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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Greek Soccer Teams Turn To Unusual Sponsors

The terrible Greek economy is affecting all sectors of society. In fact it’s gotten so bad for two local football (soccer to us) clubs, that they have turned to a brothel and an undertaker to help them pay the bills.

The BBC’s Mark Lowen investigates.

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  • Clara

    I don’t see any problem with getting a sponsorship from a funeral parlor.
    The reality is that at some point all of us will require to be taken care of by a funeral home or parlor by one’s relative.
    Who will do this work if they aren’t around or available?
    Think about it.

    I would like to see in the US, the military getting the billions and more is gets from the taxpayer to have to go “beg” to the public for it. Same as the way charities have to secure their funds.
    Let’s see how big the military-industrial complex of the US would be then.

    As for the brothel owners, more power to them.
    I don’t see where the politicians are up in arms or outraged over them sponsoring a sport team. After all, many of these politicians are probably patrons to these operations. So let’s not bite the hand that feeds you.

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