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Haiti earthquake
January 12, 2011 Comment

Haiti Marks A Sad Anniversary, Mourns Those Lost

Haitians are marking the one year anniversary of the devastating earthquake that killed more than 250,000 people on January 12, 2010. We touch down at the commemorations in Port-au-Prince and get an update on recovery efforts.

January 11, 2011 Comment

A Year After The Earthquake, Haitian Children Adjust To Home In The US

Thousands of Haitian children were left orphaned by last year’s earthquake that left more than 200,000 dead. The BBC’s Laura Trevelyan recently visited a ceremony where five adopted Haitian orphans became U.S. citizens.

August 6, 2010 Comment

Rundown 8/6

Hiring Lags, Business Confidence Wanes, Just How Broken Is The US Senate?, Pop Star Wyclef Jean Wants To Be President Of Haiti, Arizona Immigration Law Makes Waves Over The Border, Mystery Shrouds World Famous Golfer

July 12, 2010 3 Comments

Rundown 7/12

Congress Returns For A Tough Sprint, Did Wall Street Cause A Food Bubble?, Bahamian Police Capture ‘Barefoot Bandit’ In High Speed Boat Chase, Haiti Is Still Reeling Six Months After The Earthquake, Latin Music to Liven Up a Summer Night

February 15, 2010 Comment

Rundown 2/15

U.S. Troops Facing Resistance in Marja, To Help Haiti, Expert Says Let Haitians Leave, Is The Solution To Haiti’s Housing Woes Fiberglass?, Winter Olympics Update, John McCain Is Feeling The Heat, Smelt Fishing In America

February 11, 2010 Comment

Rundown 2/11

Providing Shelter in Haiti, Is the U.S. Exporting Mental Illness?, Anniversary In Iran, Blizzard Heats Up Global Warming Debate, The Films Of Jacques Tati

February 3, 2010 Comment

Rundown 2/3

Yemeni Tankers Cleared for Boston, Al Qaeda, Anwar al-Awlaki, and the Internet, Iran Launches Research Rocket, Crisis Camps Help in Haiti, Author Wells Tower

February 2, 2010 Comment

Rundown 2/2

Scaling Back Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Sifting Through the Tangled Process of Adopting from Haiti, Preserving Northern Forests, Navigating the Roads of Gaza, And the Nominees Are…

January 21, 2010 Comment

Rundown 1/21

The Browning of America?, A Look at Addiction in America, Maine’s Thomas College Guarantees Students Will Find Jobs, Banks in Haiti Slowly Reopen and Process Money Transfers, Celebrating Guitarist Django Reinhardt

January 20, 2010 Comment

Rundown 1/20

Brown Victory Means New Day in D.C. and in Massachusetts, Republican Senator Judd Gregg on What’s Next for Health Reform, California Braces for Third in Series of Storms, Doctor in Haiti Tells of Makeshift Medical Care Amid Aftershocks, Painting Art Along a Longitude

January 20, 2010 Comment

Doctor in Haiti Tells of Makeshift Medical Care Amid Aftershocks

We speak with Dr. Evan Lyon, who is working in Haiti and tells of being forced to do amputations with a hack saw bought from the hardware store because of a shortage in medical supplies.

January 20, 2010 Comment

Boston Residents Reach Out to Help Haitians

We take a trip to a Haitian church and hear from relief organizers in Boston to see how the area’s residents are responding to the earthquake in Haiti.

January 19, 2010 Comment

Rundown 1/19

Massachusetts Voters Head to the Polls, Obama’s #2 for Drug Policy Calls for Treating Addiction like Chronic Illness, Private Firms Take up Job of Rescue and Security in Haiti, A Conversation with Guitarist and Composer Julian Lage

January 18, 2010 Comment

Rundown 1/18

Massachusetts Senate Race, Scrambling for Health Care Reform, Is the Fairness Doctrine Ancient History, Haitians Wait for Word in Boston, Positive Outlook Among Black Americans, Hurt Locker

January 15, 2010 Comment

Rundown 1/15

Haiti-U.S. Relations, Texting Help to Haiti, Financial Crisis Commission Hearings, Desperation from Port-au-Prince, Bees in Appalachia, Mexico-centric Indie Rock

January 14, 2010 Comment

Rundown 1/14

Close Massachusetts Senate Race Catches Democrats Off Guard, Doctors Worry Generic and Brand Name Drugs Aren’t Interchangeable, Aid Worker in Haiti Reflects on Country in Need, Investors Discuss Clean Energy Sector, Jazz Musician Pat Metheny Plays Instruments By Remote Control

January 13, 2010 Comment

Rundown 1/13

Bankers Scrutinized Over Financial Meltdown, Aid Organizations and Haitian-Americans Mobilize Resources for Earthquake Recovery, New Poll Finds Afghans More Optimistic about Country, Personal Scandals Rock Politics in Northern Ireland

January 12, 2010 Comment

Rundown 1/12

President Mulls Tax On Wall Street, Double Agents, ‘Necessity Defense’ in Tiller Trial, Officials Brace for 3rd Wave of Swine Flu, Finally Freedy

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May 25 Comment

Father’s Love For Fallen Son Inspires Memorial Day Tradition

In what has become an annual tradition, volunteers join Paul Monti, whose son died while serving in Afghanistan, to plant flags at each gravestone at the Massachusetts National Cemetery.

May 25 3 Comments

An Ordinary Day At Arlington National Cemetery

Official ceremonies will be held at Arlington National Cemetery to commemorate Memorial Day. Here & Now's Lisa Mullins has this report of an ordinary day at the cemetery.

May 21 7 Comments

YouTube Sensation Publishes Her First Cookbook

Maangchi's career was born when her son suggested she start making videos of herself cooking Korean dishes.

May 21 17 Comments

UC’s Napolitano Speaks Out On High Cost Of Public Ed, Anti-Semitism On Campus

Janet Napolitano talks about a plan to freeze in-state tuition, and campus protests against Israel's occupation of the West Bank.