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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Raising Adam Lanza: Investigating The Life Of A Mass Killer

A photo of Adam Lanza courtesy of Frontline.

A photo of Adam Lanza courtesy of Frontline.

The Hartford Courant and Frontline are piecing together the lives of Nancy Lanza and her son Adam, who killed his mother and 26 first-graders, school officials and teachers during the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December.

We’re learning that Adam attended Sandy Hook as a first-grader, but his mother pulled him out of the school and several other schools over the course of his childhood.

In addition to Asperger’s syndrome, Adam from an early age also had sensory integration disorder, which left him unable to handle loud noises, pain and crowds – but which is not a universally accepted medical diagnosis.

By his teen years, after his parents divorced, he spent days alone in the basement of his mother’s home playing graphically violent video games.

And his mother, who took her two sons to shooting ranges when they were growing up, had bought four guns in the two years before the mass shooting.


  • Andrew Julien, editor of the Hartford Courant. He tweets @andrewjulien.

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  • Mail

    Those are some of the deadest, most soul-less eyes I’ve ever seen.  That kid would terrify the shit out of me if this were a news report about how he’s an honorable gent that helps old ladies cross the street!

  • anon

    If I were to commit a mass killing every single one of these traits would undoubtedly be brought up in my post-mortem media porn-fest. I play violent video games (and read many works of classic literature with much more graphic scenes of sex and violence than any game), I smoke a little weed safely now and then, and I visit plenty of seedy websites purely out of curiosity and amusement. In all likelihood, I’ll lead a fulfilling and responsible life. Yet if some debilitating mental depression should arise from a complex and nearly indefinable conglomerate of life experience and happenstance, leading me to commit a violent act, you can bet your ass I’ll be defined as a recluse with a drug problem who played lots of violent games and was drawn to corrupt modes of thinking based on my internet history. Sometimes people snap or simmer in a slowly building insanity until they break. The external stimuli play a part, sure. But the way the media grasp at any and all seemingly related straws in the killer’s life is misguided. Unless you’re a professional criminal profiler or can show me some psychology credentials, don’t expect me to treat idle speculations as anything but.

  • Steve

    What medications was Adam Lanza on?
    Will Frontline cover this aspect which has been found the case in over 80% of those shooters over the years?
    You wish to go after the guns, what about Big Pharma and their drugs.

  • Rar

    Meds … it’s the common denomonator in all these mass shootings

    • http://twitter.com/AdeleCulp Adele Culp

      correlation v causation

      • http://www.facebook.com/futo.buddy Futo Buddy

        suicidal thoughts and actions are on the label of many of these drugs

  • Steve

    Another one of the CIA’s Manchurian Candidates of the MK-ULTRA program. A false flag operation used to advance the agenda for the ruling class to disarm the public.
    Obama is bowing to the pressures of the Globalists at the United Nations to take your weapons.
    A New World Order would be easier with a disarmed public.

    MK-ULTRA =  Mass Killings Using Lethal Tradecrafts Requiring Assassination.

    Look it up. There is plenty of material on line on this subject.
    The mainstream media is too busy covering Lindsay Lohan and the Hollywood scene to focus on any “real news”.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UTDQXHP6Z6JOWTPNITS3DIBRGA Be

    According to the official press going out today, which you can read in every major newspaper across the city and around the world:

    “Adam was diagnosed at a young age with sensory integration disorder, a medically controversial diagnosis that meant Adam had trouble coping with bright lights, loud noises, and knowing when he was in pain. Later, when he was in middle school, Adam was also diagnosed with Asperger’s, a condition related to autism that can make social interaction challenging. (Medical experts cautioned that autism disorders are not associated with violent behavior.)”

    Now, does this sound like someone who would even been capable of this kind of crime? He was painfully shy, afraid of being around people, hated loud noises, barely spoke in public. Does this sound like someone who is barking out “commands” , breaking glass and shooting it up like RAMBO? That just does not make sense, does it? Hmmmmmmm.

  • cws1959

    Mental illness is a trait in all these shootings from Columbine to Sandy Hook. Ban the guns it will prevent more of these senseless tragedies, all the suicides too. Bottom line is we have a mental health crisis in this country and we don’t have the money to fix it. Canada spends $50 Billion on 35 million people, the US spends $113 Billion on 330 million people. We would have to spend almost $480 Billion to match the socialized care provided by Canada. Easier to ban the guns, but it fixes nothing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/futo.buddy Futo Buddy

      so lets do something stupid and counterproductive because you dont believe we can afford proper care for the criminally insane? So people who shoot themselves cannot find another way to kill themselves or others besides legally available guns? would you rather they jumped out windows? why punish millions of law abiding people because a couple of people did not do their jobs right? or is doing something just to do something enough?

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