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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Charlotte Restaurant Offers Homeless A Meal, A Job And Faith

We came across a trendy restaurant in Charlotte that raises questions about separation of church and state and the role of government in charities. It’s called The King’s Kitchen and serves up Southern comfort food from pan-fried chicken to creamed corn.


  • Jim Noble, Southern chef and owner of The King’s Kitchen

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  • Shumba

    From todays New Republic “the 2012 Democratic platform dropped another
    sentence from the 2008 version. That sentence? “We will ensure that
    public funds are not used to proselytize or discriminate.” It refers to
    the Bush-era policy, which President Obama has continued, of allowing
    faith-based organizations to discriminate when hiring employees using
    federal funds. Most religious conservatives fiercely support that policy
    (although they do so now silently) on the grounds that it protects the
    freedom of religious institutions.”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2FMDO2HG4GX7EGKCG7AIVTQOAM donald s

    Forcing people into a belief system just to get some food and help finding a job is the height of arrogance. This is not separation of church and state, it is a subtle form of fascism. I was homeless once, and no one ever said to me I had to take up a specific religion just to eat for the day.  This is just one more way of religion to break the spirit(?) of folks, not the other way around.

    • It

      So is it ok in your mind to force people to pay taxes and take that money and give it to someone else, but not ok for this person to give his money away with some stipulations attached? Your logic is the height of arrogance and I would say more fascist since you are the one intolerant of this man’s beliefs which are different from yours.

      • jefe68

        Really? This is what your answer is to this mans valid point?
        I would say you’re the poster boy for the height of arrogance.

  • Steve__T

    Great work Jim, God bless you I wish you continued success.

  • San Diego listener

    Did I hear the comment that King’s Kitchen does its good work without any government support?  Nonsense.  As a non-profit it pays no state or federal income taxes.  The government may not actually  cut a check to the kitchen, but when  it relieves an non-profit from the obligation to pay taxes, it most certainly is providing government support.     Does King’s Kitchen pay property taxes at the same rate as a for-profit restaurant down the street, or is it exempt from property taxes?   If it is exempt, then it is receiving government support.  The financial form 990 that non-profits file with the IRS requires much less detail and often provides much less transparency than the tax returns filed by for-profit entities.  Such special treatment certainly counts as government support.  Someone should call King’s Kitchen to task for this  claim-  maybe you folks?  

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