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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Salt Tasting With Chef Kathy Gunst

Kauai Guava smoked salt from Hawaii is a mild and sweet smoked salt. (The Meadow)

Kauai Guava smoked salt from Hawaii is a mild and sweet smoked salt. (The Meadow)

Fancy salts are popping up in gourmet stores across the country. Here & Now Resident Chef Kathy Gunst brings a sampling of gourmet salts for Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson to try.

Gunst says these are not salts to use in cooking, but rather as a last minute addition.

“What’s great is that it gives you control over your seasoning. The idea behind a lot of these is that you make salt a deliberate act, as opposed to just throwing tons of it in and then afterwards being like ‘oh, woops…too much.'”

Salt Tasting Menu

An in-studio salt tasting. (Kathy Gunst/Here & Now)

An in-studio salt tasting (click to enlarge). (Kathy Gunst/Here & Now)

  1. Fleur de Sel
  2. Sel Gris Noimoutier
  3. Black Diamond
  4. Kauai Guava – Hawaiian Smoked Salt
  5. Aleppo Chile Salt
  6. Vanilla Salt

To learn more or to buy any of these salts, Gunst recommends:

The Meadow
Portland, Oreg.
(888) 388-4633

Salt Traders / Didi Davis Food
Ipswich, Mass.
(978) 356-7258


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