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Friday, January 18, 2013

NRA Racks Up Successes At State Level To Limit Gun Laws

John Jackson, co-owner of Capitol City Arms Supply, holds an AR-15 rifle for sale at his business in Springfield, Ill. on Wednesday. (Seth Perlman/AP)

John Jackson, co-owner of Capitol City Arms Supply, holds an AR-15 rifle for sale at his business in Springfield, Ill. on Wednesday. (Seth Perlman/AP)

Supporters of gun rights won a battle last night in Richmond, Va.

A State House committee there rejected a number of gun-control measures, including a ban on assault weapons, a ban on selling magazines with more than 20 rounds of ammunition and mandatory universal background checks.

In the last week, National Rifle Association activists have claimed victories in two other states as well.

In Wisconsin, lawmakers backed off a proposed ban on loaded guns in the gallery that overlooks the state legislative chamber.

And in Illinois, House members declined to consider legislation to curb assault weapons after a large number of emails and phone calls from NRA members opposed to the move.

It’s the latest in a decades-long run of victories for guns rights activists at the state and local level.

Reporter Peter Wallsten told Here & Now that the NRA considers state capitals the prime battlegrounds in the struggle over gun laws, in part because it is confident that is has enough support in Congress.


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  • Mtoffgrid

    OK, I know upfront that my opinion does not count, but what kind of idiot gets the right for simply everyone to have any kind of high power weapon from this: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free
    state, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be
    infringed.” This says that you can have a state or local malitia and they can keep guns in case they are needed for defense or whatever. It does not say everyone can have any kind of gun they choose and carry them around concealed on their person, anywhere they want to go. It does not say they can do it secretly. The subject of the sentence is “A WELL REGULATED MILITIA”  not anybody who wants a gun. This country is so stupid about this interpretation. Personally I’m scared of everyone now, gun nuts, the government, everyone could have the means to just up and shoot you if they don’t like what you are saying or doing. That does not constitute a free society.

    • 123

      “The people” is the militia. All people have the right to keep and bear arms. When any tyrant foreign or domestic attacks, we as a people (everyone) should have the ability to defend ourselves and others and our country (our land). I am obviously a gun owner and enthusiast but Way before that, who am I to say that YOU cannot defend yourself. Or that its Any of my business what you conceal in your undergarments. Self defense is a Burden we ALL carry. Are You prepared to stand your ground? I am. I pray I am ready/able if anyone endangers my child or my family because I have to duty to protect them before myself. I duty I swore privately to my maker. Police only RESPOND to crime. Remember that. I hope this helps and was not offensive to you. There are too many predators out there today and there will be more every day forward. God speed.

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