not even in same category. Also wanted to add that I’m sorry that this person had to be rushed to the ER, not that I don’t sympathize, but should just do better research on have better knowledge of this before saying something should be banned. Lot of people get rushed to the hospital for things should just lock ourselves up in our padded houses so we don’t ever have to be rushed to the hospital, never going to work or doing anything? I think not, that’s my 2 cents.


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  • Natasha Fann

    I smoked for years and years & me & my husband back in feb. 2014 jumped on the vaping bandwagon. I honestly feel a million times better. I also have 2 young children one is 6 yrs old & the other is 2 yrs old. If u have any common sence u know not to leave ur e cig laying around & u know to keep the e juice out of reach of children. Most e juice bottles have a child safety lid so I dont know how the kids r opening it up & drinking it & if ur an adult & u drink well that’s ur stupidity & I have no sympathy for u. Btw I have spilled some e jucie on my finger once before & guess what nothing happen. Gasp! I am so tired of seeing bad things on the internet about vaping and e jucie. yes I will admit there are some irresponsible people who vape and they are giving us responsible ones a bad name. The only reason why all the medical field and the pharmaceuticals and the government doesn’t want us to vape is because we are taking money away from the government and the pharmaceutical because we are kicking cancer caused by a cigarette in the butt. We are taking away money from nicotine supplements like the patch and gum. So I say Bravo to the ones who vape & are responsible.

  • Xenonclouds

    Aggghhhhh!….That nasty nicotine….Ban potatoes, cauliflowers, tomatoes and those EVIL eggplants!….Oops I just farted…Lock me in a darkened room and throw away the key!…Coffee anyone?

  • sabs546

    Im gonna stick to thw conclusion that I made a while ago

    I dont mind if other people take it because I don’t know where they get it from and safety only carries depending on that
    But even then I would rather not start taking it myself and stick to oxygen as I don’t trust it yet since there haven’t been enough tests and its not proved yet

    But it’s better than smoking
    However it bugs me that it took so long to come up with an idea like this and it just makes it a bit suspicious

  • fun bobby

    um duhh? of course a deadly poison is a deadly poison. nicotine is a pesticide. is rat poison poison as well?

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Finally”…. Smokers have something they can puff on… and get away from all the Harmful Toxic chemicals that are killing them! Big Tobacco company’s put extra chemicals into the tobacco so we could not Quit smoking ! And they still say cigarettes are not killing us! and are not harmful to your health…. They hate the fact that people are vaping.. and I feel this way the FDA and any one else who want’s to regulate e-ciggs didn’t mind and KNEW CIGARET’S WERE KILLING people and Did Nothing to Regulate what the Tobacco Company’s added to their cigaret’s! And still have not changed there ingredients. So why bother the vape shops? You know the American people are not stupid and are tired of getting LIED TO! Vaping is saving lives… is that what is bothering the Big Tobacco company’s and anyone who feels the need to regulate these.

    .Adults need to be responsible for their e-cigg battery’s and Juice! You would not leave any Harmful Chemicals out so your child could reach them.. So be an Adult.. Put the juice where your child will not drink or pour juice on them selves!!! You know what… It’s not the Vaping industry’s fault this is happening! I ate cigarettes when I was young.. Was that the Tobacco Company’s Fault? NO BUT…1CIGARETTE COULD MAKE A CHILD DEATHLY ILL! And do you know how many products have caused fires in homes? How about Cigarette Fires? I could go on and on. I love vaping it has changed my life! Be responsible with everything that can harm your children or home.

    I wanted to talk about Big Tobacco first , I have lost my whole family due to smoking, and Big Tobacco still is selling these cigarets that are Very Similar to Heroin.. and trying to quit them is nearly impossible….and that is still OK in the USA ! I am sorry to be this way.. but the US puts people in prison for use of marijuana and yet will say it’s ok to put 4,000 chemicals into our cigarettes. And that’s ok .Marijuana has never killed anyone. Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States including an estimated 41,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure. This is about one in five deaths annually, or 1,300 deaths every day.

    I am 59 yrs old and I have smoked ever since I was 12 yrs old. I was able to smoke everywhere when I was growing up.Things have changed ..Now the smokers are treated terrible.. if you still smoke you are made to go stand outside and smoke now that’s after we are so hooked that we can’t hardly go for 1hr without a drag .. The Tobacco Company’s will not own up, they deny .This is what they say when people have lost love ones and try to sue : Tobacco manufacturers responded in full force, fighting each lawsuit and refusing to settle out of court. They relied on several defense strategies, arguing that:

    Tobacco was not harmful to smokers.
    Smokers’ cancer was caused by other factors.
    Smokers assumed the risk of cancer when they decided to smoke.

    Well, now that e-cigarettes have been invented and people have been smoking them for a few years now I haven’t seen any side effects posted. Or any Harm done to people vaping .

