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Friday, November 9, 2012

Election 2012 Winners And Losers

Gay marriage and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida are on the list of “winners” in the 2012 elections. (AP)

Who won and who lost this election, besides Barack Obama and Mitt Romney?

Politics watcher Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post is among those writing lists of election “winners and losers.”

Some of his winners: women, young voters and empathy. His picks for losers include foreign policy and Donald Trump.

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  • Kkaplanmd

    Winners-the Affordable Care Act and people with pre-existing conditions.

  • Errol Wright

    The biggest
    looser?  Micth  McConnell, his #1 priority was to insure that
    President Obama would be a one term president. How’s that looking Mr. McConnell?

  • Mark Foisy

    In the losers column–Mitch McConnell; his publicly stated, most important job was making sure Obama was a one-term president.  This was a more important job than fixing an economy in free-fall.  He failed.

  • Nancy

    Winners:  Facts.  Arithmetic. 
    Losers:  Lying your way into office.

    • d_arcy_2

      Nancy, you have it exactly backwards.  Obama is a pathological liar.  Only a compliant press saved his kiester by looking the other way  time and time again as he Pinocchioed.

      • http://twitter.com/iserlohn iserlohn

        Keep living in the bubble!

        • d_arcy_2

          Say which?

  • Jamie Merrill

    One winner is Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg, who has been helping to hold the liberal line in the right-leaning court. I think she can safely retire and focus on her health now that she can rest easy knowing Pres. Obama will nominate an open-minded Justice.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003000884786 Navin R Johnson

    Mary Jane won 3 (or maybe 4?) and lost 2.   That’s a winning record.

  • PDPA

    I would argue that Mitt Romney is a winner.  Now he won’t have to deal with a Congress who doesn’t seem interested in compromising (judging from the attitudes shown by Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid, during their interview on “60 Minutes” last Sunday), nor will he have to deal with the Fiscal Cliff, the Middle East, China, and countless crises that a President is faced with.  He can sit back and enjoy his retirement (after all, he earned $37 M last year and without lifting a finger to do it…). 

  • Delos Johnson

    The state of Alabama lost by electing Roy Moore as head of the state Supreme Court. This was achieved because lazy Alabama voters chose the option to vote for ALL republican candidates instead of selecting individuals. 

  • John Moffatt

    For me the biggest winner in this election was the MUTE button on my TV.  In the old days you had to get up to avoid the partisan nonsense. 

  • David House

     As a member of the Bahá’í Faith, I am entirely apolitical, even while I attend carefully to current events and vote thoughtfully. As a matter of perception and belief, what I see is that religion loses when it gets entangled in politics.

    Religion should flee from politics as paper runs from fire, because religion is, or should be, about creating love for all mankind– creating unity– whereas politics aims at winning the fight… And because of that, more often than not politics becomes about creating the fight: fostering divisions, even if that destroys any and all wider benefit. Look around, it’s easy to see: Politics is destroying democracy, and it does the same favor for religion, for it cares for itself more than anything else. Where is the virtue– where is the value– in that?

    David House

  • Darrell Glaros

    Winner: Big Bird.

  • Brian Collins

    Winner!  Rush Limbaugh, for the Dems.  I think people have finally tired of Rush’s, eh,  “B.ubble S.hucks”, and have begun to move on.  Thankfully, he kicked the hive of ultra conservatives, and that brought out the Tea Party and some Mad Hatters, too.   And that was supposed to sway undecideds?   

  • Philipmarz

    Before everyone gets so excited about how ‘Big Money’ lost out to ‘the innate common sense of the American People’ (place your favorite cliches here), remember that Barack Obama won by only a scant 2.5% of the popular vote over one of the most unattractive candidates of modern times, one who ran a particularly inept campaign on a blatantly pro-oligarch, anti-female, anti-minority platform. I’d say that ‘Big Money’ PACs did a great job with such poor materials, will learn to refine their techniques, pick a more attractive representative for their message (perhaps an ‘acceptable’ minority face like Marco Rubio or Bobby Jindal who’d rather aspire to membership in the ‘Oligarch Club’ than remember that they are particularly lucky exceptions to the discrimination and poverty most of their kinsmen and -women experience).  With such a church-going, flag-waving ‘free market’ advocate — and look! he’s ‘non-white’! as their standard-bearer, a ‘Big Money’ Tea Party Know-Nothing resurgence is always possible, so long as we continue to protect corporate interests at the expense of societal ones.

