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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

N.Y. Governor To Propose Tougher Gun Rules

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks during a meeting at the Capitol in Albany, N.Y. on Thursday. Cuomo plans to deliver his third State of the State speech on Jan. 9. (Mike Groll/AP)

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks during a meeting at the Capitol in Albany, N.Y. on Thursday. Cuomo plans to deliver his third State of the State speech on Jan. 9. (Mike Groll/AP)

In his State of the State address today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to push for tougher restrictions on guns in his state, which already has an assault weapons ban on the books.

Cuomo says it “has more holes than Swiss cheese,” so he’s considering requiring gun owners in the state to periodically renew their licenses and require more thorough mental health and background checks for gun purchasers.

But Cuomo has backed away from one idea he’s floated: confiscation of assault weapons.


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  • Katta

    Governor Cuomo, another stooge for the Globalists of the New World Order.


  • Teh

    Let’s see the governor come to gun owners houses and confiscate their guns.
    I think you will end up dead, Mr. Governor. People aren’t going to give YOU their guns.
    You are a fool.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hung.wasson Hung Wasson

    Banning so-called “assault rifles” to reduce firearm related deaths would be as effective as banning sports cars to reduce vehicular deaths. Yes, you might reduce a few deaths – but it would be statistically insignificant. It would be far better to mandate much more rigorous training for anyone wanting to own a firearm (or a car), and improving screening so those that shouldn’t have a firearm (or car) don’t get them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeremy.thomas.395017 Jeremy Thomas

    Why does Robin keep referencing “rifles and pistols that automatically load the next bullet after the trigger is pulled” and says it with a tone as if this is an aberration or something unusual with a firearm? They have been doing that for over a century, revolvers automatically load the next cylinder after the trigger is pulled.. Why is it described as if its something absurd or not-the normal function most firearm on planet earth? So biased..so utterly disappointingly biased.. I’m a lifelong Democrat BUT also a firearm owner and am disgusted. So few frank truths and such slanted hyperbole. I’m generally disgusted by the right wing narrowmindedness but I’m now as equally disgusted by what I consider my general political home hell bent on circumventing our fundamental rights..even entertaining the idea of registration and confiscation, its utterly shameful and punitive to the millions of law abiding citizens that did no wrong. So many of us firearm owners have put our lives on the line and swore to preserve, protect and defend the constitution and at home all efforts by media, celebrity and politician are fully bent on doing just that.

    How many homicides were committed with a knife?
    How many homicides were committed by bat, stick or pipe?
    How many homicides were committed with hands and feet?
    How many deaths by drowning?
    How many deaths by automobile?
    How many deaths by medical malpractice?
    How many deaths by prescription drugs?

    ALL of these are MULTIPLES more than deaths by assault style rifles (as I undestand is less than 40-this year)… Yet such single minded focus on ‘assault rifles’ and not a single word on banning those other items that kill more people year after year.

    Virtually all these ‘mass shooters’ were found or stated to have some mental or psychological issues and with all honestly only token focus is given to that. A potential 100-million firearm owners..virtually all of whom broke no law, did no harm, by all accounts behave responsibly and the proposals target to punish them and do NOTHING to curb those unfortunate broken souls that committed these horrible acts.

    If you ban cars and shoes..maybe they will have a second thought about traveling to commit crimes.. Just a thought.. ;)

    You do realize that ‘Bushmaster’ is a single manufacturer, there are dozens of companies that make this exact style of rifle.. It’s like because of a few instances of vehicular homicides with red honda civic’s you push for a ban on red Honda Civics solely and not any other color or automobiles generally..or compact automobiles in general. This so…doesnt make sense…

    • Robin Y

      Obviously we are not getting this across. We’ve been criticized for not saying exactly what you are criticizing us FOR  saying,  which is, trying to distinguish
      semi automatic weapons for people who’ve been thinking that they mean
      one trigger pull, many bullets.   To make the point that these are one pull, one cartridge, but automatic loading magazines.

      That’s all.  


    • mike

      I’m with you Jeremy. We are good at ignoring all of the other tragic ways people die every day because it’s low level and the media cant squeeze the ratings out of it. 

      But it’s the same old story, the topic du jour gets a bunch of attention and all the back seat quarterbacks come out of the woodwork to solve it. The call to new legislative action on guns is a knee jerk reaction by politicians who know it does nothing to curb gun violence but they are worried about their next campaign.

      They are afraid they will be accused of doing nothing.  The people they are afraid of are hurt and emotions are high.  Judgement is impaired. Think back to the patriot act, it was the same exact story.I think it’s hard for people who didn’t grow up in a household with guns to understand the level of respect that is paid to firearm safety by serious sportsmen. It’s easy to demonize something you don’t are unfamiliar with, you don’t understand, or are afraid of.  
      The people who pay are the responsible owners who are passionate about shooting sports (yes including “assault weapons”) and have thousands invested.  Everyone I know in this group secures their valuables in safes away from people who could be irresponsible with them.  Many of these people are law enforcement officers. Instead of hitting the panic button, let’s focus attention on the real issue here, the people who commit heinous crimes.

