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Friday, February 15, 2013

H&N’s ‘Downton Abbey’ Video Game Voiceover

The third season finale of the wildly popular “Downton Abbey” airs on PBS Sunday night.

The show has millions of fans including Bill Kiley, who dreamed up what Downton Abbey would look like as a 1990s-era Super Nintendo video game.

The characters jitter around like robot stick figures – think Super Mario Bros.

The video is text only, so you get to supply the voice – another opportunity for the Here & Now masterpiece players!

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  • Kathy

    Enjoy the Christmas Special on Sunday!

  • Diane Dowgielewicz

    Laughing so hard almost cried!

    • Millsjen99

      Just when I think this “news” show can’t report on anything more stupid than one of its last “news” items, something like this is aired. The excerpts are inane, lacking in humor, and horribly accented–all of which is to say H&N wasted our time, again.

      • MontanaRed

        Turn off your radio.

  • http://twitter.com/JohnnyFroggg J Frog

    Downton Abbey (H&N style)
    Cue (Downton Abbey Music)
    Scene: (Downton drawing room.  Matthew and Lady Mary are in deep conversation.)

    Mary Crawley (haltingly):  Matthew, I have something I must speak to you about.  Something important..”

    Matthew Crawley (curiously):  “Yes, my dear?”

    Mary  Crawley (nervously):  “I know you have been curious about my trips to London, my trips to see the doctor.  And  I will explain the reason for my doctors trips, really I will, Matthew.  It’s just that…..News is first!”

    (Cut to servants dining room.  Thomas & Bates arguing)
    Bates (matter-of-factly):  “As you know, Thomas.  The Earl of Grantham and I have a long history together.  I was his valet before this wrongful murder trial put me in prison.  Now that I’m back, I’m sure the Earl will make me his valet again.   Your thoughts?

    Thomas (yelling):  “My thoughts?  I’m bloody angry..that’s my thoughts!  But what chioce have I?  So you’ll be the Earls valet…because to the winner goes the spoils!  Now leave me be while I enjoy this wonderful scone made by Downton guest cook Kathy Gunst.  Recipe at our website. ”

    (fade to black)
    I’m Laura Linney.  Join us again next week for another edition of Downton Abbey.

    • Robin Y

      Are Mary and Matthew ever NOT in deep conversation? Obviously this segment 
      was silly..(see below) but it’s Friday. have a great weekend!


      • http://twitter.com/JohnnyFroggg J Frog

        I enjoyed the segment. A little silly now and then is fun! All work and no play makes Robin a dull girl.

  • discus_org

    I agree the whole thing is silly, a PBS soap opera.  But it beats hearing about gun violence and war.

  • Justine

    Absolutely loved it! Great fun for us Downton Abbey aficionados.

  • Lynn

    if you like Downton Abbey fan videos, watch “Downton Abbey Kids” on youtube, it’s just in time for the season 3 finale!

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