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Friday, March 1, 2013

Training A Camera On Holocaust Childhoods

Filmmaker Marian Marzynski is pictured at the Here & Now studios on Mar. 1, 2013. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Filmmaker Marian Marzynski is pictured at the Here & Now studios on Mar. 1, 2013. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Massachusetts filmmaker Marian Marzynski has been making documentaries for five decades. His work has appeared on PBS’s “Frontline,” “Nova” and “The American Experience.”

But though he’s made a number of films about his native Poland, as well as about the Holocaust, he has never until now looked at his own childhood.

Marzynski’s new film “Never Forget to Lie” tells his story. Born Jewish in Poland in 1937, he lived in the Warsaw ghetto for two years and then lived in hiding outside the ghetto for three more.

He survived by being sheltered by non-Jews, as well as Catholic priests. Indeed, for a time he actually served as an altar boy.

The film also tells the story of other child Holocaust survivors, many of whom, like Marzynski, survived by denying their heritage.

The film will be shown on FRONTLINE on April 30th. In the Boston area, there is a screening of the film this Sunday Mar. 3 at the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline.

Trailer for “Never Forget To Lie”:


  • Marian Marzynski, documentary filmmaker and Holocaust survivor from Poland.

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  • Nancy_sherwood

    I’m looking forward to seeing this documentary by Marian Marzynski, the Holocaust should never be forgotten!

    • KJ Kulinowski

      I , too,    am looking forward to the documentary. I’ve written a novel of historical fiction about the Shoah and the aftermath in Poland. 

  • Smireles74

    I’d like to see what Ernst Zundle has to say about this.

  • Jaimeewine

    How do we see this in MI?

    • Rachel Rohr, Here & Now

      Hi Jaimee. Here’s the FRONTLINE link for the documentary, which says it will air April 30: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/local-schedule/ There’s also this link which lets you plug in your zipcode for the local PBS schedule: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/local-schedule/

  • http://www.facebook.com/freddy.lejeune2 Freddy Lejeune

     My nameis Fred Kahn, I am an immigrant from
    Belgium who volunteered for the draft whike not a citizen and was
    inducted into the U.S> Army on March 17, 1953, suring the Korean war
    period; Ibecame a naturalized citizen ar Fort Bragg, North Carolina,
    while a soldier assigned then to the 82nd Airborne Division. Upon my
    discharge in l955.I entered the University of Maryland where in l956
    whole a vice president of the International Club I advanced nationally
    the idea of presidential election debates, which was then a novel idea
    since most then considered ot an anachronism. o pursued and was
    personally endorsed among other public figures if both parties, by
    former first lady Eleanor Roosecelt, The Associated Press and UPI
    picked up my proposal and spread it nationwide. It started the
    conversation which led to the first debate on Serptember 26, 1960. This
    year, finallyI stepped forth and revealed my role which was now covered
    on natyional radio All Things Considered, on television on WUSA,
    television of Washingto,. D>C> articles in the Washington Post and
    many other publications. Even the “Hispanically Speaking News.Com, in
    Hispanic News of October 13, 2012, urgedthe debaters to thankme. The
    article was Presidential Debatesoffered by an immigrant. I am still
    waiting for the tanks. Iam a Korean war vetetran, immigrant, Holocaust
    survivor and naturalized U.S.c itizen now 59 years. I am proudto be an
    American and made a difference in proposing the presidentila debates
    which re now a quadrennial dixture that alteredthe presidential election
    campaign. Only in America!

  • 12064599largo04

    Thanks for the documentary.
    My great uncle was the Leader of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising: Mordechai Anielewicz
    Michael Aniel

    • Beetsnow

      I would like to thank you personally Michael Aniel for being related to my greatest hero of all time.

  • Adam

    I’m looking forward to seeing this documentary by Marian Marzynski, the Holocaust should never be forgotten!  +100500


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