    And go Calhoun High!

  • Jksbiddle

    Biggest losers are economy and the unemployed.  This administration has no clue.  They  never worked, nor do they understand business.  They understand throwing money at special interests to buy votes.

  • EricG

    Black (African American) republicans. The tone and reteric of of the GOP is suggesting that black Americans do not have a conservative view and/or a belief in free enterprise for economic growth. Their current fasination for Latino participation in the party is shameful. The issue is not one of ethnicity, but one of ideas to propel, propel the masses and not just a few.

    I became a republician in the early days of “trickle down” economics. Since that time, this policy, the political landscape, and the economic environment has changed. Regretfully, the GOP has Not changed.

  • Mark P

    Here in Arizona, the losers are moderates. Penzone (for Sherrif) and Rich Carmona (Senate) will likely never run for office again. Both were outsiders running as Democrats and both of them tried to run clean campaigns. We won’t see those good men again.

  • d_arcy_2

    BIG WINNERS:  The Left-Wing media,  e,g. NPR, NYT and  CBS.  Among the things they  let Obama and his surrogates get away with were lies about the Bengazi terrorist attack for more than  a month.  They then gushed over his showing up in New Jersey and New York after H. Sandy looking “presidential”.  (At least his handlers took a cue from the press’ castigation of George Bush’s poor showing after H. Katrina.)  Never mind that he could have been more effective  in his Washington office.  Now, what is the media going to demand as payback for saving his skin?  You can bet that it will be big bucks in one form or another.

    BIGGEST LOSERS: The American people,  For all the “analysts’” chatter about “caring”, the truth is that Obama  cares about Obama.  He behaves like a dictator, picking and choosing which laws to enforce, a power not granted to any President by the Constitution.  Look for an attempt to repeal the two-term limitation.

  • Pamouret

    My list of Losers is quite long but the ones i am most happy are.
    Sheldon Adelson and that would mean that very likely benjamin netanyahu in the next upcoming elections in Isreal, That Clown from from NY with his usual red top, obviously Mitchell McConnell, The Neo Cons, The Christian Right, Ted N , Boss Rove

    The biggest Winner is Big Bird and the middle class.

  • Vegasharoldlee

    Biggest loser? Clint Eastwood. Went from respected actor and director to crazy old grumpy white man.

  • StanChaz

    P-l-e-a-s-e  ….let the good professor explain “TRICKLE-DOWN-ECONOMICS” to you

    …since I know that it is a complex, difficult and often misunderstood term.

    After all, it’s things like this that keep Economics Professors like me in business, no? 

    I AM sorry that I left my graphs at home, but here goes, anyway:

    Well, basically ,there are two parts to this beautiful , time-tested theory. 

    The FIRST part is the “TRICK”le part. 

    You MUST realize, you must understand, and you must emphasize that this is ALL a trick. 

    The rich are the “tricksters, and you my poor friends, are the “trick-ees”.

    Do I make myself clear? Good, then we’ll go on to the second part.

    The SECOND part, dear students of the world, is the crucial “Trickle-DOWN” part. 

    That, my friend, simply means that the super-rich URINATE all over the rest of us

    …and then laugh all the way to their off-shore banks and tax-shelters.

    I hope that I have been helpful. Until next time -ask me anything-!

    - Professor America

    P.S. Bottom lone: the only acceptable looters are the super-rich.

    Anybody else is subject to arrest.


    99 % of the people is the Winner.
    The middle income people is the winner.
    Fox news, Rove, Rush, NRA, special interests are the LOSERS.
    WE NEED AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE like Germany or Canada!

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