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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

GOP Senators More Troubled After Rice Meeting

Sen. John McCain, ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, flanked by fellow committee members, Sen. Kelly Ayotte, left, and Sen. Lindsey Graham, right, speaks after a meeting with U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice. (Susan Walsh/AP)

Three Republican senators who met Tuesday with U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice say they are more troubled now over her initial explanations about the deadly Sept. 11 raid in Libya.

Rice met behind closed doors Tuesday with Sens. John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte – three of her harshest critics.

Ayotte said Rice told them that her national television description that a spontaneous demonstration triggered the attack on the U.S. consulate was wrong. She had made the comments five days after the raid based on intelligence information.

The lawmakers said the Obama administration still must answer questions about the attack.

Obama is considering Rice as a successor to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.


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  • Milo

    What is really troubling here is that all administrations lie and mislead to their electorates, whether it be Repugs or Democraps.I find for years now that both are two sides to the same coin answering to their ruling class masters.Both mainstream parties work hand in hand to B.S. the masses using their friends in the mainstream media. Get rid of both sooner than later.This past election which was estimated to cost over $6 billion dollars did little to change the STATUS QUO in America.The rich will continue to acquire more wealth and power over the masses who are getting poorer by the day.But who cares? Give the sheep their SEX, SCREEN and SPORT and they are basically happy.Now let’s get back to the real news. Football, otherwise known as “video cigar smoke”. 

    • Robin Young is Da Bomb Diggity

      Whoa buddy, calm down. You don’t have to be so doom and gloom about it. Our system reinforces stability while also providing avenues for change to trinkle in. Pot is getting legalized, we have a 2 term black president, and Texas hasn’t started lobbing missles up to New Jersey. I think you should give American politics a little more credit. It’s a bit more complicated to run a country than for you to run your household.

      • Ted

        If anyone run their household like the government, which is in debt, the banksters are right there to repossess whatever you own. Your second term black president has decided the people of America should be mandated to purchase health care insurance which he and Congress are exempt from.
        Why can’t the masses have the health care plan that, ‘we the people’ are paying for these pin striped suited parasites in Congress get.  
        You obviously have little idea what is going on in your country.
        Good luck buddy.

        • Robin Young is Da Bomb Diggity

          Lol  I didn’t see u complain about marijauna being legalized xD – I mentioned that part in my comment too ya know

  • aknman49

    Today’s show is full of charlatans, it appears.
    John McCain going off the rails on another WTF tangent and a “top” neurosurgeon (Eben Alexander) going off the rails on an “I want god to exist, pretty please” pretend excursion.

    All-in-all, a rather amusing show depending on your definition of “amusement.”

  • john

    When Rice appeared on Sunday shows the week of the attack, she explained
    that it was too early to draw “definitive conclusions,” but the “best
    information we have to date” suggested the violence “began spontaneously
    … as a reaction to what had transpired some hours earlier in Cairo”
    in response to the anti-Islam internet video.

    The ambassador then added, “But soon after that spontaneous protest
    began outside of our consulate in Benghazi, we believe that it looks
    like extremist elements, individuals, joined in that effort with heavy
    weapons.” Asked about a possible al Qaeda role, Rice said this was
    unclear, explaining, “I think this is one of the things we’ll have to
    Why did she make these comments? Because the CIA prepared talking points,
    reflecting the combined judgment of the intelligence community, which
    told her and others this was the best available information. Rice stuck
    closely to the CIA materials, and embellished nothing.

    “strident” comments? really?

  • Kft421

    Shouldn’t you disclose that Rice’s husband, Ian Officer Cameron, is a news producer for ABC news, the same company that employs your guest Rick Klein? 

  • P-brennan

    This issue, Rice’s appointment, will fall straight down party lines just like everything else does. It’s incredible that bright, educated people consistently fail to think for themselves, and vote with their party like robots. Other countries just laugh at us. Corporations are ruling the rulers, and Lawrence Lessig’s ideas should be promoted aggressively. Take money out of the equation.


    ‘GOP Senators More Troubled After Rice Meeting’

    Observe the photo it may explain how a senator  who has long outlived his hero and I.Q. status in America from a State (Arizona) where one may be checked to see if  his or her papers are proper unless one is white,  a senator from South Carolina which needs no explanation for his stand, A Senator from New Hampshire, Ayotte, who supports Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law passed in 2010. Ayotte believes that the Arizona legislature was justified in their passage of this law. Ayotte supports the enforcement of all existing immigration laws and is against the granting of amnesty to any illegal immigrant. She is also against planed parent hood and is more French than American. All this is public record. Need I say more? Connect the dots……… when they say it ain;t about racism, its about racism! Ms. Rice is more qualified then all three f these nuts.

  • skeptic4321

    I am more troubled after GOP meetings.

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