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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Romney’s Record On ‘Binders Full Of Women’

Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney speaks during the second presidential debate on Tuesday. (AP/Charles Dharapak)

Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” comment created an instant Internet meme. But now it’s leading people to question how he went about hiring women when he became governor of Massachusetts in 2003.

The Phoenix in Boston first disputed Romney’s assertion that he charged his staff to seek out qualified women to work in his administration.

Here’s a video of Romney’s original comment during the debate:

The Phoenix reported that a bipartisan women’s group, the Massachusetts Government Appointments Project or MassGAP, actually reached out to Romney and his Democratic rival, Shannon O’Brien, during the campaign. Both candidates signed a pledge to seek out women staffers if elected governor.

Romney’s former Lt. Governor and current adviser, Kerry Healey, went on Fox News Wednesday. She said Romney did seek out women, but admitted that MASSGAP came to him first.

Here’s a clip (go to 2:55 in the video):

Healey said that Romney filled half of his cabinet positions with women.

The Boston Globe reports that in the first two years of his term as governor, 42 percent of Romney’s 33 new appointments were women. But over the next two years, women made up only 25 percent of the 64 new appointments he made.

By the end of Romney’s term, women made up 27.6 percent of those in high-ranking positions overall – slightly less than before he took office.

Meantime, 33 percent of President Obama’s cabinet is made up women.


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  • Michiganjf

    This lie of Rpmney’s about the “Binders full of women” wasn’t just a lie… it was a detailed, intricate, elaborate lie he concocted for the made-up story’s impact about how nuch he “cares” about women.

    This is indicative if a pschopathic, serial liar, and it’s NOT the only example of Romney concocting elaborate lies.


    It’s ASTOUNDING that all these conservatives want is that “their side wins,” no matter the cost to our country and the dignity of the Presidency!!

    • BHA_in_Vermont


      I believe the only requirement is that the Republican candidate is NOT Barack Obama.

  • Bob in Utah

    No surprise about women on his staff, look at the Mormon teachings of the woman’s place in the hierarchy of society.  Romney’s faith in the Mormon Church is touchstone for how he conducts his private and professional life.  

    • wareinparis

      This is true, and very important!

  • Michiganjf

    Interesting that Romney finally “learned about” the plight of women in the workplace when he became Governor of Massachusettes… at age 56!!!!!!!

    Was he asleep through the 50′s, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s, 90′s, etc…???

    Oh, that’s right… he’s a Mormon from a wealthy family, so it all seemed normal that women would “know their place.”.

  • Wpragna

    I am convinced that conservatives, even the smart ones put up with all the lies that Romney engages in because their agenda is to repeal Roe V Wade, the end justifies the means.  That’s how they put up with Bush all those years.  They will accept any candidate who can win, even if he undesirable and has to lie to get into office. They don’t care what kind of president he is, as long as he wins and Roe is repealed. If one believes that abortion is a form of genocide then lying, cheating, whatever you can do is to end the genocide is justifiable in that worldview.  Same goes for birth control, which interferes with conception.

  • Dzs1

    Incredible!!! Is he incapable of telling the truth? Ryan packed his convention speech with more lies than anyone in history (according to Fox News). The Republicans are trying to install the liar-in-chief duo???

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