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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Guns And The Role Of Mental Health Professionals

In this photo made with a fisheye lens, customers line up at the gun counter at Duke's Sport Shop on Tuesday in New Castle, Pa. (Keith Srakocic/AP)

In this photo made with a fisheye lens, customers line up at the gun counter at Duke’s Sport Shop on Tuesday in New Castle, Pa. (Keith Srakocic/AP)

Part of President Barack Obama’s $500 million plan to reduce gun violence calls for improving mental health services and removing barriers in federal law that limit how much information mental health professionals can share about potentially dangerous people.

Under current federal law, it’s illegal to sell a gun to someone with a history of mental illness, but information about mental health isn’t shared in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

A new measure passed yesterday in New York state would require mental health professionals to report any patients deemed likely to hurt themselves or others. The patient would be reported to state officials and be prevented from buying weapons.


  • Dr. Steven Dubovsky, chair of the Department of Psychiatry at State University of New York at Buffalo.

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  • Al

    The plan is to disarm the public. Period.
    As the economy continues to tank, the ranks of the unemployed swell, the endless corruption in Washington and Wall Street goes unchecked, the infrastructure of the US deteriorates and the tax payer monies being sent overseas by the billions as foreign aid, the masses are stirring. Add to that the single digit approval rating of the US Congress. A den of parasites answering to the special interests of K Street in Washington.
    This governments fears its people more than the enemies its created for the military-industrial complex to fight overseas.
    The aim is to disarm America. Sandy Hook like Aurora and the others were “false flag” operations to find ways to pass legislation to control weapons. Over 76 of these incidences  over the years involving the so called “lone gunmen”, were on anti-depressants.
    If you are going to attack the gun lobby, what about Big Pharma the role of their drugs with these shooters?
    Of course Big Pharma won’t be touched. Their ads for drugs are plastered all over the TV, on the radio and in print.  Billions are spent annually advertising these “legal” drugs to the public.  So inthe end, you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. 


    • sls4ak

      As a gun owner and shooting sports enthusiast, I have no excuse for high capacity magazines for anyone outside millitary action. Any fool that cannot hit his target in less than 10 shots does not deserve a gun. Most of the military firearms even through  WW II used a lower volume than 10 shots.

      Those fools that believe that the second amendment means that the citizenry needs the capacity to oppose the military will not be satisfied with anything less than antiaircraft batteries in their backyards.

      Assault weapons is a foolish target. Do not go after individual guns, ban all high capacity magazines. Make it a $1000.00 fine for each magazine with a capacity of more than 10 rounds.

      The Sandy Hook deniers are very offensive. I received an e-mail claiming that it never happened… disgusting.

      Big Pharma is a seperate issue and needs to be treated in a different setting.

      • Teh

        The fact that over 70 of these shooters were on anti-depressants has nothing to do with what they did.
        Where the hell have you been?
        What a waste of time on someone which the mainstream media has indoctrinated and brainwashing as they wish.

        I too also believe that Sandy Hook and many other shootings were false flag operations.
        But then again, you are blind of this fact.
        Your mentality is as follows:
        Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up.
        If the mainstream media says it, then it must be correct.

      • Frosty

        So you are telling us that any medication a person is on has nothing to do with their actions.
        A drunk for example  behind a car’s steering wheel driving erratically or getting involved in an accident in your opinion should be treated differently. It just happened by chance.
        If a family member of yours was injured or killed by someone inebriated on alcohol and/or medications, then you would just consider this an accident. The drugs they were on would be investigated separately or at another time.

        Various medications have warnings on them of not to ingest when one is to operate machinery. I think the machinery here includes more than just a hydraulic press crushing your fingers or a band saw taking off one’s hand.

        By the way sls4ak, what medications are you on when you posted your comment.
        Were you under the influence of something?
        Its all connected son.

  • Jparsons62752

    Dr Dubovsky equated the requirement that NY state mental health professionals report potentially dangerous patients to authorities with policies in the Soviet Union and North Korea, and he mentioned that this sort of reporting has not been required in the US before.  However, it’s not so very different from the requirement in NH (and other states, I believe) that teachers, clergy, doctors, and others report suspected child abuse to authorities.  

  • sls4ak

    We cannot encourage veterans and others who may be ptsd to seek mental health services while refusing all second amendment rights forever after.  Either mental health services have the ability he help or they do not.  I would rather have someone who has been treated and released owning guns than the majority who never seek treatment.

    When will mental health proffessionals have enough sience on their side to be able to evaluate risks?  We have been hiring them to do profiles on secret service and other proffessions for years and yet no one is willing to pre-evaluate gun ownership risks. 

    • Vance

      Try “spell check” sometime. In all your posts.

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