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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What Songs Say Charlotte To You?

Artist Anthony Hamilton.

From James Taylor’s “Carolina In My Mind” to Cledus T. Judd’s “I Love Nascar,” some songs seem to scream Charlotte, North Carolina.

Roland Wilkerson, assistant features editor at the Charlotte Observer, put together a playlist he says helps describe the ever-evolving city for visitors to the Democratic National Convention.

What music comes to mind when you think of Charlotte? Tell us in our comments section or on our Facebook page or Tweet us.

A Charlotte, North Carolina Playlist

  • Anthony Hamilton, “Comin’ from Where I’m From” (Radio Mix)
  • Arthur Smith, “Dueling Banjos”
  • Earl Scruggs, “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” (Instrumental)
  • Dave McCarn, “Cotton Mill Colic”
  • Cledus T. Judd, “I Love Nascar”
  • Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs, “Stay” (Remastered 2003)
  • James Taylor, “Carolina In My Mind”


  • Roland Wilkerson, assistant features editor at the Charlotte Observer

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  • Guest

    The Avett Brothers for sure. Can’t go wrong with “Salvation Song” or any number of other songs written and honed while they played the small clubs of Charlotte. Now they sell out the coliseum.

  • Guest

    The Avett Brothers!!

  • Bo

    James Taylor’s “Carolina in My Mind…..all the way to the Drive By Truckers “Puttin’ People on the Moon”.  Varied and rich music all around.

  • Guest

    Paper Tongues is an incredible band who’s members call the Queen City their home. “Rich and Poor”is a favorite track!

  • Suzanne

    “Stay” by Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs,a great Charlotte band and one I saw in high school

  • Klbrooks

    I never heard about Anthony Hamilton until about a year ago when I picked up his “Back to Love” album. I was blown away with his soulful stylings.

  • Chris Daltry

    for your songs about Charlotte list – my band the ‘Mericans has a song called “Charlotte” and while we’re out of Rhode Island, i lived in Charlotte and nearby Clover, SC when i was growing up in the 1970s. anyway, our song isn’t necessarily about Charlotte the City, but maybe living there had a say in writing the song:



    and we wholeheartedly support Barack Obama and Democrats in this election cycle!

  • Alex Ashlock, Here and Now

    They’re not Charlotte but they are North Carolina, a shout out to the dbs, “Big Brown Eyes.”

  • Alex Ashlock, Here and Now

    And producer extraordinaire Mitch Easter, Let’s Active “Every Dog Has Its Day”

  • Prince Billy

    Junior Astronomers — Settle Down. They are a good representation of what’s going on now in Charlotte. Cool sound, incredible energy, emerging nationally

  • Queen City Soul

    Entirely fitting is Sonja Grier’s “Right Here, Right Now” (iTunes), her anthemic UK club hit of 2006.  Written, produced, and recorded in Charlotte, it is one of her many charted singles released on Charlotte’s neo-soul label, Spirit Records.  Sonja Grier is a graduate of UNC Charlotte, and is a career employee with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System.  Just how “Charlotte” can you get?     

  • Kymbwe

    The Catalina’s were formed in 1957!  Great Beach Music and Cover Band from the Queen City!

  • Charrr

    Charlotte, NASCAR, stock cars, running moonshine

    Robert Mitchum – “Thunder Road” (movie and song)

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