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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Amelia Earhart Attempts To Complete Her Namesake’s Flight

Amelia Rose Earhart will fly around the world in a single-engine aircraft in an effort to recreate and symbolically complete her namesake’s flight, which ended in mystery when she disappeared over the South Pacific, 77 yrs ago. (Courtesy of Amelia Rose Earhart)

Amelia Rose Earhart will fly around the world in a single-engine aircraft in an effort to recreate and symbolically complete her namesake’s flight, which ended in mystery when she disappeared over the South Pacific, 77 yrs ago. (Courtesy of Amelia Rose Earhart)

It’s been 77 years since the famed female aviator Amelia Earhart attempted to circumnavigate the globe. Her plane mysteriously disappeared over the Pacific Ocean.

Tomorrow, a 31-year-old woman with the same first and last name will make the same journey in attempt to “close her flight plan.”

Amelia Rose Earhart, who recently found out that she is not related to the late aviator, will begin her journey from Oakland, California, circling the globe around the equator.

Although they are not related, Amelia says she is inspired by her name to make this expedition. She talks about her chance to become the youngest woman to circumnavigate a single-engine aircraft with Here & Now’s Jeremy Hobson.

Amelia Rose Earhart's route is illustrated on this map. (Courtesy)

Amelia Rose Earhart’s route is illustrated on this map. (Courtesy)

Interview Highlights: Amelia Rose Earhart

On learning that she was not related to Amelia Earhart

“A really good friend of mine who is a big supporter of the whole concept of the flight around the world had a really good point. He said to me, ‘Just because your name is Amelia Earhart, the FAA didn’t walk up to you and hand you a pilot’s license.’ He said, ‘You’ve still put the same amount of hard work into this process, you still understand the aircraft, and you’re still passionate about flight. So, absolutely, you’ve got to fly around the world.’ And that really sealed it for me.”

On her choice of a single engine aircraft to make the journey

“The reliability of a single engine aircraft today in 2014 is vastly different than it was back in the 1930s. So, while there is still a component of adventure with any flight over water, I felt most connected to the Pilatus. It’s a beautiful aircraft. The cockpit is absolutely state-of-the-art — we’ve got synthetic vision, we’ve got dual GPS. So, it’s very safe, but, I also had an interesting opportunity, in that if I completed this flight, I could be the youngest woman to ever fly a single engine airplane all the way around the globe.”

On being given the name Amelia Earhart

“Essentially, my parents say they felt that they had a great opportunity with my dad’s last name being Earhart. They said, listen, we could name our daughter something really strong with a great tie to history. We can give her a great role model and inspiration, but at the same time, we can also give her a name that literally no one she meets will ever forget. And that certainly is the case. It definitely leaves an impression.”


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  • Rick

    I hope her flight turns out better than the original one.

    • SteffGibbonsrae

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    • Dr Marcus

      So she uses the money she could attract to her project for what she want to do, not for providing a free iphones to illegal immigrants – and she is “spoiled” because of that? How familiar… you can remove the socialism from the government but not from the brains…

      • Raoul

        Apparently you don’t know or understand socialism. I recommend you visit Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland or Austria for starters. These are energetic vibrant modern healthy countries. What does flying around the world have to do with iPhones for Immigrants?

    • RonzoL61

      Maybe they should start giving tax breaks to the jealous, entitled, judgemental and ignorant? You can be first in line!

      • RAOUL

        No not jealous at all, jealousy and envy have never been part of my DNA, I could not care less what the wealthy do with their money I just want them to pair a fair tax and refrain from asking for another tax break after they ran the country into an economic abyss after the last tax break they gave themselves along with charging two wars on American Republican credit cards that you my friend and I our still paying for. Nor do I want my healthcare coming from endless charity ball emanating from the Town & Country bunch.

    • jeremy

      Your an idiot….shes been a traffic and weather reporter for years in Denver… guess that is not a “real” job in your eyes huh chump..??

  • http://www.JacobAccursoPottery.com Jacob Accurso

    The number one cause for catastrophic engine failure is fuel exhaustion. This Amelia Earhart has GPS redundancy sufficient to assure she doesn’t fly past the exit to the next gas station as did her predecessor of 77 years ago. In terms of engine safety, ask yourself this question: When’s the last time a brand new car engine had a mechanical failure and just up and quit? The PT-6 is a jet engine built to rigorous standards far surpassing that of any gasoline car engine.

    • RAOUL

      So was the Titanic.

