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Monday, November 12, 2012

Congress Looking For Answers On Petraeus Affair

This July 13, 2011, photo made available on the International Security Assistance Force’s Flickr website shows the former Commander of International Security Assistance Force and U.S. Forces-Afghanistan Gen. Davis Petraeus, left, shaking hands with Paula Broadwell, co-author of “All In: The Education of General David Petraeus.” (ISAF/AP)

Questions are being asked about who in the White House knew what when about the extramarital affair that prompted CIA Director David Petraeus to resign suddenly on Friday, and whether national security was compromised because of the affair.

The Washington Post is among the papers reporting that President Obama was notified on Thursday, a day after the news reached the White House.

The Senate Intelligence Committee will investigate why the FBI did not immediately notify the White House and Congress about their investigation of harassing e-mails sent by Petraeus’s lover, Paula Broadwell, to another woman. Broadwell is co-author of  the Petraeus biography “All In: The Education of General David Petraeus.”

A senior U.S. military official has identified the second woman as Jill Kelley, who lives in Florida. She has been described as a family friend of Petraeus and his wife, Holly. There is no suggestion that she has had an affair with Petraeus.

Here & Now’s May 2, 2006, interview with Lt. Gen. David Petraeus:


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  • Joanne

    It will be interesting how the left investigates this.

  • Gula

    Will we get real answers that the media actually reports to the people. Or will the news be sanitized, censored and filtered to fit what those who wanted Petraeus out?

    Gen. Petraeus was suppose to testify this week in front of Congress concerning the Benghazi incident.
    Conveniently he is ousted from his top position at the CIA.I recall from 1987 during the Reagan years with William Casey, the head of the CIA then.Casey was to testify in Congress about the Iran-Contra scandal.Hours before Casey was scheduled to testify before Congress related to his knowledge of Iran-Contra, he was reported to have been rendered incapable of speech, and was later hospitalized. Soon thereafter he died. So with the CIA, dead men tell no tales.
    Too bad the memories of the American people are so poor.Add to that the mainstream media and what it does and what it doesn’t cover in the news.
    Timing is everything in politics.
    “In politics nothing happens by accident, if it happens you can bet it was plannedthat way.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003000884786 Navin R Johnson

    I am not a huge fan of Gen. Petraeus, and I am glad there will not be a President Petraeus.  I also disagree with having a retired General running the CIA. 

    However, I think forcing him out for having an affair is very wrong on many levels.

  • Sam

    This couldn’t have been a military coup as soon have reported. That kind of stuff only happens in a Third World, which the US is fast approaching towards or only in the movies from Harlotwood.
    The excuse again will be sex related. Sex sells in America along with the other two components of American culture, namely Screen and Sport. Feed the sheep their slop to keep their attentions diverted.
    Even if Petraeus is the 5th high level official from the military that were forced out in the past 3 weeks. Hell, thats just a coincidence.
    No the reason again is SEX.
    What’s that old saying. If you tell a lie long enough the people will believe it.
    And then what Hitler said: How fortunate for governments that the people they administer 

  • Guest

    Men have no morals and everyone needs to read “Sexual Profiles of Men in Power” for it say it all. Men can’t keep their “little head” under control and it topples everything . Look at the Catholic Church or the Military or and or….

  • ted z

    General Petraeus, one more top military commander relieved  of his job by the cleansing action of the Obamination Regime. Another soldier who plotted against the Regime has been removed. But I’m sure there are others still plotting military coups against Obama and his gang of thugs from Chicago.
    Its been mentioned elsewhere that Mr. Petraeus is the 5th general in the past 3 weeks or so who lost his job due to sex or alcohol.
     Petraeus succumbed to the dirty tricks used by the CIA to discredit its enemies for decades. Those three main tools are: money, sex and drugs. Or a combination of all.
    History is littered with those who’s human weaknesses took the bait. Look at those members of Congress who fell for it.
    In the case of the Congress, the FBI was used. They are no better than the CIA. Both are tools for which the ruling class use to control those who refuse to “march to Washington’s tune”.
    Expect more cleansing in the future. 
    Sorry I don’t buy the garbage the mainstream media continues to feed the masses.
    As for Robin Young, she is just a tool in the media to be used. 
    William Colby, a former head of the CIA once stated:  “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” 

  • Sinclair2

    Interesting how this kind of news report attracts the conspiracy freaks.  I didn’t think they would be reading the news on  a public radio website.  Their comments should be on the Fox News website for congruency.

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