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Crime & Justice
October 9, 2014 7 Comments

Another Officer Involved Shooting Sparks Protests In St. Louis

An off-duty St. Louis police officer shot and killed a black 18-year-old who authorities said had fired at the officer, leading to angry demonstrations.

October 3, 2014 Comment

Drones Being Used In Search For Missing UVA Student

The search continues for Hannah Graham, the 18 year-old University of Virginia student who disappeared last month.

September 30, 2014 7 Comments

UC System Releases Sexual Assault Policy Recommendations

A UC task force has released its own sexual assault policy recommendations. At the same time, California lawmakers recently passed an affirmative consent law.

September 23, 2014 6 Comments

The Lawyer Who Would ‘Stop At Nothing To Win’

Paul Barrett’s new book chronicles a decades long environmental case to win compensation for Ecuador’s indigenous tribes, and the lawyer who waged it.

September 18, 2014 Comment

Australian Authorities Say They Have Stopped ISIS Plot

Police conducted raids and have detained 15 people after receiving intelligence reports that a senior ISIS leader told followers in Australia to carry out an attack.

September 18, 2014 3 Comments

Alabama Judge May Resign Amidst Abuse Charges

Alabama senators are calling for the resignation of a judge who is charged with beating his wife.

September 18, 2014 8 Comments

New Plans To Fight Sexual Misconduct On Campus

University of Colorado, Boulder is adding new awareness programs for all incoming students that address stalking, partner abuse and sexual assault.

September 17, 2014 Comment

Manhunt Underway In Pennsylvania For ‘Extremely Dangerous’ Suspect

Authorities are searching for Eric Frein, who is suspected of shooting two police officers in the Pocono Mountains on Friday night.

September 16, 2014 7 Comments

Sheriff Defends Use Of Military Equipment

The Sheriff of Payne County, Okla., defends the possession and use of military equipment by local law enforcement.

September 15, 2014 27 Comments

A Call To Reject Corporal Punishment As Part Of Black Culture

An incident of child abuse by an NFL player has raised questions about the use of corporal punishment as a form of discipline in the African-American community.

September 15, 2014 Comment

ISIS Profiting From Looting ‘Priceless’ Syrian Artifacts

A former Syrian museum director says ISIS is benefiting from looted antiquities by levying a tax on the bounty.

September 12, 2014 Comment

Pistorius Awaiting Sentencing After Guilty Verdict

Oscar Pistorius awaits sentencing after a South African judge found him guilty of “culpable homicide,” the equivalent of manslaughter in the United States.

September 10, 2014 2 Comments

NFL Commissioner Tells CBS NFL Had Not Seen Rice Footage

Roger Goodell says that to the best of his knowledge, no one at the NFL had seen the full video of Ray Rice assaulting his fiancee.

September 9, 2014 2 Comments

Report: Malaysia Airlines Plane Downed By ‘High-Energy Objects’

According to a new report from The Dutch Safety Board, Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by high-energy rockets.

September 9, 2014 Comment

Islamic State Structured Like A Government

A new report from The Wall Street Journal finds that the militant group is highly structured, allowing it to amass wealth, create laws and command operations.

September 9, 2014 Comment

Drones On The Range

Animal rights advocates are using drones to circumvent “ag-gag laws” that disallow them from filming possible abuses.

September 9, 2014 9 Comments

Tabloid Site TMZ Claims NFL Did Not Seek Ray Rice Footage

Celebrity gossip site TMZ is claiming the NFL never asked for footage showing former Baltimore Ravens player punching his then-fiancee, Janay.

September 8, 2014 12 Comments

New York’s Attorney General On Taking On Wall Street

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has sued the nation’s largest banks over their role in selling mortgage backed securities and won multibillion dollar settlements.

September 5, 2014 9 Comments

California Group Gives Voice To Detained Immigrants

The group is releasing a new documentary about detainee life called “Detention Stories: Life Inside California’s New Angel Island.”

September 5, 2014 Comment

Ex. Virginia Governor’s Conviction Could Serve As Warning To Politicians

David Nather of Politico discusses the lessons and implications of the trial of Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen.

Robin and Jeremy

Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson host Here & Now, a live two-hour production of NPR and WBUR Boston.

October 16 2 Comments

Kathy Gunst Thinks Fall Greens

Now that summer has turned to fall, we start bidding adieu to the summer corn and say hello to fall greens.

October 16 Comment

‘Alternate Routes': Tradition And Change In Utah

Rachel Rohr's dispatches from Utah, where young people are confronting same-sex marriage and other conflicts between change and tradition.

October 16 6 Comments

Larry Summers: Worry About Deflation Not Inflation

In light of the volatile stock market, we asked Larry Summers for some perspective.

October 15 Comment

Rebuilding Liberia’s Devastated Health System

The nonprofit Management Sciences for Health is setting up community care centers and medicine shops to move Ebola patients out of hospitals.