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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tampa Tea Party Fights Public Spending On Infrastructure

The city of Tampa hopes to get a big boost from the Republican National Convention there this week. The 1988 bestseller “Megatrends,” declared Tampa America’s next great city.

But there’s been little infrastructure investment, the downtown is empty at night and The Tampa Bay Online reports that behind the scenes, business owners have begun to talk about providing political cover for officials looking to invest. Cover from whom?

From increasingly vocal Tea Partiers who object to spending, some of them citing a theory that intelligent land use management is a UN conspiracy.

Tea Partiers have successfully stopped a transportation tax that would allow for the creation of a city light rail service. Some local businesses think that Tea Party efforts are slowing investments in the area.


  • Sharon Calvert, co-founder of the Tampa Tea Party

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  • guest

    This Teabagger Lady is delusional! 

    • TribalGuitars

       Is there one that isn’t?

  • Bea

    Difficult to take someone seriously with wound up shrillness.
    Ms. Calvert tone it down, please.

  • Dan F

    Best comment in the interview, “I don’t enough about that. . . ” when referring to the fact that both the Ryan and Obama Healthcare plans cost shift 700 million dollars. When in doubt, pretend you don’t have to know your facts. An unprepared interviewee. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Wilcox/1508044264 Jim Wilcox

    Tampa weather not good enough to ride a bike? Or walk? Rains too much??? What does she want?

    Signed, Jim cyclist in Eugene, Oregon

  • http://twitter.com/kmthurman Kevin Thurman

    They didn’t stop the referendum — the economy, national turnout trends and a rushed lackluster campaign did. They just take the credit. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HUHWX4TIAZRFNFYCWUE43OZDUQ 7LeagueBoots

    How is it that anyone believes republicans when they say they’re for “fiscal responsibility and small government”?  Every time one of them gets in office they spend more money and increase the size of the government radically.  They all talk one way and act in the opposite, yet their followers still believe the words rather than the actions.  

    • TribalGuitars

      One of the best political cartoons I saw was right after Obama took office, when the Republicans suddenly started claiming they were the party of fiscal responsibility (after 2 unfunded wars, 2 unfunded tax breaks, blowing through a $250M+ surplus, giving Wall St a bailout with no strings, etc…) was an Elephant accepting the Oscar for “Best Actor as  Fiscal Conservative for the Last Eight Years”.

  • Robert S.

    Born w/o a clue.  FL has some of the worst planning, including those precious retirement villages.  How on earth will the people in most need of health care get to those services w/o public transit?  My parents lived in such a FL village and had to drive 30-60 minutes to get to the hospital or VA.

  • Lkiff2

    Wow! Did this woman utter a single accurate remark? How did America get so dumbed down?

    • TribalGuitars

       They do it on purpose.  Norman Ornstein of the conservative think tank the American Enterprise Institute has said flat out that the Republican party is denying fact, science, history, and experience.  It’s taking Stephen Colbert’s “truthiness” to another level, perhaps several levels. 

  • OkieJim

    Wow!  Great job fiding this interviewee.  Quite enlightening.  I especially liked the comments below from the cyclist and re: Medicare.  I was kind of unsure where the Tea Bagger stood on that issue.

  • Medawkins

    I can’t listen to people like her talk. They’re perspective starts 3 1/2 years ago and would have anything the previous 8 years of Bush did as completely not important!!! ARGHHHH. She really believes that the solution to all our social problems is for people in need to look to charities and family!!!!! Obviously she has absolutely zero awareness of the poor houses of 20s and 30s and how these were faaar from satisfactory. 

    • TribalGuitars

       People like her deliberately ignore fact, history, and experience. They “forget why Medicare and other social safety nets were put in place, which is because too many elderly and poor weren’t being taken care of by church, charity, and family alone. 

      Bread for the World recently crunched the numbers and EVERY religious place (church, synagogue, mosque, temple, et al) would have to pony up $50,ooo EACH for TEN YEARS just to aid those that need help THIS YEAR.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QMNQF6D22ZQIWHUEAS4UISUQVA DP

    Ms. Calvert’s response to the first question was defensive which for me set the entire tone for this conversation. I don’t disagree with some of what she said, but the way she said it made me want to tune out.

  • BHA_in_Vermont

    Nice finishing comment.
    SC: Obama’s plan takes $X out of medicare
    RY: So does Ryan’s
    SC:  I don’t know enough about that, everything Obama has done is bad.

    What a loser. “I don’t understand the plans, but that one is wrong.”

    How much tax payer (Florida and U.S.) money was spent to spruce up Tampa for the RNC convention?

    People can’t walk in Tampa because of afternoon thunderstorms? I agree, they can be fierce, but are there nasty T-Storms all afternoon 365 days a year? No, I didn’t think so. People can’t walk because, as Robin said, there is no infrastructure to allow it. Don’t want to spend money on infrastructure? Fine, but don’t blame the weather.

    • TribalGuitars

       Notice how garbled her answers got, if her sentences didn’t just trail off and stop before she could answer? No facts, just opinion based on a rubber-stamp ideology.

  • Ryan

    as a young professional, and life-long Tampa Bay area resident, that ABSOLUTE LAST thing I want is Ms. Calvert, or anybody who thinks the same way she done, making any decisions on community investments and improvements 

  • SuzanneNYC

    The Tea Party wants to take us back to the world as it was ca 1900 — some mythical America that never was.  This is not a blueprint for the future.  Interesting that although she doesn’t want the government interfering in our lives, she doesn’t want anyone touching her mother’s Medicare.  And she sees no inconsistency in this.  Lord help us….

  • TribalGuitars

    It’s not just that she doesn’t know the facts, she seems to take pride in being deliberately ignorant of it, which is so indicative of the Republican Party, the Tea Party in particular. 

    This woman said she didn’t that Ryan’s plan also cuts  $700M+ from Medicare  and that she probably should know. Ya’ think?! This woman represents her state and an agenda, yet she doesn’t know facts that she admits she should. I’d like to know why. Perhaps it so she can have some kind of plausible deniability if someone cornered her on it? Maybe she should also know that in Ryan’s plan that the $700M is just stripped, vs Obamacare where it’s made up in the insurance mandate and penalties on those not getting insurance.

    BTW, I lived in and around Tampa and no one walks if they don’t have to because it’s just too hot! Go more than a short block  in a suit during Augustand you might as well have jumped into a pool of your own sweat.  That’s always a good look (and odor) at a business meeting or job interview.  So everyone uses their air conditioned cars to run even the smallest errand, which is why it took me  over an hour to drive within the city because EVERYONE is in a car.  The same drive might have taken  me maybe 20 minutes before 8am or after 6pm. 

     Light rail in town, and to the suburbs like Lutz, Odessa, Brandon would be HUGE, cutting down on travel time and hassle. 

  • http://twitter.com/tarammason Tara Mason

    Listening to this interview was almost painful.

  • Tlcm

    This is typical of most tea-party positions…. “I’ve got mine and I want to keep it.  Let someone else worry about how to preserve its value in the long run. Not my problem.”  Heaven help us if this disorganized, disgruntled and generally uneducated group of simplistic’s succeed in riling up the ignorant masses.

  • Seraphaeme

    Sharon Calvert is a truly terrifying representation of what the right wing of the Republican party has become. Her voice strained of selfishness and ignorance, hyped up with a “free market” jingoisms.  
    Thanks Robin –sadly– for opening my eyes to this insanity. 

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