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Today's Stories August 28, 2015

Lack Of Truck Parking A 'National Safety Concern'

A federal survey has found that most states don't have enough places for trucks to pull over for required rest stops.

DJ Session: The Music Of New Orleans, 10 Years After Katrina

Nick Spitzer talks about the music that has resonated in the city since the storm, and how the music scene has changed.

Twitter's Actions Over Deleted Tweets Raise Transparency Concerns

The social networking service has shutdown Politwoops, a website that keeps track of politicians' deleted tweets.

Kansas Tennis Player's Star Could Rise At U.S. Open

Recent Favorites
August 24 7 Comments

An American Music Playlist From The Strokes’ Guitarist

Albert Hammond, Jr., who was born in L.A. to two immigrants, answers the question, "What does American Music mean to you?"

August 24 4 Comments

The Key To Being A Hero: Don’t Think About It

A Yale psychologist argues that it's not quick thinking but rather a lack of forethought that allows feats of "extreme altruism."

August 24 9 Comments

How Art Can Develop Your Brain

Art historian Jonathan Fineberg discusses his new book, "Modern Art at the Border of Mind and Brain."

August 21 5 Comments

There Are 3 Ways To Get A College Roommate. Which Is Best?

Harry Wood considers the options: random roommates, using roommate-matching software or rooming with a friend.

August 19 2 Comments

First American-Style Sleepaway Camps Open In China

A New Hampshire summer camp owner is helping to open similar camps in China, and train camp counselors.

August 19 14 Comments

Tig Notaro: Healed And Humorous In New HBO Special

The stand-up comic and breast cancer survivor is the focus of a new comedy special and Netflix documentary.

August 18 4 Comments

World’s Oldest Known Flower Is 130 Million Years Old

The fossilized specimens of an ancient aquatic plant called Montsechia vidalii were discovered in the Pyrenees in Spain.

August 18 31 Comments

There’s Another Way To Cook A Lobster: Grill It

Our resident chef likes to grill lobster, as opposed to boiling it, both for culinary and humanitarian reasons.

Robin and Jeremy

Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson host Here & Now, a live two-hour production of NPR and WBUR Boston.

August 26 8 Comments

Virginia TV Reporter, Cameraman Killed On Air

Franklin County Sheriff Bill Overton says the suspect in the shooting has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

August 26 12 Comments

A Recipe For Longevity? Beans, Friends, Purpose And Movement

For nearly a decade, Dan Buettner has researched the places people live longest, healthiest and happiest.

August 25 Comment

Recipes To Celebrate National Sandwich Month

From an end-of-summer tomato tartine to an Italian grilled vegetable sandwich, our resident chef shares her favorites.

August 25 3 Comments

Jimmy Carter’s Fight To Eradicate The Guinea Worm

The former president and founder of The Carter Center said he wants the last guinea worm to die before he does.