    People need to understand that when they smoked cigarettes they have so many chemicals in them that they actually Numb your lungs, so when you start vaping you are going to have a few side effects such as your lungs might feel sore,or you cough up stuff that is natural after quitting cigarettes .

    But over all people feel awesome after they vape and are no longer smoking cigarettes they tell me that everyday. People who smoke like to smoke on something, the patch, gum etc doesn’t for fill that need…. That is why e-cigarets are so important. we can inhale and vape without 4,000 harmful chemicals going into our body! People are so happy with this alternative. They like to puff on something! And they want to get rid of their cigarets because as they say are killing them… Vaping is an alternative and people are really enjoying it. I know this was a long article and my spelling isn’t the best. But I hope someone out there that has smoked or is still smoking gives vaping a try it’s a worth the change.. you still need to have a strong will power to overcome the toxic cigarettes! But it’s all worth it as you will see you can still smoke and inhale… But you are Vaping . And vaping does not have 4,000 chemicals! Take care, my heart and soul tells me to write this to save lives . I care.That’s why We opened this store .Thanks for listening Elizabeth McCarthy my store is , justvappin 12680 McGregor Blvd Ft Myers Fl 33919

  • Rick Olmos

    So, there’s the Nicotine patch that a child can think is a band aid, there is the real cigarette that a child can ingest and all I keep hearing is, how there isn’t enough studies. If this is the case, I’d feel confident to say, those who have done some studying like myself, have learned that along with the Nicotine, as well as rest of the FDA approved products that are in food preservatives and used in candy as candy softeners is also what is used in the e-cigs. I can’t imagine you telling an adult it is harmful to inhale something the FDA approves in candy for children to consume. That’s a little counterproductive isn’t it? That can lead one to wonder just how much confidence we should have in the FDA in this case. Well, one of many other things.
    The glycerin that is used in the e-cig that produces that nice vapor everyone frowns at! If you’ve ever been to a concert or a dance club Fog is ubiquitous in pop music concerts and Broadway musicals, plays, industrials, and theme park rides. it can be used as a subtle atmospheric effect to make beams of light visible, and to turn a visually mundane scene into a magical one. And there are concerns about a small amount coming from ones mouth? I say to those who are so overly concerned, Go inside your house, and lock your doors. Unplug your a/c and fridge. They contain Freon which is very harmful to you if it leaks out into your home. Turn off your gas as heating could produce carbon monoxide poison
    that can actually kill a healthy person in their sleep.

  • trying to help

    if you feel sleepless or like you might vomit, or have diahereaha… discontinue use asap until you have reliable insight. The high potency liquids can mess everything up, start very low. maybe 4-6, DO NOT push 20+.

  • Eric

    I quit smoking cigs using a e-cig I started at 32 mg if nicotine like 4 months ago, now I am at 0mg of nicotine today. Haven’t touched a real cig in 2 years and I haven’t had nicotine in my e-cig for 2 months. I get regular check ups from my dr and my lungs are soooo much more healthier compared to when I was smoking. I have medical documents to back it up too. It’s funny to see the faces of the anti e-cig people I know when I show them my x-rays there faces are full of disbelief but e-cigs are soo much more healthy for you. Big tobacco companies own a lot of companies let’s face it money talks that’s why the FDA and other companies are trying so hard to ban ecigs cause big tabacco is paying them off. The FDA recently released a study about how much fun your missing out on by not smoking real cigs. No joke look it up

  • ilovevaping

    no e-liquid comes out of my drip tip. it’s all 100% vapor. if you get the cheap ones, you might get a little splashback, though it’s harmless even at 24mg per milliliter unless you are new to nicotine. If so, you might get a little nauseous after violent coughing. Hate to say it but it sounds like your friend has preexisting high blood pressure in tandem with the nicotine, otherwise there’s no way he’d get rushed to the ER unless he was vaping, dipping, and using a nicotine patch all at once.

  • Tippycanoe

    These these devices are way too convenient. A so called ex-smoker will wind up taking in more nicotine than when they actually smoked real cigs. Believe me, I’ve seen it. A coworker has something that resembles a musical instrument. I call it his nicotine cannon. So addictive! This shit is getting way out of control. They think they can smoke this substance anywhere. People draw this vapor so deep into their lungs it must cause some type of damage. It’s vapor! Nicotine moisture in the lungs. Common sense. Believe whatever you want. I’m sure some of this crap is at safe levels but with these big devices you can just keep refilling them with oil. Idiots suck on these things like they’re on life support. And the manufacturers are giving these oils cute little names like they do with synthetic weed. Becoming popular with the young crowd as well. I would smoke the real thing before becoming addicted to this bullshit. Just quit the substance completely. Cold turkey is the only way.

  • JanPam

    Things are improving. My DOCTOR told me to switch to e-cigarettes. He said it has the nicotine without having to inhale a ‘bonfire’. The hardware was a learning curve but I’m now very happy with vaping. I guess people need to understand that vaping isn’t producing smoke to accept them.

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