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October 31, 2014 Comment

Candidates Campaign Full-Throttle Before Election Day

With four days to go, candidates in the hottest races across the country are making their final pitches.

October 31, 2014 Comment

Oregon Candidates Tiptoe Around Health Law

The Affordable Care Act isn’t turning out to be the lightening rod expected, so politicians are taking a more nuanced approach.

October 31, 2014 Comment

Washington State Voters Weigh In On Two Contradictory Gun Control Initiatives

We take a look at the dueling ballot initiatives and consider whether the school shooting outside Seattle last week will affect the vote.

October 30, 2014 Comment

Thomas Menino, Boston’s Longest Serving Mayor, Dies At 71

Menino guided the city for 20 transformative years. WBUR’s Delores Handy brought us this remembrance.

October 30, 2014 Comment

In Tennessee, A Ballot Question Over The Best Way To Elect Judges

It has ignited debate over what is the fairest way to select judges and comes after an August judge race that cost more than $2 million.

October 30, 2014 10 Comments

Senate Tracker: Democrat Pulls Ahead In Michigan

Republican Terri Lynn Land and Democratic U.S. Rep. Gary Peters are vying to fill the seat being vacated by retiring Sen. Carl Levin.

October 29, 2014 19 Comments

As Election Nears, Republicans Plan For Senate Takeover

Republicans stand a good chance of winning control of the Senate. Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso discusses the party’s policy agenda.

October 28, 2014 Comment

District Profile: A Debate Over National Issues In Pennsylvania’s 6th District

The health care law, abortion and budgetary issues have come up in the race between Democrat Manan Trivedi and Republican Ryan Costello.

October 28, 2014 2 Comments

Father Of British Soldier Killed In Afghanistan Reflects On The War

“It’s criminal to send young men off to fight an enemy when you know they are ill-equipped,” said Ian Sadler.

October 28, 2014 4 Comments

One Week Out, Senate Control Hinges On Handful Of Tight Races

The balance of power depends on races in Colorado, Iowa, Georgia, Kansas and North Carolina.

October 27, 2014 Comment

Will Ebola, Terror Attacks Roil Election?

NPR’s Ron Elving explores how Ebola has overshadowed many political issues and how it will affect elections.

October 27, 2014 74 Comments

In New Hampshire, Race For Senate Narrows

Polls show a razor-thin margin between incumbent Democrat Jeanne Shaheen and Republican Scott Brown.

October 27, 2014 7 Comments

Deadline Approaches On Iran’s Nuclear Program

So far, the negotiations have failed to broker a deal, and there may be a move to extend the deadline.

October 27, 2014 57 Comments

Climate Science Controversy On The Campaign Trail

Leigh Paterson of Inside Energy reports on how climate change in the classroom is playing out on the Wyoming campaign trail.

October 27, 2014 9 Comments

Federal And State Officials At Odds Over Mandatory Ebola Quarantines

Kaci Hickox was the first person forced into a mandatory quarantine in the state. She has complained about her treatment.

October 24, 2014 Comment

Amazon’s Political Sitcom ‘Alpha House’ Launches Second Season

The show, from the creator of the “Doonesbury” comic strip, centers on four U.S. Senators who share a house in Washington, D.C.

October 24, 2014 Comment

Brazil's Runoffs: Economy, Drought And Lindsay Lohan

NPR’s Lourdes Garcia-Navarro joins us from Sao Paulo to discuss what Brazilians are saying a few days before they head to the polls.

October 24, 2014 Comment

Navajo Nation Presidential Candidate Allowed To Stay In Race

After being ordered out of the election because he’s not fluent in the Navajo language, Chris Deschene is now back in the race.

October 23, 2014 2 Comments

Parliament The Day After: A Canadian Lawmaker Describes The Ordeal

Canadian MP David McGuinty was among those inside parliament when a gunman stormed inside and launched a shooting attack.

October 23, 2014 Comment

District Profile: A Rematch In Illinois’ 10th District

Democratic Congressman Brad Schneider is fighting to keep his job from his Republican challenger, former Congressman Robert Dold.

Robin and Jeremy

Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson host Here & Now, a live two-hour production of NPR and WBUR Boston.

October 30 2 Comments

How Athletes Are Getting ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’

Mark McClusky says for elite athletes today, pushing boundaries and breaking records is all about "the aggregation of marginal gains."

October 30 5 Comments

A Computer Model Forecasts Ebola’s Future Path

With the virus in Africa, the U.S. and Europe, experts have created a computer model to predict where it could go next.

October 29 Comment

Reporter Crosses Into Syria To Tell Stories Of Fighters

Holly Williams of CBS discusses some of the people she's interviewed, including women soldiers on the frontlines.

October 29 6 Comments

How Far Have We Come Since The Financial Crisis?

Or are we already going backwards? We ask Michael Lewis, author of books including "Flash Boys" and "Liar's Poker."