      • President of the ignorant

        Once again RAOUL your ignorance is within your own statement. Unlike the previous Amelia’s attempt which we do not know what really happened as of yet, the Titanic sunk due to pilot error. So you cannot relate what the current Amelia flew, accomplished with what appended on the titanic. That apples to oranges. You really hold study, go to school and actually know hat you are talking about before you add to your ongoing list of ignorant comments. Why did you even comment on this sit. You should maybe heck no the crack/video game chat room.

  • Frog

    Amelia, while you’re at it, keep an eye out for Malaysia Flight 370.

    • DaynaGuiguipyt

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  • Srikhar Reddy

    All the best!! I wish you a safe flight. You Rock!!!

  • fcyoung (Fred)

    Not many people can top this adventure. I’m glad that your friend urged you on. I certainly agree with him. I hope you can overcome all the problems that may arise. Bon voyage!

  • Rick

    Why are her scholarships only available to girls?
    Sounds like discrimination to me. It’s the usual “white males need not apply”.

    • mika

      Or maybe its because men are still sexist to women especially blond women because we apparently are not smart enough to do anything except for hair and makeup…Rick

    • RAOUL

      When they say it ain’t discrimination…………… it’s discrimination. How about black girls, can they apply?

      • President of the ignorant

        RAOUL,what do u think. Of coarse black girls can apply. Anyone who has the desire to do anything they want, they can do. Except for you and Michael Sullivan unless you change your altitude. Get a life and o one thing with yourself instead of bitching about what others ARE doing. The difference is you and Sally are lazy with no passion or dreams. At leat Amelia is doing something positive for herself, woman, aviation and any young girl or woman that my have the same dream. Gt of your ass, set down your crack pipe and do something positive. Otherwise shut the f up.

  • Chuck

    We wish you the very best in your flight. See you back in colorado soon.
    Ruth and Chuck Wykoff

  • James Richardson

    I just met Amelia’s step dad at the VA Medical Facility in Murrieta CA. this morning who told me about Amelia’s journey….Wow! what a way to begin a day.
    Very Best of Luck to Amelia….I’m looking forward to hearing on the news that you’ve succeeded. Jim

  • Michael Sullivan

    First leg Oakland to Denver WOW, are you OK hunny? A whole hour and a half flight and COCKTAIL HOUR let’s set her down. Grab some blow before we go. What a joke.

    • RAOUL

      I love it……LOVE IT!

      • ARKAIR

        You deserve each other. I have to say you are both ignorant. It is a turbo prop not a jet. It goes 280 kts, it’s 900nm, so it’s about 3+20. Get an education and maybe you could do great things too.


          I never mentioned a word concerning turbo prop engines. If the term turbo prop is your tool for determining ignorance then the Gods help us.

    • Guito

      What does that mean. Yeah first leg of a very long trip around the world. She made the stop in Denver intentionally because he lives here and her base support is here. WTF have you done?

  • Zoumonkie

    A Pilatus PC12 is hardly just a single engine plane. It’s a $4,600,000 turbo prop that cruises at 320 MPH. It’s no DC3.

  • Katie Gambaccini

    So exciting! My fiance and I wish you a safe and enjoyable trip! We are praying for you Amelia, and will be watching you through your journey! :)

  • Aviator

    I agree that this is an easy flight in the PC-12. Every PC -12 currently in the US was delivered across the ocean from the factory in Europe.
    A more impressive flight around the world was in a single engine piston flown lower and at less than 1/2 the speed. In 2008, two women completed the trip in about 8 days to raise awareness for ALS.

  • Julia

    Dear Amelia, You touch deeply my heart, thank you!
    PLEASE stay very safe, be very careful until Tuesday 1 of July.
    It will be last days, when planet Mercury Retrograde Phase intensified. http://www.astrologyhoroscopereadings.com/2014-mercury-retrograde-calendar.html
    Especially on Monday, when will be last day of the planet Mercury Retrograde.
    Best if you will make break and wait until 1 of July to start again to continue your adventure. God Bless you. I wish you successful trip.

    Yulia, reborn Amelia Earhart

  • j o n a t h a n p u l l i a m

    Modern engines or no, you still need good karma to complete such a series of flights. The crew of the LZ-127 had it. Maybe Amelia E. II has it too.

  • Mark

    That flight is currently in the 28th century by mistake

  • Susan Paduano

    Way to go Amelia. I’m looking forward to your success in this as well. As a writer, I want to continue with follow ups on your journey to complete this flight….For the staff here, when will the flight trace link be up and working again? Thank you for your immediate attention on this.

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