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Monday, August 27, 2012

Here & Now On The Road

Our team is in Charlotte, North Carolina, for the Democratic National Conventional, covering the speeches, and getting out into the city — We’ve been to Carolinafest (yay funnel cakes!), we met up with a number of young veterans who are becoming entrepreneurs and we ran into The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart.

See photos in the slideshow above, or at facebook.com/hereandnowradio or at twitter.com/@hereandnowrobin.

August 31, 2012

After a week covering the RNC in Tampa, we’re heading to the DNC in Charlotte. Stay plugged into our Twitter feed (@hereandnowrobin and @hereandnow) and our Facebook page, Facebook.com/hereandnowradio to see what we’re up to. And tune in to our broadcast next week!

August 28, 2012

We packed up our radio equipment, along with extra junk food, and headed down to Tampa, Florida for the Republican National Convention.

We’re analyzing the big speeches, stopping by convention events and we’re also out and about in Tampa, seeing what makes this place tick.We visited the Tampa neighborhood known as “Suitcase City” to see how the foreclosure crisis is reverberating, we also spoke with the co-founder of Tampa’s Tea Party. See all our stories below.

Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter (@hereandnowrobin and @hereandnow) for more photos and videos.

Here & Now Tampa Convention Coverage

Carl Hiaasen’s Florida

Gay Republicans Throw “HomoCon”

How Cuban Americans See Romney

A Tour Of Tampa’s Devastated ‘Suitcase City’

Why Political Conventions Still Matter

Tampa Tea Party Fights Public Spending On Infrastructure

RNC Draws Big Donors

Mormons Consider What Romney Nomination Means For Faith

Ron Paul Supporters Say Not So Fast

Did Air Conditioning Lead To The Rise Of A New South?

Surviving A Jump To End It All

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4UYQJJ43UBTAQYYPBHWTAHYMCY Ed

    The premise of this show on foreclosed or distressed homes in Tampa seems to be all about the deceitful and greedy mortgage broker and the poor, unaware homeowner. No argument that there’s greed among the mortgage brokers and the lenders (and realtors) but where’s the balance? Why not cover the ignorance of the people who entered these floating rate mortgages? Where is the individual responsibility in this equation?  You’re talking about these foreclosed owners as if they were innocent or naive children!  Theyre grown adults and should have considered that home prices don’t always rise and that their payment may go up in the future. The premise of our country is that if you use your brain and work hard you’ll get ahead but if you remain unaware of scams, don’t read up and don’t THINK you’ll lose! But today, partly because of media like yours that tends to dumb down citizens, people enter into a  mortgage only thinking about what there monthly payment will be , rather than the total cost.
    It makes me sick to think that seemingly intelligent people like yourselves could think that govt. can protect us from life’s pitfalls. Granted we need to simplify mortgages and perhaps even outlaw certain elements (such as adjustable rate mortgages and the concept of commissions for independent brokers) so why not discuss the nitty gritty of the reforms needed instead of dwelling on the adverse outcomes that have already happened to these ignorant people?  Coddling these “victims” only breeds more lassitude and ignorance!  How will it help in the provide meaningful change?
    Get on with discussing what can be done to prevent these problems  in the FUTURE rather than trying to elicit more help for these owners that lost out, partly through their own ignorance.

  • Joyce Alford

    Just heard Mormon bishop saying that Romney was the first “non-protestant” ticket.  Doesn’t JFK count?  He was Catholic, not Protestant.

    • Robin

      I think he meant the entire ticket!

      mormon and catholic


  • Mo

    What many people are not aware of about the Mormon Church is that they
    believe that Independence, MO, (yes the same Independence Mo which is the home
    of former President Harry Truman), is the site of the original garden of Eden
    AND that when Christ returns he will come to Independence, MO which they refer
    to as Zion.

    I have been at the Mormon victors center in Independence on numerous
    occasions and have been repeatedly told both of these things.

  • Jean Brooks

    I am a loyal supporter of Ron Paul. He is the only candidate who is honest and true to his beliefs. He would be the ideal president in these troubled times and has the best plans for America and for  the world. I am proud of the Maine delegates for sticking to their beliefs.

  • Jssgreat

    I read that the way Romney saved the Olympics was to get government money.  Is this true?

  • jean

    i enjoyed the coverage of the black church in Charlotte.  It was apparent that blacks are not of one mind regarding any subject.  The fact that the LGBT issue was so hard pressed in your interviews was disturbing and to me indicated a belief that all blacks are homophobic, which we are not!  I worry that the media is complicit with the myriad stereotypes that blacks endure constantly.  FYI, i am a 71 year old black female who supports same sex marriage.  

  • DogOnARocket

    The show states that many ‘broken promises’ were not actually ‘broken promises!’  Congress blocked action on many projects President Obama put forth.  So why then do you present the topic as something it clearly is not? It seems the host and guest purposely introduce the segment in a titillating manner just to make things interesting, whether or not it makes sense.  Very disappointing.  

Robin and Jeremy

Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson host Here & Now, a live two-hour production of NPR and WBUR Boston.

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