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Friday, March 2, 2012

Law Student Stunned By Rush Limbaugh’s Verbal Attacks

Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke appeared on the Today show to discuss comments made about her by talk radio's Rush Limbaugh.

Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke said on the Today Show that she was stunned by Rush Limbaugh’s recent attacks on her, after she supported a provision in President Obama’s health plan that would require insurers to provide coverage for contraceptives.

On Wednesday, Limbaugh called the woman a slut and a prostitute, saying that Fluke wanted Americans to subsidize her sex life by paying for her contraception. Yesterday, Limbaugh said Fluke should post videos of her sex life online, since the public was paying for her birth control.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, along with a half-dozen other members of Congress, repudiated Limbaugh for his “vicious attacks” against Fluke. And Carly Fiorini, the National Republican Senatorial Committee Vice-Chairman, said on CBS’s “This Morning” that the language is insulting and distracting from the issue.

Fluke appeared at an unofficial Congressional hearing after she was turned away from testifying about women’s access to contraception at an all-male panel hearing. Fluke said that a fellow student ended up losing an ovary, because she couldn’t afford contraceptives which would have prevented cysts from growing.

The Senate yesterday narrowly defeated the Blunt amendment, which would have allowed employers and insurers to opt out of parts of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act on moral grounds.

But Republican presidential candidates are still talking making this an issue on the campaign trail, voicing their support for the Blunt amendment.

Washington Post conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer earlier wrote that Rick Santorum lost this week’s primaries, in part, because the candidate focused on birth control.

Speaking on Fox News, Krauthammer said:

“On contraception, an issue which has been decided, settled in the country a half century ago, he’s on the wrong side of that. And you saw that in the women’s vote! Santorum came dead even on the men vote. And the women’s vote he lost by 5% and that’s what cost him the election.”


  • David Mark, senior editor for Politico

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  • Gerald Fnord

    I guess she can be stunned, but should not be surprised: he has made a fortune being the voice of the white regressive male’s subconscious, gaining the admiration of his fans for saying aloud what they’ve got the decency (or timidity) not to…until an Authority Figure like Mr Limbo says it first, at which point they feel liberated to follow suit.  (Search on: “authoritarian follower”.)

    I am not free from this myself:  the sometimes intemperate, not at all balanced, site sadlyno.com gives me pleasure to see my side hit back, for a change…and Rush’s fans _do_ feel as if they’ve been under attack and cheated, and have never hit back, else why would just being a white man not carry the same weight as it did Back Then.  Well, they have been attacked and cheated, but it’s not by Dark People and Perfessors:  it’s by the malefactors of great wealth, persons natural and artificial with the morals of Phil Dick’s androids…and expert at deflecting blame to the nearer and weaker targets for whom they don’t care much anyway.

    (Search on: “why oppressed people suck”.)

  • Troth

    Why don’t we legislate a restriction of vagina from all men who oppose contraception.

    • Djb132

      I completely agree – employers should not have to pay for men’s viagra.  Just like they should not have to pay for women’s birth control, men’s condoms, men’s toupees, women’s hair removal or any other ancillary service or product.
      Insurance is for unforeseen catastrophes – not a christmas tree to be piled high w/ political agenda crap.

    • Apples2Apples

      Actually the Obama solution would be to have employers pay for women’s services to men.

  • Totally disgusted

    Take action – listen to his program, make a list of all products sold – write/e-mail the company and let them know as the buyer in your house you can’t bring yourself to buy their products!  Few thousands of those – and well,  as the Supreme Court says, Money = speach, than Speach = money!

    • Djb132

      No thanks – I’ve got way better things to do then listen to inane braying.

    • Justhoping2a

      Also, note that Clear Channel came out in support today stating:

      contraception debate is one that sparks strong emotion and opinions on both
      sides of the issue,” Premiere Networks said in a statement emailed Sunday by
      spokeswoman Rachel Nelson. “We respect the right of Mr. Limbaugh, as well
      as the rights of those who disagree with him, to express those opinions.”

      Seems to me that when the Dixie Chicks had something to say they were silenced.  Definetely seems to be a woman thing.  Write to Clear Channel and make them aware of what you are doing!  As I said, we are the financial backbones of our families’ budgets!

  • Kimwax

    Do Catholic institution allow their insurance companiesto pay for Viagra?? I mean, if it’s only about sex…..

