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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

DJ Sessions: Future Soul And Beyond

Brooklyn-based DJ and producer Taylor McFerrin is one of the artists Aaron Byrd is listening to in this week's DJ Sessions. (Horng Yih Wong/Flickr)

Brooklyn-based DJ and producer Taylor McFerrin is one of the artists Aaron Byrd is listening to in this week’s DJ Sessions. (Horng Yih Wong/Flickr)

KCRW DJ Aaron Byrd joined Here & Now’s Jeremy Hobson to talk about what he’s listening to — including some future soul, a combination of soul and R&B, and sounds influenced by ’70s disco.

The artists Byrd says he’s most excited about recently are Australian pop duo Audego, who take cues from early ’90s R&B acts like En Vogue and Brandy; Jordan Rakei, a New Zealand native now based out of Brisbane whose sound epitomizes “blue-eyed soul;” Brooklyn DJ/producer Taylor McFerrin, son of singer Bobby McFerrin, who’s expanded his repertoire with new tracks since his is first EP in 2008; New Jersey-based Blood Cultures, whose online presence is limited but Byrd says he can’t get enough; and Russian band Pompeya, whose new song “Power” would be a great edition to any summer barbecue.

“While the song was playing, I just found myself over here in the chair, just nodding my head, and thinking of mai-tais by the beach,” Byrd said of the track. “It’s just a really nice, lush, fun, very polished pop sound, and it’s just perfect to listen to when you’re at a pool party or something.”

Songs Heard In This Segment

Audego, “Fight”

Jordan Rakei, “Add The Bassline”

Taylor McFerrin, “The Antidote (feat. Nai Palm)”

Taylor McFerrin, “Broken Vibes’

Blood Cultures, “Indian Summer”

Pompeya, “Power”


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