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Friday, January 4, 2013

6 Steps To Find A Job For Soon-To-Be College Grads

John Wilpers (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

John Wilpers (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Many 20-somethings have become discouraged by a difficult job market. A growing number of recent college graduates have taken low-level jobs and moved back in with their parents. Their self-esteem has vanished as a result of rejection letters and what seems like a dead-end job search after college.

But John Wilpers says the opportunities are abundant for these Millenials and they just need to know how to navigate a digital savvy marketplace, and how to presents themselves to get noticed and land that job.

Wilpers founded a company called Degrees2Dreams, which advises college students and recent college grads on how to manage their careers. Wilpers says there are six basic steps that new grads can take:

  1. Clean Up Your Digital Footprint: Make sure your online presence is professional. Get rid of those incriminating photos and ranting blog entries.
  2. An Interactive Resume:  It should include links to multimedia samples of your work and also a video link of a reference such as a professor giving a testimonial about you.
  3. A Professional ‘Me Site’: This will serve as a digital portfolio of your best work. It will help hiring managers who search for you on the Web find the “best version” of you.
  4. A Professional ‘Passion Blog’: This blog should showcase the skills your resume says you have and your knowledge of your field; raise your profile in the industry; and build your professional network as more and more key people hear from and/or about you.
  5. A Social Media Marketing Campaign: “Social media can open opportunities for you that you could never have dreamed of,” Wilpers says. The campaign should promote you as you follow and interact professionally with the key players in your field.
  6. An Informational Interview Campaign: “You need to go out and interview the people working in the field of your choice and put those interviews in your blog,” Wilpers says. “Then four months later when you call those people who might hire you they will take your call. A blog is the most powerful tool you can use.”


  • John Wilpers, founder of Degrees2Dreams

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  • Fant15

    Test prep and now this? Give me a break.

    • http://allanwhite.tumblr.com/ Allan White

      Good luck with traditional approaches.

    • Jasoturner

       Ah, we’re on our way to becoming the most credentialed nation in the world.  We have the fancy degrees, we brag about ourselves on the inter-tube, we even post videos of ourselves on you tube.  Of course, we can’t actually do much in the real world.  But that Master’s Degree sure looks good on the wall!

  • Andrew Sproat

    Useful advice, but there are two problems I don’t see being answered by many HR experts.
    1. There is a lot of raw talent businesses are missing because HR computer systems aren’t able to fish out resumes and graduates have out-of-date presentations of their talent.
    2. A number of senior leaders in my type of traditional small-firm industry, engineering, are not often looking into these new media to find the talent that’s being smart.

  • http://www.postcollegelaunch.com/ Alan Brown

    For an interesting blog on the topic see http://www.postcollegelaunch.com

  • dz

    “An Interactive Resume:  It should include links to
    multimedia samples of your work and also a video link of a reference
    such as a professor giving a testimonial about you.”

    Really?  REALLY?  Seems like the kind of gimmick the “resume professionals” are always telling people to avoid.

  • jimjogs

    You left out be willing to work entry level jobs (non professional “administrative assistant”) for a year or so while you learn the ropes, gain experience, make professional contacts and impress the bosses.  My daughter did that (college grad, 2011) for a year and was offered three great – well paying professional positions.  She now makes more than her dad, has a company willing to pay for her grad school degree and is well on her way to a great career.

    To many college grads enter the workforce not willing to start at the bottom, or to eat a little humble pie to prove themselves.  They want the big job immediately.  My daughter has many friends who have not yet landed any work  as they have not realized this very basic fact.

  • Jasoturner

    The thing I don’t like is the emphasis on things like “me” sites and “passion” blogs.  It reeks of narcissism.

    Of course, if some kid coming out of colleges simply creates these things to check off the box, the shallowness will be obvious anyway, since it takes a lot of work to manage such things as living documents of oneself and one’s interests.

    I am not in a position to hire, but if I were, I think I’d be much more interested in seeing some academic deliverables to evaluate. Not grades, necessarily, but samples of writing, lab reports, senior project, whatever.

    I suppose that could be put on the web, with the link called out on the resume.

  • Vdixon317

    I was fortunate enough to take an internship with Mr. Wilpers and the above recommendations truly and immediately paid off for me. I went from being a second semester senior in college with a vague idea of what I wanted to do with my life, to a confident young professional with the knowledge about social media and passion to seek out opportunities that matched my goals. 

    Three months out of college I landed my dream job working at an environmental NGO. I can honestly say that the ‘ME blog’, interactive resume, and passion blog were instrumental to my success. 

  • vcontents

    Wow Wow Wow Wow 

    I am thankful you for this post. I was searching for  jobs in egypt and you helped me with these tips.


  • http://www.mihnati.com/ar kamran Ayyub

    Well when I was in search of  job in saudia and giving interview then I used to search question which may be asked and it help me alot.

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