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Texting And Driving Law Signed In Florida

A man uses his phone as he drives through traffic in Dallas in February 2013. (LM Otero/AP)

A man uses his phone as he drives through traffic in Dallas in February 2013. (LM Otero/AP)

A new law in Florida bans texting while driving, but allows drivers to text while stuck in traffic or at a red light.

It also makes texting and driving a secondary offense, meaning someone would have to be pulled over for another offense, such as speeding, and then cited for texting.

Florida was one of the country’s last holdouts — 45 other states have some kind of texting ban in place.


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  • BHA_in_Vermont

    I have ZERO sympathy for anyone who thinks a law restricting texting while driving is a violation of their rights.

    You do not have the right to drive drunk. Someone just over the limit is less dangerous than a texting driver no matter how amazing you think you are at it.
    You do not have the right to spray bullets into a crowd.

    Whatever that text is, it is 99.9% likely to NOT be an emergency and NOT require immediate attention. Especially if you are initiating the conversation.

    IT IS NOT NECESSARY. If it IS necessary, pull over and text your little heart out.

    Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel.

    • concerned

      I saw a study done between drunk drivers and drivers that are texting and the study found TEXTING AND DRIVING IS WAY MORE DANGEROUS.  They say the body while drunk still responds to natural movements and curves in the road, but when texting you have no idea what’s even in front of you, so therefore your body cannot naturally do anything but wreck!!!!  I know we are now a nation of instant gratification, but really are those WORDS that important that you kill someone in the process???  No, put the phones down and DIVE. 

  • Susannah

    Any type of task that takes our focus from driving is dangerous. Granted, changing the radio station or grabbing something from the passenger seat can be distracting to a driver but texting and talking on a phone requires more brain function and is so dangerous. The driver’s mind is focused too long on another object besides the road. It takes much less time to veer off of the road and hit another car or object. The entire country should ban any phone use while driving. 

  • Gj1mazz

    Its about time! While your at it, pull over to talk on the phone also. Thanks for saving someone’s life today.

    • Surferdale

      It’s not enough.  Tallahassee politicians not having the guts to write a real law.  You can text at a light but not if you’re moving?  Yeah, enforce that.  What’s the difference between texting and searching for a phone number on your phone?  They both are dangerous distractions.  More people will be killed before our lug headed representatives will take serious action on this.

      • Bob

         If a phone is in your hand while your car is in motion, you are distracted.  I emailed that thought to a few lawmakers,  including Rick Scott and I was ignored.   I think lawmakers failed the people of Florida.  

        • American voter

          Bob, you did exactly the same thing I did when I read in the news that people were ACTUALLY TEXTING (think typing a letter) while driving!

  • Jerry Langdon

    That is just the dumbest thing ever. That people have to be told to NOT txt while they drive. Because you are either looking at the phone screen or the road. NOT both. Just don’t do it people. I agree w/ BHA_in_Vermont, “ZERO sympathy for anyone who thinks a law restricting texting while driving is a violation of their rights.” Contact Ward & Caggiano if one of them do run into you. http://www.wardandcaggiano.com

  • sad

    i do it all the time, there is nothing wrong with it. just shut up you police state morons

    • happy

      you stupid

  • American voter

    IT’S ABOUT TIME! How many accidents have happened while our leaders twiddled their thumbs while contemplating this law?

  • chapman

    screaming kids, eating, applying makeup, smoking, changing radio station, tom tom’s, etc while driving are just as distracting than texting if not more so. Whats next, banning rolling down your windows?? it comes down to personal responsibility…you either have it or don’t. all this law succeeds in doing is making the insurance & legal industry more profitable & increasing the fines the courts take in……

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