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March 9, 2012 6 Comments

Retired General: U.S. Abandoned Iranian Dissidents Held In Iraq

Thousands of Iranians bent on overthrowing the current Iranian regime are being held in Camp Ashraf near Baghdad. A retired Army General says the U.S. had promised to protect them. But since Iraqis assumed control of the camp, dozens have been killed and hundreds wounded.

October 15, 2010 Comment

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September 23, 2010 Comment

Rundown 9/23

President Obama Addresses The UN General Assembly, American Agents Go Undercover To Snag An Iranian Arms Smuggler, White House Looks For New Economic Quarterback, Nations Jockey For Control Of North Pole Resources, Wordsmiths Offer Help For The Verbally Challenged

September 22, 2010 Comment

Rundown 9/22

Candidates Are In The Final Sprint To November, Turning An Inconvenient Eye On Public Education, Iranian Diaspora Protests Ahmadinejad, Power May Be Shifting in Pyongyang, But Life In North Korea Remains Brutal, Once Lost Hank Williams’ “Mother’s Best” Recordings Found

September 14, 2010 Comment

Rundown 9/14

Iran Releases American Hiker, Low Interest Rates + Rising Bank Fees = How Can Someone Save Money?, Pitiful Pittsburgh Pirates, Explosion Raises Concerns About Aging Gas Pipes, Walking The Boardwalk Empire

July 26, 2010 Comment

Rundown 7/26

A Closer Look At Wikileaks, Schools or Guns? Co-author of “Three Cups of Tea” Weighs in on What to do in Afghanistan, West Ratchets Up Pressure On Iran, But Do Sanctions Work?, How To Prevent The Next Oil Disaster, Singer-Songwriter Marc Cohn Puts A New Spin On 1970’s Hits

July 13, 2010 Comment

Rundown 7/13

BP Begins Testing “Great Big Faucet” on Gushing Well, A Terrorism Expert Explores Her Own Rape, Missing Iranian Scientist Takes Refuge In Washington, Only Children: Spoiled Imps Or Self-Assured Successes?, Bring A Classic To The Beach?

June 11, 2010 Comment

Rundown 6/11

Iran One Year After Disputed Presidential Election, Iranian Cinema Thrives Despite Restrictions, South Africa Increases Security For World Cup, Can A Billboard That Emits A Beefy Smell Sell Beef?, ‘School Of One’ Keeps Bronx Teens Engaged, Broadway Trend: Musicals About Music

February 11, 2010 Comment

Rundown 2/11

Providing Shelter in Haiti, Is the U.S. Exporting Mental Illness?, Anniversary In Iran, Blizzard Heats Up Global Warming Debate, The Films Of Jacques Tati

November 13, 2009 Comment

Rundown 11/13

9/11 Mastermind to be Tried in New York, ‘Million-Dollar Throw’, Iranian Dissidents in Iraq, The Porous Border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, Letters, Pirate Radio

October 21, 2009 Comment

Rundown 10/21

Where Has All The TARP Money Gone?, Slow Money, Iran’s Nuclear Program, Bank of America under Investigation

October 1, 2009 Comment

Rundown 10/1

Iran Talks, Assignment Detroit, Making a Better Light Bulb, Doing Your Own Genetic Testing, Letters and A Harpist Retires

September 25, 2009 Comment

Rundown 9/25

Iran’s Secret, Terrorism Plots, How Do Retail Health Clinics Compare to Doctor’s Offices?, The G-20 Summit

June 26, 2009 Comment

Rundown 6/26

Iran at Two Weeks and Counting, Remembering Michael, Virginia’s Hatton Ferry, Proxy Servers, Current TV

June 25, 2009 4 Comments

Rundown 6/25

Saddam Interrogations, An Iran Primer, Prank Calls in Alabama, How Texting Affects Teenagers’ Development, ‘Tween Books, Part 2

June 22, 2009 Comment

Rundown 6/22

More Election Fallout in Iran, The Long View on Iran, Prank Calls, What Would You Do With a Billion Dollars?, Deep-Sea Treasure Hunting

June 19, 2009 Comment

Rundown 6/19

The Ayatollah Speaks, Stay at Home Dads, Kentucky Budget Woes, Reporter’s Notebook from Zimbabwe, Tiempo Libre

June 18, 2009 Comment

Rundow 6/18

Montana Public Health Emergency, Food Inc., American Forces Leave Iraqi Cities, Iranian Protests Confound Ruling Clerics, Letters and Bartering

June 16, 2009 Comment

Rundown 6/16

Iran’s Disputed Election, Remembering Thembi Ngubane, Twitter and the Protests in Iran, Homemade DNA Lab, Olive Kitteridge

June 15, 2009 Comment

Rundown 6/15

Iran’s Disputed Election, Diminishing Winds, Going Green in India, Departing from ‘Standards’

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July 28 138 Comments

Religious Groups Upset Over Boy Scouts’ Decision To Lift Ban On Gay Leaders

The chairman of Trail Life USA, a group that formed after the Boy Scouts opened its membership to gay youth, explains his position.

July 28 5 Comments

Shamir: From Country To Pop

The 20-year-old talks about his new album, his androgynous voice and how his disco-pop sound has evolved.

July 27 7 Comments

U.S. Wind Power On Course To Grow Big

The Department of Energy says wind power is poised to become one of the country's largest sources of energy.

July 27 2 Comments

Alaskans Still Cleaning Up Reminders Of Japan Tsunami

Crews are picking up and bagging tons of debris that were swept out to sea when the tsunami hit in 2011.