    • Judy

      Yeah…and what about vasectomies?  Are those covered by the insurers for Catholic institutions??

    • LLD

       Only if his wife is of childbearing age!

  • J Frog

     I can’t defend Rush Limbaugh.  Don’t listen to him.  What he said was uncalled for and wrong.

    On the other hand, all of a sudden we’ve found another right?  This time to “free” contraception?  Another edict from on high.

  • Djb132

    Rush Limbaugh is an idiot.  Why anyone spends time talking about him is beyond me.

    My objection is the assertion – accepted as fact by so many – that  people are trying to deny women their rights.
    I have a right to buy a gun – do you think my employer should be forced to pay for it?
    A woman has the right to have female circumcision (not likely, but it is possible) – would you support forcing employers to pay for that?

    • Roy Davis

      Thanks Djb132 for inserting a dose of pertinent commentary.  People are entirely missing the point when they think any of the objection about the HHS mandate is intended to deny women access to contraceptives.  It is rather that those employers with a moral obligation NOT to provide the contraceptives will, under this regulation, be required to do so.  I can assure you, Catholic organizations WILL NOT comply and will thereby be forced by our government to become outlaws.  It will not stand.

      To borrow a phrase, “ditto” on the observation that Limbaugh is an idiot. 

      • Lymie

        You misunderstand, employees pay for their insurance as part of their compensation.  You are saying that just because the employer signed the check to you, the employer can tell you how to spend your money.  What if your employer doesn’t want you to drink beer, should they be allowed to prevent you from buying it with “their” money?

        • Roy Davis

           Perhaps you pay for all of your insurance, but most employers pay the lion’s share on behalf of the employee, and still some employers pay for 100%.  I believe there is a difference between drinking beer and causing the death of a child.

  • Noname

    I think that Limbaugh’s insane, obnoxious remarks are fueled by the same coded racism that underlies the upsurge in extreme right wing acting out.  The meaning of the code: the insinuation that anything that President Obama does is motivated by his skin color and all that means to the psychopathology of racism that afflicts our country and is vocalized by ignorant, unconscious mostly lower class and lower middle class whites but also by right wing white money.  His comments about the law student is more code addressed to the unconscious of this snarling gaggle of idiots.

  • David Volk

    Robin,  Your  bias is blatant, but your “fact” about Georgetown being exempt from Obama’s contraception/sterilization mandate is just false.  Georgetown, and virtually all organizations do not qualify, under Obama’s narrow exemption.

    • Robin

      Dear David,

      I respect your opinion, but Georgetown s a religiously affiliated school.

      Below is from the Los Angeles Times.
      President Obama is offering a compromise that takes into account the priorities of all concerned. Religiously affiliated employers — largely Catholic hospitals, schools and universities — would not have to pay for contraceptivecoverage, but employees who want the coverage could request it, and the insurance company would provide it without raising the cost of their premiums. The insurance industry has accepted the solution because it’s less expensive to pay for family planning than for pregnancies.”
      Thank you for listening.BestRobin

      • Roy Davis

        Robin, I know you are more intelligent than this!  It is a joke to say that any organization buying insurance for its employees is going to magically get some part of it for free.  Even so, that is entirely beside the point.  Catholic belief, regardless of any poll, is that use of artificial contraception is wrong, and that abortifacient drugs and sterilization are intrinsically wrong!  There is no way they can abide by offering such coverage whether it is paid for directly or indirectly because the insurance company supposedly pays for it out of the “good” of their heart!  Give me a break.  You should investigate a little better and maybe expose yourself to the basic concept of a business model.

        Limbaugh is an idiot and neither you nor any other liberal-leaning commentator should ever think he speaks for true conservatism, because he doesn’t.

        • Rcyoung

          roy! Mr. Frog! GO TO SLEEP! 
          no seriously, thanks for weighing in.


          • Roy Davis

             Robin, thanks for your concern over my sleep state, though it wasn’t that late.   But do you have any comment on my point about the government forcing large segments of society to go against their consciences?

      • J Frog

        So all these years insurance companies could have been offering their subscribers contraceptives for “free” and SAVING MONEY in the process and they didn’t?  I’m skeptical.

