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Monday, March 4, 2013

Meet The Agency Behind NRA’s No-Holds-Barred Ads

“Never fight if you can avoid it, but when you must fight, don’t lose.”

That’s the call to viewers, set to dramatic music, in one of the many ads that the National Rifle Association is pumping out in the wake of the Newtown school shooting.

It was created by Ackerman MacQueen, the NRA’s longtime ad agency, which has been crafting the NRA’s public image since the early 1980s.

Some say the agency has too strong a hold inside the gun rights lobby group.


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  • Gregg Walker

    Why can’t we just let people have the guns they want and do a better job at tracking them and making owners register them like we do with cars.  We can create fees, and tax source.  Every gun new and preowned could be required to have a GPS and ballistics mapping to the registered firearm.  If an owner has the gun stolen, he/she would report it stolen and they can track it on GPS.

    Evey newly manafactured gun sold in the US and every exisitng firearm would require a GPS or conversion to GPS and registration. Failure to comply would have a mandatory 5 year penalty –  this model would allow gun owners to own any gun they want and the accountability for ownership will be highly regulated.

    • Portland Conservative

       Do you have any idea how GPS works?  If you’ve ever used it, you’ll know that it sucks the life out of a battery at a rapid rate.  When the battery is dead, how do you propose on tracking it?  What’s to prevent the CRIMINAL from letting the battery die, or removing the unit altogether?

      • http://www.facebook.com/futo.buddy Futo Buddy

        its sad that we have to even discuss such stupid ideas

    • Portland Conservative

       Gun registration has historically lead to gun confiscation.
      New Zealand

      • Navin_Johnson


        Pretty pathetic that you have to completely make up false stories to make your weak argument seem even remotely reasonable.

        • Portland Conservative


          Maybe you should inform yourself a little bit better….

          • Navin_Johnson

            lmfao! So you’re doubling down on your flat out lie, with an even more ridiculous story that doesn’t change your lie at all.  Pathetic. Embarrassing.

          • Portland Conservative

             71. (1) The Registrar
            (a) may revoke a registration certificate for a prohibited firearm or a restricted firearm for any good and sufficient reason; and(b) shall
            revoke a registration certificate for a firearm held by an individual
            where the Registrar is informed by a chief firearms officer under
            section 67 that the firearm is not being used for a purpose described in
            section 28.Marginal note:Automatic revocation of registration certificate(2) A
            registration certificate for a prohibited firearm referred to in
            subsection 12(3) (pre-August 1, 1992 converted automatic firearms) is
            automatically revoked on the change of any alteration in the prohibited
            firearm that was described in the application for the registration


            But who cares about facts?

    • http://twitter.com/ChrisKnox_AZ Chris Knox

      Registration is not required to possess a car.   Car registration has never been suggested as a way to limit the number of cars, or to reduce “car crime” that I’ve heard.  License plates are used for identification and tracking, but it’s not unusual to hear of bad guys swapping license plates.  You may have noticed that most cars a bit larger than most guns.  I’ve never heard of an idea to make gun owners wear registration data on a shirt or a badge. 

      Ballistic tests are notoriously subjective requiring expert interpretation, and characteristics of a gun change over time as the gun wears.  The ballistic tests of the brand-new gun that is believed to have been used to kill Martin Luther King were inconclusive. 

      The GPS idea is silly on its face. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/futo.buddy Futo Buddy

      how you going to keep the batteries in the GPS working at all times? where the hell are you going to put a gps on a small pistol? what effect will that have on the millions of illegally owned guns? do i need to explain why gun registration is a threat to liberty?

  • simplesimon1969

    here’s where gun control folks miss simple yet blatantly obvious opportunities to shove it right back at the NRA. if these guys think armed guards in schools is such a great idea then let THEM fund it -b/c we cant and wont deficit spend regardless of necessity. and it was THEIR idea. I’m sure their constituents would thank them in an appropriate manner for that offer to fund.

     to do that, all we ask of these fine honest upstanding citizens is every year, they declare the ownership, ie register, every gun they own so that we might fund their program with a new tax on all weapons privately owned in the entire country.
      the guns are then scheduled on a new IRS form (the 1066, for the year that coincides with their thinking) pay a flat tax of $100 per yr per gun ($500/yr on “assault” weapons and ones with high capacity magazines) to fund these school guard positions. these taxes can be assessed and reconciled every year on their federal tax returns or 1040′s.

      now you realize, to accurately make sure the govt knows EXACTLY how many guns you own, we will have to track EVERY gun transaction public, private or at gun shows from now on forever.

     and b/c these fine folks are so patriotic to make this sacrifice and improve the safety of the school children in this country, we should celebrate their contribution by thanking them, honoring them at each school receiving a guard. and I am serious about that.

     to do that would be so absolutely against their irrational, unfounded paranoid thoughts of persecution, they deserve a little something for that real sacrifice they’d be making.

    • Portland Conservative

       “paranoid thoughts of persecution”
      These are just a few laws up for vote in Oregon:

      SB 346
      Creates crime of unlawfully transferring large capacity magazine.
      Punishes by maximum of one year’s imprisonment, $6,250 fine, or both

      SB 758 Requires
      person that owns firearm to obtain and maintain in effect liability
      insurance policy that covers firearm and complies with provisions
      specifying coverage and other requirements for li- ability insurance
      policy. (AND LOTS MORE…)

      SB 760 For
      purposes of invoking justification for use of physical force, requires
      person who uses phys- ical force in self-defense to make good faith
      effort to retreat.

      HB 3200 Bans virtually all modern firearms and magazines, allows for warrantless searches of gun owners’ homes.

      HB 3412 Establishes
      Task Force on Reducing Gun Violence. Sunsets task force on date of
      convening of 2015 regular session of Legislative Assembly. Declares
      emergency, effective on passage

      If we’re so “paranoid” why is it that the gun grabbers are in full force?

      So you want gun owners to pay more for “assault weapons”?  Are you aware that in 2011, “assault weapons” accounted for less than 3.7% of all gun deaths annually?

      Do you also realize that Federal law allows for individuals who have concealed pistol licenses to carry their concealed pistol license on school grounds?  Yet, some states, and virtually all teacher unions deny this right?  Do you know that it doesn’t cost anything extra to allow the law abiding teachers to carry their firearm to school?

      • Navin_Johnson

         That all sounds great. No regular gun owner/hunter would worry about those. Insane militia, weapons stockpiling creeps would, certainly….

        • Portland Conservative

           No regular gun owner?  Most pistol magazines come standard with over 10 rounds.

        • http://www.facebook.com/futo.buddy Futo Buddy

          wrong every gun owner and civil rights activist thinks those are nuts

    • http://www.facebook.com/futo.buddy Futo Buddy

      i bet nra members would be happy to volunteer to help secure the schools

  • http://www.facebook.com/futo.buddy Futo Buddy

    is it too late to start a pool on how long it takes for someone here to call the NRA a terrorist organization

  • Katta

    The Globalists want all your weapons. Taking over the country would be easier for them.
    More laws created by the ruling class to keep you under control.
    They have been doing this for years.


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