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Friday, November 23, 2012

Is It A Drone? A Swarm Of Bees? A UFO?

Technically, they are UFOs – unidentified flying objects – because no one knows what they are.

KDVR, a Fox-affiliated television station in Denver, ran a story about objects seen in the skies over that region.

A local man, who doesn’t want to be identified, initially caught the images on tape. But the station set up its own camera, and filmed the same thing.

Reporter Heidi Hemmat thought  the images might be drones from a nearby military installation.

But when she had an aviation expert evaluate the tape, he said they clearly weren’t drones. The expert also said it wasn’t a plane, helicopter or bugs (a popular suggestion from viewers who saw the tape).

Hemmat contacted the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), which is based south of Denver.

Both agencies deny knowing anything about the flying objects.

Hundreds of people from around the world have flooded the station with calls and emails, but no one has come up an answer to the question: What is that in the sky?

Hemmat believes the flying objects are likely new experimental, military aircraft. But for now, the mystery continues.

You can judge for yourself by watching KDVR’s broadcast, below:


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  • Millsjen80

    Please only interview this woman again if she can refrain from saying “you know” 400 times in a three-minute piece. Thank you.


    Heidi Hemma needs to stay home and take care of her kids or go to the Pacific Northwest to find the Sasquatch; maybe there is a Government source that can identify what all those fuzzy Sasquatch photos are? Heidi is too nosey.

  • Laughinghead1968@gmail.com

    These are home made air craft. They are small, can move at very high speed and be lauched by hand. They are capable of these types of movements.Radar would not detect them because of there size and proximity to the ground.
    The reporter states that she would like it to be a UFO. Perhaps someone else should cover the story that is a little more objective.
    Just a thought……

    • James

      I’m sorry to suggest that you don’t know what you
      are talking about , but what kind of homemade anything can fly faster than any aircraft, amd stop on a dime ?

  • Bigfoot

    I think it was sasquatch who initially filmed this thing, judging from his hairy arms. They need to set up 2 cameras some distance apart to triangulate the distance to it and get speed estimates. 

  • CrzyFmDeHeat

    Interesting story.  But the video is useless.  Between the weird freeze frames with the cross checks, and all the fast jump cuts, there is no way for anyone to tell how it is flying or to identify anything beyond a spot on the screen.  thanks for nothing. 

  • JeanBruce

    “Happy Birthday” balloons caught in the upper level winds falling down the mountain. 

  • Hhhaynes99

    I know you people are not dumb, so how many of you used or suggested three cameras to triangulate the takeoff/landing spot of this object, or do you really want to know? -Haley-

  • Hhhaynes99

    Bye the bye, don’t bother asking any government agency or official unless you love smoke up your lowest orfice.

  • Jersey987

    Obviously it’s Santa testing a new prototype sleigh

  • http://www.facebook.com/coolstar1 Harold Nations

    almost certainly some type of insect, probably quite close to the camera (if they were far away, they’d have to be big, duh, and would be easily seen, leave shock waves, sonic booms, etc. etc.).  A similar thing was seen years ago with insects in a cave in Mexico.  use a much higher frame rate camera (not just 30 or 60 fps but thousands of frames per second) and the mystery will be a mystery no longer.

  • J. McNorton ( Mac)

    Hey guys this is an old fashion spinny top from the 1955.  I remember a toy flying sawsar I played with shapped just like this.  Some one is palying a joke on everyone.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003000884786 Navin R Johnson

    Looks like insects to me.

  • Margiekay06

    Thank you for doing this story.  People need to realize that UFO’s exist and to keep an open mind about the topic.  

  • http://www.abicana.com/shop2.htm Knut Holt

    Why are all these folks gathered there anyway.  Were the things so long up in the sky that they had the time to gather, and how many of them were there? They might be some kind of surveillance drones, but they might have got out of controle.

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