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Monday, January 7, 2013

Gun Control On Conn. Lawmakers’ Agenda

This March 27, 2006 file photo, shows a Bushmaster AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and ammunition on display at the Seattle Police headquarters in Seattle. A similar rifle was used in the Newtown school massacre. (Ted S. Warren/AP)

This 2006 file photo shows a Bushmaster AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and ammunition on display at the Seattle Police headquarters in Seattle. A similar rifle was used in the Newtown school massacre. (Ted S. Warren/AP)

The Connecticut state legislature opens a new session this week, less than a month after the horrific mass shooting that killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

On top of the regular agenda, lawmakers are expected to offer many proposals to address gun violence, including an outright ban on the Bushmaster rifle and 30-round magazine used in the massacre.

ProPublica reporter Joaquin Sapien has taken a look at the states where some of the worst shootings in recent U.S. history have occurred, and found the events did little to change state gun laws.


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  • Guest

    Would restricting places that we can take guns really stop a person that is looking to harm someone?  If there were teachers in the school that were carrying a gun, could they have been able to stop the shooter sooner. There should be tighter restriction on purchasing a gun. 

    • Feedup Withstupid

      Even if armed I’d don’t think we can ask teachers to
      become marksman. I’m inclined to think most teachers feeling would be “I’m paid
      to teach, not to get in to shoot outs”. I think it would be better if there was
      a sensor on the gun that verifies the owner’s thumbprint and thumb contact was
      needed to unlock the trigger. (See post Tech Solution)

  • Guest

    First, let’s stop saying that there are no background checks on guns sold at gun shows. Any dealer selling a gun, whether at his/her shop or at a gun show, must place a phone call to NICS for the background check prior to the exchange of money for products. There are no background checks on private sales between private individuals. This is not a loophole. The Federal government has no business poking it’s nose into your individual rights and they recognize this in some areas.

    As far as banning the Bushmaster and similar arms, there is no proof that doing so will prevent any single crime. The 2nd Amendment is not about preserving the right to hunt or to participate in shooting sports. The 2nd Amendment’s purpose is to arm the citizens to prevent tyranny and defend against attacks both foreign and domestic. I know that most in the media  (including NPR) do not wish to believe these things. All it takes is a little time and effort to research the truth, not your emotions. You can not (should not) legislate emotions, especially fear. That fixes nothing.

    With the current 2,000+ firearms laws already on the books, adding a few more will not make a difference when it comes to criminals and the insane. Laws only effect law abiding people. Criminals and criminally insane do not care about laws. If laws prevented criminals from committing crime we should outlaw heroin and crack, etc. Oh wait, we did.

    Let’s use the laws we have and enforce them. Prosecute those who violate them.

  • Feedup With Stupid

    * * * Tech Solution * * * – I believe in the early 2000′s
    some Police Dept’s asked gun mfg’s to make a “smart” gun. One with a
    sensor on the stock/pristol grip that verifies the owner’s thumb fingerprint
    AND requires the thumb be on it to pull the trigger. Police wanted this so a
    cop’s gun could not be turned against him.


    My SMART PHONE has a face recognition security option! I
    cannot believe the “smart” gun is sci-fi tech! Why is such tech not
    in the discussion for civilian guns?!! I agree limiting the number of rounds in
    a clip, say 5, is a good idea (why does a hunter of tourney shooter need more?)


    It seems a win-win reasonable solution; it won’t tramp on
    gun ownership rights AND will insure that only the registered owner can fire
    the weapon. (I don’t think any legal gun onwers have engaged in the mass
    shootings in recent years).


    The Fed’s could require “dumb” guns (exclude
    historic collectables for the moment) be turned in with the owner getting a Fed
    reimbursement voucher (i.e. debit card) to buy a new smart gun.


    P.S. – this will also help gun mfrg’s who claim
    to be struggling with sales due to the durability of their product.

    • http://www.facebook.com/duncan.brennan.16 Duncan Brennan

      Your smartphone experience acceleration several times that of gravity repeatedly during its life span.

      My M1911 pistol experiences one of the lowest impulses of any gun I own when I fire it. Still, the force of the recoiling slide would shatter most iPhones or Android devices. 

      Would you rely on your phone if you dropped it from six feet 200-500 times in regular use?

      Many people rely on firearms to potentially save their life. If people die because their weapons don’t function as designed when they need it most because circuit boards have been shaken to pieces, how would you feel about that?

