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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Leaked U.N. Report Increases Certainty On Climate Change

An iceberg in Greenland is pictured in May 2012. (Ian Joughin)

An iceberg in Greenland is pictured in May 2012. (Ian Joughin)

In a leaked climate report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) — a United Nations scientific body that makes definitive assessments on climate change — has determined with 95 percent certainty that humans are responsible for global warming.

The report also increased its estimate for sea level rise, as a result of the warming planet.

The final report is due to come out in September. A draft was leaked over the weekend.


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New York Times “At the other extreme, the report considers a chain of events in which emissions continue to increase at a swift pace. Under those conditions, sea level could be expected to rise at least 21 inches by 2100 and might increase a bit more than three feet, the draft report said.”

BBC “The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has warned against drawing too many conclusions from the latest leaked version of its upcoming, and eagerly awaited Assessment Report 5 (AR5)”

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  • gordon_wagner

    Sea levels have fallen. The Earth is cooling. The solar cycle determines climate on Earth, NOT MANMADE ACTIVITY. I like science fiction, but it’s disturbing to see people running around like chickens with their heads cut off over nonsense like this. Let me know when you all come up for air. I’ll be here laughing.

    • ChianDC

      Where do you get your facts Dr. Gordon Wagner? Are you affiliated with UCSD? Does your research facility have new data that hasn’t been published? All the data I’ve seen here point to the opposite direction (rising sea levels, Earth heating up).

      • gordon_wagner

        Oh, well, if our witch doctors say it is so, then it must be so, yes? My favorite (non-PC) global warming joke: a mouse is feverishly humping an elephant as the elephant wanders through the savannah, oblivious to the mouse. The elephant bashes its head on a branch and says “Ouch!” to which the mouse replies, “Take it all, bitch”. That’s how I feel about manmade global warming.

        Al Gore’s mentor realized he had a line on research cash back in the late 1940s. Al Gore’s own net worth has not suffered from spouting “global warming” nonsense. The data has been shown to be rather compromised at more than one juncture.

        • ChianDC

          I AM a scientist and in our line of work we can’t just spout out cute jokes and flashy quotes and that would be a validation for all the things we’re saying. In science we must have facts that must be validated by people who know what they are validating. ‘Witch-doctory’ it is not.

          • gordon_wagner

            Scientists are beyond question, eh? Just like witch doctors. Ever heard the joke about the guy who goes to his accountant and asks “What’s two plus two?” and the accountant asks the guy “What do you want it to be?”

            Global warming/climate change leads inevitably to a CARBON CREDIT ECONOMIC BUBBLE which is based on the non-delivery of an intangible. It’s just another economic bubble, like trading tulip bulbs.

            Phone me when London and New York City are underwater.

          • Cal

            New York WAS recently underwater. But that doesn’t mean anything to you. Your arguments hold the weight of religion. You have no evidence, you just stand up and shout whatever’s on your mind. No doubt you are in the employ of an energy company or lobby. Otherwise why would you be so adamant? It’s just data, it’s not made up, it’s there.
            Buggy manfacturers no doubt screamed about economic collapse as we began mass producing automobiles.

          • gordon_wagner

            The. Solar. Cycle. Not man-made anything. And it’s YOUR arguments (back to the witch doctor thing) that have the weight of religion. Worse, I’ve heard the term “climate change DENIERS” as if DENYING this nonsense was a black mark. I hate seeing people adopting stupid theories, and this “leak” (spare me) smacks of marketing. Maunder Minimum, anyone? Bundle up, it’s going to get chilly over the next century.

          • Cal

            Well, simply put, I don’t have a belief. I have common sense and caution, as I have for decades studying this issue. No one can say for certain because there isn’t enough data. But that is changing, and what we do have is alarming. What I won’t do is DENY either side of the argument, because I have no agenda except the truth. I’m not arguing against your logic because you haven’t displayed any yet. I’m arguing against your steadfast, close mindedness.
            With that I’m done, I have work to do. Feel free to carry on without me.

    • Cal

      I would also like to see the data you’re using against these conclusions. The recent minor drop in sea levels is explained by the unusually high rainfall in Australia in recent years due to soil absorbtion.

      • gordon_wagner

        …soil… …absorption… mi amigo, that put a smile on my face. Thanks.

        • Cal

          Happy to add to your delusional state. My pleasure.

        • Cal

          There are several publications but this one should be at your reading level.

          • gordon_wagner

            “Your reading level” — ad hominem = white flag. I acknowledge your surrender.

          • Cal

            Again, no argument as an argument. Typos can be corrected, beliefs can’t. Your belief is set, it has no room for facts. All you have to do is sit there and say “no it isn’t” until the end of time. You have no knowledge, just a belief.
            Knowledge can be adjusted as new facts arise. But beliefs defend themselves in the face any evidence to the contrary; to the death when necessary. You sir are exactly why we are doomed, and I sense you take pleasure in that.

  • mememine

    Deniers And Believers Must Agree That Only Science Can End This Costly Debate To Save The Planet

    As soon as the climatologists all agree it WILL be a climate crisis not just might be a climate crisis, this costly debate to save the planet will end once and for all because this consensus of maybe feeds the deniers more than all of big oil itself.

    If science refuses to say their crisis is “inevitable” not just “possible” what then?

    What has to happen for science to say their own crisis is “eventual”?

    • twells

      The earth will be just fine at a higher temperature … it has been much higher in the past. The questions is how we as a species manage through it. It is NOT the dire crisis that some make it out to be for various reasons.

  • twells

    While the science is clear about the current trend in climate change, the report’s predictions do not take into account our projected technological advances in the next 87 years. Three feet sound insurmountable and dangerous now, but our ability to deal with these problems will also grow, and they will not be as difficult in 50 years.

    I am not saying do not do anything about it … I am saying do not ruin economies to do it. Poverty causes more ecological damage than almost any other human activity.

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