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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Recent Tragedies Inspire Shooting Survival Video


WARNING: Some viewers may find this video disturbing.

As the summer winds down, universities are gearing up for their annual fall move-ins. But recent mass shootings, at a movie theater in Colorado and a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, have these schools thinking serious about security.

These very concerns inspired the head of Boston University’s police force to tweet about a detailed, some would say disturbing, security video to more then 1,200 Twitter followers. The video was produced by the Houston, Tex. Mayor’s Office with a grant from the Department of Homeland Security, and is meant as a survival guide in the event of an active shooter.

In the video, office workers face the onslaught of a gunman. Some characters die, but others use the movie narrator’s advice to stay alive: run, hide or fight.


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  • micheal

    How awful that we live in a country where this video needs to be produced. 

    • DJ

      Not just here.  It’s happened in other places such as Canada and Norway too.  When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.  Be prepared, not worried, and stay alert.

  • Dave

    Run, hide, or fight?   Sounds like commom sense to me.

  • Marc

    Disgusting video, sad commentary on American society. 

  • Apachescout1

    In finding a weapon few realize the leathality of a pencil or inkpen placed between the fingers of your fist resting at the base of your hand with the point extending in line with the arm thrust forcefully . We have them readily available at all times.

  • Bill

    I was very surprised at the emotional reaction I had to this video.  I attribute it in part to the extreme frustration I’ve endured lately seeing our political leaders cowed by the NRA and unable and unwilling to do anything to keep assault weapons from the hands of deranged people.  Since the carnage will certainly continue, watch the video and prepare yourself as well as you can.

    • Mark

       Actually the NRA fights to keep guns my hands.  I am not deranged or crazy.  I have never killed anyone, nor do I threaten people with my gun when I’m angry.  I am just a normal father of two who can sleep better know that i dont need to use a folding chair as a weapon to go home to my kids at night.

      And the so called “assault weapons” are really just hunting rifles made to look like military guns.  True Assault weapons are select fire (semi, fully automatic) and are already heavily regulated by the US Gov.

  • Diane

    Is this what we’ve come to?  We are really running and hiding from the NRA, when we should be fighting their support of automatic weapons.

    • Hans

      There was no automatic weapon in this video.  The shooter used a pump-action shotgun.

      Really people, how stupid are you?

      • Frnkdoug7

        Hans, I think you’ve missed the point.

  • Beklatisaid

    My Plan is : Run l Run l Run

  • Hans

    The only thing disturbing about the video is the NO GUNS sign on the entry door.

    See how well it defended these people from the shooter?

    See how no one inside the building had a servicable weapon for self defense?

    That’s truly disturbing.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NX7VEPPHBN7X74CXIHI5FPLZ2Q Mary

      Hans, if we were talking about an environment in which all of the people were trained to use firearms and to suppress their emotional reactions, then what you and many others who think like you suggest might be helpful.  The average citizen, however, doesn’t operate on high alert status all of the time and isn’t prepared for such events.  Their best response is to get themselves out of harm’s way and to allow law enforcement to act.  The police officer in this clip was the first to go down because he also wasn’t on high alert even though he may have been well-trained and armed.  The emotional toll of trying to be a “gun-slinger” is a greater risk than developing an escape plan.

  • Molon Labe

    I swore the oath at my enlistment and have served my country…and I know that oath never expires.  I’ve never drawn a weapon in anger, and I never will.  But I know that there have always been violent people, and there always will be.  I also know that signs and laws do not concern such people - these things only  impede honest people from a rightful means of defending their lives.

    In the scenario depicted, I’ll fight, and I’ll be properly prepared, too. Some people may hate me fore it, but others will come to realize the wisdom of our forefathers when they wrote those simple words, ” the right to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”. 

    I have promised that I will no longer allow my rights to be infringed – I will no longer allow my life, and the lives of my family, friends, and coworkers to be carelessly placed in danger.  Unless there are metal detectors adn armed guards, I will not be paying attention for those stupid “Free Fire Zone” signs that ban lawful posession in violation of Constitutional protections – I will be too busy watching for the early signs of a bad guy…

  • http://www.facebook.com/jhon.centurri Jhon Centurri

    Sorry. America and it’s gun lobby is doomed if laws are not changed in favor of keeping us safer. I’m tired of being bullied by a bunch of good ‘ol boys and their toys that kill.

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