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Friday, December 16, 2011

Quarterback Tim Tebow Puts Faith Front And Center

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow (15) prays in the end zone before the start of an NFL football game against the Chicago Bears in Denver. (AP)

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow prays in the end zone before the start of an NFL football game against the Chicago Bears in Denver. (AP)

Denver Bronco’s quarterback Tim Tebow is known for his miraculous, come-from-behind, fourth quarter rallies. But would he be gaining so much attention if it weren’t for his ardent religious beliefs?

Tebow is known for dropping down on one knee to pray, in a pose dubbed “Tebowing.” The move has inspired scores of imitators on YouTube and countless fans.

Tebow was born in the Philippines to American missionaries, and is a big supporter of home schooling. Now, at 24 years old and 6 foot 3 inches tall, he says he’s still a virgin, saving himself for marriage. His fans say he is an inspiring role model for children, who don’t have so many positive role models in the sporting world these days.

But Tebow has also caused controversy. While playing at the University of Florida, he wrote Bible passages in his eye black, leading the NCAA to ban the practice. And sports journalists say while his pop culture star would likely fade the moment he stops being a sensation on the football field.


  • Reid Cherner, USA Today’s Game On blog

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  • Penang

    Its those religious types that scare the sh*t out of me. I find these folks spewing their religious beliefs nauseating. Enough of the crap Tebow. America is screwed up due to all this nonsense of religion. Sounds like Tebow has allowed himself to be a tool for the ruling class. Keep it to yourself Timmy.
    Consider what …Thomas Paine(1737-1809)… , the author of Common Sense stated: 

     The age of ignorance commenced with the Christian system.  

    “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful”. Seneca the Younger, philosopher, statesman and orator
    All religions are equally sublime to the ignorant, useful to the politician, and ridiculous to the philosopher. – Lucretius (94 BC – 49 BC)

  • Robyn

    I think five come-from-behind wins in a row would get attention regardless of his faith.

    • RickW

      No doubt, but the “religion on his sleeve” makes me not want to root for him. What, does God hate his opponents? I don’t think so.

  • Olorcain2

    Well I will admit that extreme religious types do scare me (no matter what your beliefs are), but hey if Tim Tebow thinks god is behind his success then who should really care.  With so many athletes into excesses that are not good, including drugs and weapons, hopefully Tim is not just trying to get publicity and will be  a good role model.  Will I continue to roll my eyes when he thanks god, yes, but hey in this great country it is his right to be able to believe, so knock yourself out.  Just please don’t knock on  my front door. 

  • Mister Khampa

    I’m a Buddhist and don’t care for proselytizing of any kind — but it’s interesting to me that people would be upset about religious messages in eye paint, but OK with Motorola ads you see every time the camera close-ups on a coach.    Advertising for products made with child labor in China OK — Bible messages NOT OK. 

  • Nate Hyde

    As to Tebow’s “If you love your wife would you only tell her once?” analogy this seems like the kind of fuzzy thinking that such devout faith produces.  I do love my wife, I do tell her every day, but I don’t tell my friends and co-workers all the time every day.  They would be quite rightly annoyed.  Tell Jesus you love him every hour if you want, just don’t bother me about it.

    That said, Tebow seems like a fine fellow.  Take away his current captancy of the God Squad and I’d even root for him.  Heck, I continue to enjoy watching Michael Vick even though he has been (and may still be) a miserable human being.  I look forward to watching Teboy play this Sunday.  Go Pats.

  • Misterkhampa

    Oh — just another little thing — so, God answers the prayers asking for a successful football game (or platinum albums, or an oscar) but couldn’t lift a finger to save children being experimented on by Nazi “scientists” or 3 yro girls being raped in african tribal/civil wars? 

  • J Kilhoffer

    I think it’s great for two reasons. The unimpeded ability of somebody to be open about their faith is the backbone of free speech and is one of the strongest implications of the first amendment. Secondly, it restores my faith in humanity that somebody can say he believes in God not to manipulate others, but just as a statement of who he is. It takes strength to do it this way, because you don’t make as many friends, and people who are inclined to distrust believers will hold your faith against you.

