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Thursday, February 21, 2013

UAE Donates Laptops To Tornado-Struck Joplin

Students log on to their new laptop computers on the first day of school at a temporary high school in a converted big-box store in Joplin, Mo. Wednesday, Aug.  17, 2011. (Charlie Riedel/AP)

Students log on to their new laptop computers on the first day of school at a temporary high school in a converted big-box store in Joplin, Mo. Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2011. (Charlie Riedel/AP)

For decades, the United States has been the most generous provider of foreign aid in the world, donating billions of dollars for schools, health clinics and vaccine programs in poor countries.

It’s not common for foreign countries to send their aid money here. But that’s just what happened in the town of Joplin, Mo., which was hit by a mile-wide tornado in 2011.

The tornado killed 161 people and left much of the town in ruins, including the high school and the main hospital in town.

The United Arab Emirates has bought a new laptop for every high school student in Joplin. The town is also going to open a new neonatal intensive care unit with money from the UAE.

Some conservative radio commentators have called it “Islamic blood money,” but the Joplin school superintendent says “it’s the right thing for kids.”

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  • Coldbeulah

    I was a grad student at Tulane University immediately  after Katrina, and the Sheik of Qatar quietly descended upon us and disseminated money. Not only did he fund some rebuilding projects at the University, he also gave numerous grants to individual students — all without any propaganda or polemic. This made a profound impression upon people who still felt abandoned by their own countrymen.

  • aMissourEresident!

    Joplin is in the state of Missouri.  The preferred pronunciation of the state’s name is M (UPSIDE DOWN “E”) — ZUR — (LONG) E.  Webster’s Dictionary “allows” an alternate pronunciation but in this state (Missouri) only the folks from the Ozarks and a small number of other rural areas use the alternate pronunciation.  Missouri is pronounced much like Cincinnati…a LONG E is the last syllable!  Please everyone…use the preferred pronunciation!  (You, too, Robin.)

  • Daniel Tucker

    It seems like a major oversight that you did not mention that there was a mosque burned to the ground in Joplin, MO.  Arsonists had tried twice to burn it down before the third, successful attempt.  The second attempt was made the night of July 4th.  The persistence of the arsonist(s) and the timing and target of their arson seems to point pretty clearly toward some kind of racist, hate group/individual(s).  You spoke pretty clearly about the business interests I’m sure that some wealthy folks in the UAE may have in the U.S., but entirely overlooked the extent to which they might also be trying to combat our Islamaphobia.  


    • ozonator

      And Looter Limbaugh gave them free colored sugar water to make them forget the AGW event.  

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