        • Judy

          In actuality offering free contraceptives can save an insurer money.  It is far less expensive to pay for the contraception than it is to pay the cost of a pregnancy. 
          Likewise at least in my state, Massachusetts, there is no cost to patients for preventative care.  Why?  Because it saves insurers money to catch health issues early, rather than wait till the patient ends up in the emergency room.

  • Ayn Marx

    Our rights are not limited to those rights enumerated in the Constitution.  In reality, our rights are highly conditioned by our technical level—when tremendous social cohesion enforced by a priesthood and aristocracy seemed necessary to make agriculture work, democracy and religious freedom had little chance of being in play.  Similarly, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Century of the Steam Engine was also the century in which slavery suddenly seemed like a great evil to more people than ever before, and so the right to not be enslaved was born.

    So, now that we are relatively rich, thanks both to our own efforts but even more to the unearned benefit of the labours of generations past, it is reasonable that rights which would have seemed unreasonable—say, to food, shelter, and medical, the first two of which are easily achievable with a very small fraction of our total productive capacity—suddenly appear to exist.

    Yes, this is a statement of what’s now in people’s heads, rather than in large-scale physical reality—but _all_ our rights are all in our heads, what Stirner derided as (in English translation) ‘spooks-in-the-head’ but which are nonetheless important.  As Pratchett had a character say, you could grind the Universe to a fine powder, and sift through it bit by bit, and still never find one molecule of ‘justice’ in it.  

  • Trzckm

    If any of my tax dollars were misspent subsidizing rush limbaugh’s education then I feel my rights have been violated.  What he won’t say to feed his (and the lemmings who listen to him) idiotic and gluttonous desire for attention amazes me.

  • Wisdom Keeper

    Rush Limbaugh is illustrating the 3 ways history tries to silence females when we take a stand – 1. make fun of us, like Edith as the butt of the jokes on Archie Bunker, or Hillary’s “gankles”  2. kick us to the curb (along with our issues) , like Limbaugh’s demeaning personal remarks tried about Sandra Fluke and if all else fails 3. erase us, like not letting a single woman speak at Congressional Hearings about our health issues.  What about talking about a woman’s ultimate gift to society by birthing the new taxpayer, FREE.  What if the other half, all 51% of us, closed our knees?

  • BHA in Vermont

    The really sad thing is that people LISTEN to Limbaugh AT ALL.  They either do so to laugh at his bizarre comments, like watching NASCAR  hoping to see a crash, or the scary possibility: they actually AGREE with the bile he spews. 

  • pearlypiper

    We pay over $400 a month for “employer provided” health insurance. It is part of the compensation program. Included in the insurance policy is the provision that we not pay for preventive care. It’s not that anyone is demanding “free” contraception, just that women’s health care be treated like any other preventive care–not separate, less equal care.

  • http://www.findingtimothy.org/search?updated-min=2008-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-05%3A00&updated-max=2009-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-05%3A00&max-results=1 MEMCI

    If the slander words of Limbaugh directed at the woman  law student are a business model, then his business needs to be shut down as I do not believe this is the standard for the open market place.  Nothing has happened to change Roe v Wade and a woman’s choice for protecting all of her well be4ing including her reproductive system is to be ripped open and lanced with sharp tongues wrapped in poison in the market place, heaven help our Constitution and the open market place.

  • Michael McElwain

    I just heard what Mr. Limbaugh said about Ms. Fluke, and to me those words are outright slander, defamation of character. It seems to me that Ms. Fluke has the right to sue Mr. Limbaugh for calling her these vile names on a public medium.

  • S Marg

    The comments by Limbaugh are more stunning when you remember that this is the drug addict who was caught doctor shopping for Oxycontin, then busted for possesion of Viagra prescribed in someone else’s name on a return trip from the Dominican Republic, sex-slave capitol and pedophile destination of the western world. He was unaccompanied by his wife by the way. Where does this perv get off criticizing anyone else?

  • oracle2world

    Sandra Fluke is furthering her own personal ambitions at the expense of Georgetown.  I hope folks have figured that out by now.

    What Rush Limbaugh has done in his very crude fashion (he is an entertainer, he lives for this stuff), is broadcast to 20 million listeners a week that a Georgetown law student, where a degree costs upwards $200,000 upon completion, is deserving of a government hand-out to pay for her recreational sex.  This is beyond nonsensical.

