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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Violence Between Israel And Gaza Escalates

Smoke rises following an Israeli attack on Gaza City on Thursday. (Adel Hana/AP)

Israel and Gaza exchanged missile fire again on Thursday, after an Israeli air strike killed the leader of Hamas’ military wing on Wednesday.

At least three people were killed by a Hamas missile in southern Israel and more than a dozen Palestinians have been killed.


  • Jeffrey Heller, editor in charge, Reuters in Jerusalem. He tweets @jeffreyheller.
  • Edmund Sanders, Jerusalem Bureau Chief for the Los Angeles Times, reporting from Gaza.

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  • Ben

    The Israelis will justify these attacks are being orchestrated from Iran. So thus they can attack Iran.
    And the only suckers who will buy this garbage will be the Americans, their only friend.
    Interesting to note, that Israel has no other friends on the planet.
    “The state of Israel must invent dangers, and to do this it must adopt the methods of provocation and revenge…. And above all, let us hope for a new war with the Arab countries so that we may finally get rid of our troubles and acquire our space.”— From the diary of Moshe Sharett, Israeli’s first Foreign Minister from 1948-1956, and Prime Minister from 1954-1956

    • HanaG


  • Max

    Another side effect of this esculation of violence. The speculators on War(Wall) Street can start jacking the price of oil up before the weekend. Then come Monday AM they can collect some tidy profits off of their bets.

  • Iritrg

    I was so disappointed when you spoke of the Israeli air strike on Gaza.  You mentioned how the Gazan’s are suffering and when Ed from Gaza told you how hard it has been on Israel this past week you negated that and went back to the cause of Hamas.  Have  you not read or probably not because the news didn’t report it but this week southern Israel has been attacked by THOUSANDS OF ROCKETS,  Israel did not retaliate until it just was too many attacks.  Could you imaging sirens going off constantly and children have to evacuate where ever they are and go to a shelter.  I am so tired of NPR’s biased view of  Israel and her neighbors.

    • HanaG

      Israel has been raiding Gaza for the past couple of months, mostly in october (and the past few decades). The minute Gaza fires back it makes mainstream news? You have a very one-sided perspective of the conflict 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003000884786 Navin R Johnson

    Are we currently witnessing the prelude to World War 3?

    • Ted

      Albert Pike predicted 3 world wars back in the late 1800′s.
      He is the only Confederate general to have a statue in Washington, D.C.
      Albert Pike was said to have been a member of the Illuminati.

      All about Albert Pike.

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