  • Dominick

    All guns should have an associated TITLE and BILL OF SALE just like we have for cars. Each transaction will have a paper trail.
    All owners will be on record just like DMV. The gov can regulate who
    has them and if an owners legal status changes due to mental illness or
    felony etc, the guns can be removed. Ownership can be taxed as personal
    property, like cars are in many places. Person to person sales can be
    regulated and traced by a Bill Of Sale and registration requirements.
    Shooting ranges should require paperwork to prove legal possession. This
    allows for good guys to keep their guns, keeps tabs on where they are,
    provides Gov revenue and allows for the gov to come down hard on bad
    guys not obeying these laws.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jeremy.thomas.395017 Jeremy Thomas

      You do realize the constitution and bill of rights recognize YOU; the sovereign individual as having inalienable rights and your worth, duty and aspirations were not given to you by your government…they are innately yours, ‘we’ give authority “BY THE PEOPLE” TO the government.. We are Citizens not subjects. The second amendment recognizes the right..not the government issued privilege…You do understand this dont you? I’m very much an advocate that if “you” disagree with the 2nd amendment, go about repealing it…dont circumvent it..its not a government issued “law”, its’ a “right”. The arguable ‘spirit’ of it rejects pretty much everything you wrote. It for the citizenry to potentially resist an oppressive government..passe in the 21st century west I agree and arguably an absurd impossibility.. BUT it is there for just that..It is not there for hunting and home protection its for quite leterally the armed resistance to a government that puts its boot on the necks of its citizens..its an option to allow us to resist..again..laughably absurd to most, but that absolutely is what it was put there for.

      The history of the 20th century, early thru to right here..right now tells us that oppressive governments have been a fact of modern history around the world. There are glaringly obvious examples that all likely know… registration followed by confiscation followed by the “boot on the neck”..Hitlers Germany, Stalins Russia, Marco’s Philippines..I could EASILY add more but will state the global obvious ones. America’s own truth about its history with gun control and oppression of its people (blacks and natives in particular).. This nation already has a documented history where it doesnt do so well and behaves as the “shining light” it sells itself to the rest of planet earth to be. 

      Want a police state? Be ‘brown’ right now and take a stroll about the outer boro’s in NYC,  tell me if you feel like a free citizen or if your treatment is one that makes you feel like you are secure, blessed and free. All in the stated goal of safety and security, your own is taken from you by those tasked to “protect and serve” you, orders given by the oligarch demigod… Is he stoped and frisked? Why not? Obsurd? Then why me? And he is leading the charge to further strip our rights when IMO he already infringes on our civil and human rights with impunity.

      Governments are not perfect and have a history of being over burdensome, the constitution and bill of rights (not laws by governments..YOUR RIGHTS FIRST..outside of government patronage) is certainly not a perfect document, America is ‘still’ a young experiment, and there is the current truth about the avalanche of existing laws and the weight, resources and power of local, city, state and federal government when compared against the single individual but it’s hardly a reason to give your rights away utterly..the book of this country is still being written while we live and so many wish it concluded 200+ year into it.
      Banning firearms, confiscating them all, outlawing them all will not stop murder or lawlessness, these existed when all we had were sticks and rocks. A firearm allows the weak a chance to stand and defend themselves against the oppressive bigger and stronger. It equalizes the pipsqueak versus the bully that wants to take his life and land in the fundamental and conceptual sense. When we have to register them, all it takes is a governmental decision to now come take them and why wouldn’t they….You also know that they themselves will have the very firearms you are banned from owning..only they will have it in full automatic military style and will come knocking on your door to forcibly take them if you dare to voice contrary concerns to their orders. History says that it is so..maybe not right now, but at some point somewhere..

      We applaud the ‘arab spring’ even tho in my opinion it will not result in what will be favorable to the west but how did they throw off the yolk of tyranny, dictatorship and oppression? Placards? Asking nicely? Holding their breath til they turned blue? Hunger strikes? How did we establish and cement our independence? Strange truth about human history and the human animal that we wish to deny until we are crushed by it…

  • Justin_Tm

    A serious national discussion
    means determining a 21st Century perspective of what the right to “bear arms” means. Also, it means announcing to the world what we, the American people, think of our own government, and possibly validating the sentiments of Anti-Americans.


    Justice Scalia
    correctly opines that the right to “bear arms” applies to hand-held weapons, not just guns. Moreover, this right is intended to keep and bear arms for a well-regulated Militia and the security of a free State. No reference is ever made to the right to bear arms for hunting.


    The Second Amendment
    was written with an 18th-Century perspective following the birth of a new nation to free a people from an overbearing colonial government. Its purpose was to potentially free ourselves from our newly formed “good” government in the event it reverts to a “bad” colonial government.


    The Second Amendment
    was drafted when its framers fought arm-to-arm combat with muskets, flintlock pistols and an occasional frightening big ax, long before the need for Super-Sized hand-held arms such as assault rifles, grenade launchers, and heat-seeking, ground-to-air missile launchers. Once our 21st U.S. Supreme Court validates the 18th-Century perspective of the Second Amendment, Anti-American terrorists will be armed with more than just Super-Sized arms, they will be armed with the political ammunition needed to validate their sentiments against America.


    After 235+ years
    of testing a trial government of the people by the people, Americans must ask themselves this, do we trust ourselves enough to amend the Second Amendment to allow for our continued rule, thereby eliminating the right to carry Super-Sized arms, and refining the definition of the right to bear arms to pistols in night stands and rifles for hunters? Or, shall we Super-Size our right to bear arms American Style? So long as you’re a member of a well-regulated Militia whose purpose is to secure a free State.

    Quite honestly, I’d like clarification to ensure hunters will not lose their right to hunting rifles, and homeowners will not lose their right to a pistol in their night stand.

  • David

    Hey, Gov Cuomo, try this for Step One: the police have a contract with individuals.

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