    And right about now folks (and insurance companies) are researching her testimony to see how much she is making up.  Based on my years of checking stories and verifying data, the one about a student losing an ovary because she couldn’t afford hormones to prevent cysts just does not compute.

    People are not grossly stupid, and anyone out of a job, a house, and on food stamps must be doing a slow burn over the likes of Sandra Fluke. 

    • Justhoping2a

      It’s not a government handout.  Insurance companies in America are PRIVATE companies.  They absorb the cost – as they should, since we all pay so much for our premiums and get so little in return to begin with.  Just look at this year’s earning profits for our mandatory insurance companies’ profit lines….

      • Roy Davis

         Totally disgusted,  if the government forces an employer to pay for something, it is essentially a tax, and it therefore becomes a public expense, not a private one.  And please don’t raise the red-herring response that it isn’t the employer paying, its the insurance company.  As you surely know, those expenses are passed onto the consumer – in this case the employer (majority payer usually) and the employee (minority payer usually).

        I do agree with your sense of disgust on the profits being made by insurance companies – another reflection of the problems you get when 30%+ of your economy is financial services.  They don’t get those wild profit levels by taking on unwanted expenses…

  • Johnandrechak

    if we lived in the better times that the Cons pine for Limbaugh would by now had his teeth knocked down his throat

    • Roy Davis

       Now THAT is something I (a conservative) would pay cash money to see!  Limbaugh is not a serious commentator – let’s stop treating him like one.

      • Johnandrechak

        ya!  I am sure Fluke could take care it herself;  finally heard a public figure cut to the chase, Dan Rather this a.m. on NOW; “I’m from Texas, if had said that about someone’s sister, they would had him…” eloquent!  I gre up in Chicago, same; he would had himself   What is Limbuagh?  His the Saudi Arabia of hate that runs the GOP

        • Roy Davis

          John… I think you give Limbaugh too much credit to say he runs the GOP. I surely don’t think he does. As someone said here earlier, he is an entertainer (and from what little of him I have heard, not a very good one).

          • Johnandrechak

            with all due repsect, the tagging of Limbaugh as an entertainer is just cove for/by the right, after all who called him that, but at the same time the GOP Congressional Caucus has him a honorary memeber; he speaks at CPAC, etc.  No Republican Official has ever challenged him with any effort, even in this case; who enterntains by calling someone like Fluke as a whore, etal?  Also close to 100% of his listeners certainly embrace hatred; Red State Republican America, the GOP, runs on hate, and Limbaugh is he Saudi Arabia of hate

          • Roy Davis

            Well John, I disagree strongly with your statement about red states running on hate. You are engaging in the same sort of repeated falsehood about hate filled right wing folks as you say the right does when they (we) call Limbaugh an entertainer. I am conservative, but I do not hate. One problem with the left is that they cry foul when they are called onto the carpet about something, but will not abide anyone ever doing the same to them. Surely you have noticed this, no?

          • Johnandrechak

            what isit  you are conserving?  What is Limbuagh conserving?  Red states, read history, Nixon, and then Reagan played to racial bigotry (co-oping it from Dixiecrats) what was America Conservatives conserving in opposing civil rights legislation, (William Buckley, etal) same sex marriages, xenophobic muslim bashing?; listen to Romney, with his dog whistles;  “European” “Socialism” just cannot use the N word A huge section of the GOP base/ self-identified Republicans/ Conservatives, if not the majority, will vote for anyone other then President Obama based on skin color ..what is being conserved in laws that destroy unions, concentrate wealth?

  • Johnandrechak

    and what’s with the sex wbcam?  Is his child bride unable to shearch for his member through the folds of fat?

  • Johnandrechak

    The GOP’s Southern Strategy is ran on hate; Limbaugh is the Saudi Arabia of hate; he is the GOP, he is red state america; let someone do the polling; I will bet the farm that those of his listeners who did not endorse his attack on Fluke are less then 1%;

  • Lulush2460

    I agree with this lovely lady about contraceptives being covered and what really urkes me about Rush’s rush to words is that I would be willing to bet after all of his oxi use and at his age, he is using viagra or cialis or one of those type of drugs to get it up!
    But for women, the republicans have a double standard!~ They certainly dont want to offer govt., support for women with unwanted or unaffordable children but they dont want to pay to avoid the pregnancy or to terminate the pregnancy! Such Crap!
    Rush, you are sooooo disgusting you fat bloated hyprocrit!

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