  • Alfred

    This sounds like a wasted time for a story on another football player who discovered some entity called god.
    Hey Robyn, how about a timely story on all those returning soldiers from Iraq(the ones that actually return to US soil) and their exposure to DEPLETED URANIUM.
    You know, the same DU that the U.N. banned several years ago, but the US and UK refused to go along.
    What about their health effects? Also the health effects of the Iraqi people who continue to suffer from the hazards of DU.
    Enough of the window dressing about some religious football player.

    It was best stated earlier in a post the quote from Seneca.

    “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.”

    Religion trully is the opiate of the masses. Its bad enough that the public has been dumbed down through their eduational system. 
    How about some real news? 


  • Bentarpley106

    Explain this to me and the rest of those interested Mr. Tebow.
    The religious folks talk about a caring and loving God. If this is true, then why are half the species on the planet attempting to eat the other half.
    What is your view of this? Where is the compassion? What gives?
    I would say that humans have been conned for far too long.

    From what we know of Mr. Tebow, he is an Evangelical Christain. I appaud your support for home schooling and also that you are a virgin.  
    Consider these two points made by those in the Catholic Church several centuries ago.

    How well we know what a profitable superstition this fable of christ has been for us.               Pope Leo 1513-1521 “It is an act of virtue to deceive and lie, when by such means the interest of the church might be promoted.”    Bishop Eusebius (260-339)

  • Gene

    What an encouragement to see a moral and gifted young man make the choice to humble himself publicly by acknowledging our Wonderful Creator.
    May more of us choose to express our sincere Love for HIM and for one another. We have the right–we can take the privelege.

  • Guest

    It’s completely silly. Why do you pray before a game? So that god will be with you and not the other team? It’s ridiculous to think that god (newsflash, there is no god), would interfere in a football game.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Karyn-Dennen/100003167098222 Karyn Dennen


    I respect Tim Tebow for exercising his right to follow his faith.  That doesn’t mean that we all have to go to the party.  If he was of Jewish faith, Islamic faith and we publicized their prayer
    to Allah or Moses would we make fun of it on SNL or on Fox25 ?  I doubt it.  Also stop advertising that their are 200 job openings at Math Works, there are not.  

    Thank you, 

    Karyn Dennen

  • Min. McCray

    No Man should be afraid to bow down to the god whom he serve. I serve God, that is the Almighty God, god is many gods. If you bow down and pray for attention, you fool your self, if you stand up in a crowd and shout oh, god, you get your reward, attention. But when you bow and serve, praise and pray to the Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus, you honor Him.  sI can stand and talk to my God,I can lay in my bed and thank my God, I drive to work andother places and thank my God. But to be in a place where there are cameras, new media,and tv’s , if I bow down , let it be from the heart and not FOR SHOW
    A team prayer and a team praise can win a championship.

    A Christian is one who follows the teaching of Christ Jesus. Jesus did not have to kneel in the public square, his walk talk and life style identify who He was.  The church produce a lot of church childrens  instead of Kingdom Childrens.  God sees and know all things.

    My question to all who read and follow  the media, HAVE  YOU ACCEPTED  JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR ?  If ! NOT, YOU CAN bow down   ALLL DAY, SING, DANCE , SHOUT, QUOTE  THE VERSES, BAKE  BROWNNIES, but when yours eyes close, you will never see HEAVEN. BECAUSE ONLY THROUGH JESUS CHIRST, WILL YOU SEE  HEAVEN  and  have eternal LIFE.  Jhn. 3:16     John14:6        the measuring rod is ,Roman 2:16
    Reformation! Part II  Are you Ready
    Min. Roy McCray

  • Sheryl

    If only we all could be that bold!  Praise the the Lord!

  • Anonymous

    “But Tebow has also caused controversy. While playing at the University of Florida, he wrote Bible passages in his eye black, leading the NCAA to ban the practice.”

    MY GOD THE HORROR AND INDIGNITY! Next news you know he’ll be helping orphans in the PHILIPPINES!



    Will someone stop him PLEASE!!!!!!

    We need more suicide bombers and ex-Cowboys stars who r a p e women, NOT genuine “Jesus people”!!!!!

    The world has officially lost its ever loving mind.

  • Mark

    Thanks for this article. Even if his faith was not a motive for being a virgin: http://www.cdc.gov/std/stats10/trends.htm

  • Very Frankly

    3rd quarter, Patriots up 42-7, I think Teaboy better start a’prayin’ right about……….NOW!

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