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Thursday August 19, 2010

American Troops Withdraw From Iraq, But It Isn’t Over Yet

A column of U.S. Army Stryker armored vehicles cross the border from Iraq into Kuwait on Wednesday. The trucks are part of the last combat brigade to leave Iraq as part of the drawdown of U.S. forces. (AP)

The last U.S. combat brigade left Iraq today. So why are there still 56,000 American troops in the country? We’ll parse the numbers and get the latest on the situation in the country with Anthony Shadid Baghdad Bureau Chief for The New York Times.

Amputee War Vets Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

Neil Duncan makes his way slowly towards the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, on the fourth day of his climb. Duncan lost his legs in Afghanistan. (AP/Courtesy of Disabled Sports USA)

Earlier this month, three disabled American veterans reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro on prosthetics. We speak with two of them to try to understand how they accomplished one one leg what many have trouble doing on two. Kirk Bauer lost his leg in Vietnam in 1969 and is currently the executive director of Disabled Sports USA, a group that uses sports therapy to help the disabled. Neil Duncan had both of his legs blown off in Afghanistan in 2005.

How The Islamic Center In N.Y. Ignited A Political Firestorm

News first broke that a progressive Muslim group planned to build an Islamic Center two blocks from Ground Zero in New York back in December. So how come it just began to spark controversy in the past month? Justin Elliott of Salon investigated and found that a conservative blogger launched a personal crusade against the Cordoba House project. Elliott tells us how the issue ballooned from there into what he calls a campaign of “fear mongering.”

Flood Waters Continue To Ravage Pakistan

The United Nations is holding an emergency session to boost international aid to Pakistan, where floods have left as many as eight million people needing aid. There are also fears of new flooding, as water continues to surge south along the Indus River. The BBC’s Lyse Doucet is in Pakistan and she joins us with an update on the crisis.

Henry Winkler Is Still Having Fun On TV

Henry Winkler with a statue in honor of his 'Happy Days' character Fonzie. (elviskennedy/Flickr)

In 1974 Henry Winkler debuted on television, as The Fonz in Happy Days, and nearly four decades later he continues to thrill in the work. Currently he is starring in Royal Pains on the USA network which is wrapping up its second season. This weekend, however, Winkler makes his debut on a new project — what he calls the “meta comedy” Childrens Hospital which premieres this Sunday at 10:30pm on Cartoon Network.

Music From The Show

  • Dean and Britta, “Herringbone Tweed”
  • Booka and the Flaming Geckos, “Barbed Wire Past”
  • The Claremont Trio, “Cafe’ Music”
  • Calexico, “Crumble”
  • The Wee Trio, “About a Girl”
  • Air, “Mike Mills”
  • Tito Puente, “All Blues”
  • Leslie

    The controversy surrounding the Islamic Center 2 blocks from the World Trade Center is hateful and very unAmerican. This country was built on regligous tolerance and freedom. There are strip clubs, betting parlors and who knows what else even closer to the former World Trade Center. We can honor all those who died on 9/11 by holding our heads high and not letting the terrorists win by causing us to fight amongst each other.

  • Daniel

    I have to agree with Leslie on this matter. But to be fair, the majority of the people that are against the community center have been misinformed and outright lied to. As you said, the Community Center is more than 2 blocks away, and ‘Ground Zero’ Can not even be seen from the location. The Shame and blame should fall on the many media outlets that fueled the out right lie about a ‘Mosque’ to be build on “Ground Zero’

    Bravo! to NPR for the brief report on hereandnow today titled: How The Islamic Center In N.Y. Ignited A Political Firestorm

  • Rodg

    If the Host mentions Laurel Ingram again she she be required to put a dollar in the “swear” jar… That’s three days in a row…What’s with the fixation on one person who is not even a household name.

  • http://Time&theRiver Paul Hudon [U-dawn]

    about 51 Park.

    we owe you for the piece on the Geller woman, and how
    that whole thing came together.

    but you didn’t go far enough, seems to me. how’s it happen
    that shouting TurdBall on the tarmac still gets cred from journalists?

    recall: we went into AfRak to bring democracy to those benighted ragheads. recall? that was the scheme of it.
    right. only now it’s gone one/eighty. it’s we who have adopted the raghead ethic: no tolerance, no quarter, no how. especially on religion item: the gingrich, in mid.flight, squaking (sic) that we’ll have mosque on groundzero when there’s a synagogue in Riaydh. way to go, newt! (walt kelly told us decades ago: ‘We have met the enemy…and he is us’) remember McCain’s INITIAL reaction to waterboarding? no? well, he said it’s not about them; it’s about us. it’s about who WE are. how come we hear nothing of that? Here and Now, On the Media, Fresh Air. where the hell are you people?

    or where’s the piece on Feisal Abdul Rauf– you know, the one where he goes to Saudi Arabia to explain to the backward populations of the earth, that We the People are strong enough in our Identity to allow a mosque at 51 Park.

    just so freaking full-up,
    Paul Hudon

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