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September 1, 2014 Comment

Detroit Defends Bankruptcy Plan

After a long and painful year of negotiations, city officials head to court tomorrow to defend Detroit’s plan to exit bankruptcy.

September 1, 2014 Comment

Hong Kong Democracy Supporters Heckle Chinese Official

It was a rare occasion of a Beijing official being exposed to open defiance, after China said no to open elections in Hong Kong.

August 29, 2014 Comment

Americans Fighting A War Away From Home

NPR’s Dina Temple-Raston discusses her reporting on Americans who have gone to fight in Syria and Iraq.

August 29, 2014 Comment

Obama’s Comment On Strategy Against ISIS Kicks Up Political Storm

Asked whether he’ll consult with Congress about military plans, the president said it was too early because “we don’t have a strategy yet.”

August 28, 2014 Comment

Fighting Escalates In Ukraine

Ukraine’s president has canceled a trip to Turkey, saying he needs to deal with “Russian troop deployments in Eastern Ukraine.”

August 28, 2014 2 Comments

Should Congress Have a Say In Further ISIS Airstrikes?

NPR’s Carrie Johnson discusses whether President Obama legally needs congressional authorization to expand military action.

August 27, 2014 2 Comments

District Profile: Up For Grabs But Leaning Right In Wisconsin’s Sixth

Republican state Senator Glenn Grothman and Democratic county executive Mark Harris are vying for retiring Rep. Tom Petri’s seat.

August 26, 2014 Comment

Senate Tracker: Colorado, The New Swing State

In Colorado, Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Udall is facing a challenge from Congressman Cory Gardner.

August 26, 2014 2 Comments

Whistleblower Weighs In On VA Report

Dr. Sam Foote refutes a new report that found no proof that delays in health care led to deaths.

August 26, 2014 5 Comments

Obama Unveils Veterans Mental Health, Housing Measures

President Obama will announce further actions aimed at improving veterans mental healthcare and housing.

August 26, 2014 4 Comments

Can The U.S. Hurt ISIS Without Helping Assad?

Regional experts say the U.S. is faced with a difficult problem: weakening ISIS could strengthen the hand of Syrian president Bashar Assad.

August 22, 2014 11 Comments

L.A. Considers Cash Prizes To Combat Dismal Voter Turnout

The city’s ethics commission has supported a plan to use a random drawing to reward people who come to the ballot box.

August 22, 2014 Comment

Supporters Of Haiti’s Former President Try To Block His Arrest

Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who returned to Haiti in 2011 after years of exile, is accused of corruption and drug trafficking.

August 21, 2014 Comment

North Carolina Lawmakers Approve Plan For Coal Ash

Six months after a coal ash spill, state lawmakers have approved a plan to regulate the ashes left over from burning coal.

August 21, 2014 2 Comments

District Profile: Michigan’s 11th Congressional Race

In this week’s installment of District Profiles, we look at the race between Democrat Bobby McKenzie and Republican David Trott.

August 20, 2014 2 Comments

A Look At How Obama Has Navigated Racial Tensions

As calls grow for the president to visit Ferguson, Peter O’Dowd reports it’s the latest step in a long journey navigating racial tensions.

August 20, 2014 Comment

Obama: World ‘Appalled’ By Killing Of James Foley

Speaking from Martha’s Vineyard, the president commented on the video showing the killing of journalist James Foley by ISIS militants.

August 20, 2014 3 Comments

Senate Tracker: A Tough Fight In Kentucky

Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes, Kentucky’s secretary of state, is trying to unseat longtime U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell.

August 20, 2014 12 Comments

Historian: Ferguson Exposes Need For New Leadership

Peniel Joseph says the difference between today and the civil rights movement in the 1960s is that there are no unifying leaders.

August 18, 2014 Comment

One Key To Getting A Green Card: Luck

For a look at who the government is letting into this country — and why — Here & Now’s Peter O’Dowd digs into the numbers

Robin and Jeremy

Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson host Here & Now, a live two-hour production of NPR and WBUR Boston.

August 29 Comment

World Championship Tug-Of-War Is ‘A Thing Of Beauty’

This weekend's competition in Wisconsin is a bit more intense than it was in your grade school gym class.

August 29 Comment

Repelling Mosquitoes With A Natural Sticky Patch

The Kite Patch releases odors that block the bug's carbon dioxide receptors, sending them in another direction.

August 28 Comment

Catching Up With The Polyphonic Spree

The choral rock band out of Dallas, Texas, has been thrilling audiences with its live performances for over a decade.

August 28 5 Comments

‘Enormous’ Growth Of Ocean Garbage Patch

The oceanographer who discovered the floating island of trash in 1997 says he's shocked by how much it's grown.