      • Feedup Withstupid

        Duncan, I am not suggesting using a smart phone to validate the thumbprint of the gun owner. You are correct to point out its fragility. My piont is how common sophisticated technology has become. I’m not anti-gun, I just think we can find a way to protect law abiding legal gun owners rights at the same time preventing these slaughters.
        I’m talking about a sensor built by the gun manufacturer as part of the weapon.
        I agree it’s a concern to have the gun fire when you need it. However, as I heard on NPR about six months ago, the military has upgraded and field proven new “soldiers level” communications devices to be reliable and extremely resistant to heat/cold/shock/water etc.

        The point, there sure seems to exist “tuff” technology available and I’d bet capable of making a relaible smart gun. If not, isn’t it time to be working on it until we are SURE it can’t be done!

  • steenkinbadges

    You know, in the past several years, even during the so-called “Assault Weapons ban”, there were school and public shootings such as Columbine.

    Even during Mr Obama’s first term there were shootings. No mention of it at all from him or the Dem. leadership except vague mumblings, since they didn’t want to upset voters.

    We were told, “Mr Obama isn’t going to take your guns way- that’s crazy! He supports the Second Amendment!”

    But now that the election is over, and he never has to run for an election ever again, now…what is he saying?

    Something VERY different….

  • mathteacher

    Do any of the apologists for no new gun regulation realize that they are simply being played by the NRA?  What is the function of the NRA?  They do the bidding of the weapons industry making sure  the business  of hawking weapons &  the resulting profits just  keep increasing. At what price? 
      It is past time for sensible gun regulation. No one is talking about taking away 2nd amendment rights or confiscating all guns.  Those who suggest such are just trying to scare people into being against sensible gun regulation. Arguments are made saying these possible regulations will not solve the problem.  It is true that violence will always be with us , but are we such an aberrant society that we are willing to accept  more  firearm homicides than any other advanced society?

    • Guest

      post brought these thoughts 1) For years England’s cops did not even carry guns,
      I wonder what the violent crime stats were prior and post? 2) Tuff to impact gun
      owners if no legal gun owner (I’m not sure) was
      engaged in the mass shootings of recent years. 3) The presence of “crazies” is
      a function of population; larger pop means more “crazies” not including how the
      crazy % itself many increase just because of over crowding. 4) The founders
      created the 2nd amendment, as Judge Scalia has agreed, to insure the
      nation would have an armed militia at the ready for defense – not for
      hunters, collectors and tourneys. I’m no constitutional scholar but could the “right
      to keep and bear arms” mean stored in a community armory and not a person’s home.
      This would be all that’s needed to readily arm a militia. 5) I don’t dismiss those
      who want a gun for protection and home defense, however I would submit, if the
      gun is not strapped to you ALL the time it’s legal to do it, how will it protect? It
      may even be used to kill you.

      Maybe there just remains too much Old West/Rambo/Sopranos
      in our culture for us to find anything but a tech solution to stop access to guns
      other than by their legal, and so far, responsible owners.

  • guest

    its kinda funny….
    banks feel that their money and customers are important…. they hire armed guards.
    judges, senators, actors, sports figures, etc. feel important…… they hire armed guards.
    train stations, air ports, even bowl games are to be kept safe…… they hire armed guards.
    do you have an armed guard protecting your home, family, and your life? if not, you should own a gun. period. look up Kennesaw, Georgia gun law.

    the police have a six minute response time nationwide. do you want to be in a position to tell someone to wait until the cops get there before you “feel” important, and “safe”?

    gun laws will have no effect on the criminal or insane. why are you worried about the 99.9% of gun owners who follow the laws?

    yes, sandy hook was a true horror, and my hearts go out to the familys. it should never have happened. but ask yourself, if he would have walked in with a revolver and a box of bullets, the end would still have been the same…….

    • Feedup Withstupid

      It would not have happened if there was a sensor on the gun that verifies the owner’s thumbprint and thumb contact was needed to unlock the trigger. (See post Tech Solution) 

      • guest

        see duncan brennan reply…. the tech to withstand the shock of firing does not exist, or in the case of missles, is very expensive…… besides, why would you want the gov’t to issue vouchers for gun replacement? doesn’t the gov’t already have too much debt???

        • Feedup Withstupid

          1) see my reply to Duncan, 2)  The Feds have indicating the “gun” issue needs to be addressed so it is only consistent (excluding State mandates) they help fund the cost of the change they want.

  • Katta


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