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Monday, January 28, 2013

Immigration Moves To Front Burner In D.C.

Diana Saravia, 10, of Beltsville, Md., left, demonstrates, along with members of immigration rights organizations, in front of the White House in November 2012, calling on President Barack Obama to fulfill his promise of passing comprehensive immigration reform. (Cliff Owen/AP)

Diana Saravia, 10, of Beltsville, Md., left, demonstrates, along with members of immigration rights organizations, in front of the White House in November 2012. The demonstrators called on President Obama to fulfill his promise of passing comprehensive immigration reform. (Cliff Owen/AP)

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama will be in Las Vegas to announce his ideas for immigration reform – something the president has called one of his top priorities.

On Monday, a bipartisan Senate group beat the president to the punch, announcing a broad agreement to overhaul Federal Immigration law.

Under the deal, undocumented immigrants who have no criminal records would be able to apply for legal residency after paying a fine and back taxes.

The measure would open a path to full U.S. citizenship for the nation’s estimated 11 million undocumented workers.

But the agreement requires the federal government to first take strong steps to prevent a future influx of illegal immigrants, including tighter work rules to force employers to hire only legal immigrants, and more agents and equipment to improve border policing.

The new attention to immigration reflects a strong feeling among some Republicans that the party must win more Hispanic voters. But the new proposals are likely to face tough opposition from some House Republicans.


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  • J Frog

    I would say the powers in Washington are as serious about immigration enforcement as they are about cutting spending.  In other words, not.

  • Raoul Ornelas

    John McCain is out to launch! With statements like: “We believe that the latino vote should be ours.” Apparently Mr. McCain does not or refuses learn the history of Mexican immigration to America. It started around 1948 when wealthy California and other farmers wanted cheap labor and enacted the Bracero Act. This act was to end around 1961, however, like drugs, American farmers and ranchers could not wean themselves from cheap or no pay labor, subsequently the Bracero Act never ended, besides, the Bracero Act was a way to avoid union labor an regulations concerning the living conditions of a laborer. It was a series of Republican governors who encouraged cheap labor (Mexican labor) in California and in America. If American farmers and
    ranchers, which later morphed into the construction field would pay a decent working wage, this so called labor problem would not have evolved into an immigration problem: Proof: Look what happened when the Pilgrims fled England to America! So now the McCain/ Joe Arpiao solution is to check one’s papers in Arizona if one is not has white as Mr. Mc Cain. The irony is this: Arizona was once Mexico, most of the historical names of places and themes in Arizona and California have Spanish names!?! The immigration so called problem is much like other Republican themes (financial messes) Republicans and a few Democrats too cause to then later try to take the moral high ground by creating phony solutions they created for the sake of making huge amounts of money. I have a better solution: Make all illegals in America citizens now and pay a decent working wage to all laborers in the American work force. Then, follow and force the the existing rules for immigration to America. Last but never least: Force John McCain to learn history otherwise he will be another mouth like Newt Gingrich or Rush Limbaugh. Maybe the final solution is to join America and Mexico into one giant cheap labor nation – called AmerMex!

  • Ted

    Forget about the national debt, unemployment, poverty, foreclosures, greedy banksters, incompetent politicians on the take by special interest groups.
    Let’s focus rather on flooding the country with more immigrants, because Americans are too stupid to do the work or plain lazy.
    Also focus on giving gays their rights and also disarming the public.
    These are the real priority issues of the Globalist stooge Barry Soetero, aka Obama.
    Americans get the government they deserve. Good luck folks.

  • Katta

    In recent polls taken,  immigration falls way down on the list of priorities that the average American has.
    Its the economy, high taxes, unemployment, budget deficits that people are concerned about.
    Yet the Obama Regime is more concerned about taking your guns away, giving gays their rights and flooding the country with more immigrants.
    Good job to those who voted for Obama, his this the crap you get.
    By the way Romney wasnt any better.
    I didn’t vote for either stooge these two mainstream parties gave the masses a “choice” at last November. 
    The fix is in. The ruling elite do what they want and YOU pay the BILLS.
    Keep on working slaves.

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