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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Will The Real South Boston Please Stand Up?

Ever since the 1997 film “Good Will Hunting,” the neighborhood of South Boston has been a favorite choice for Hollywood producers to set films with accents and attitudes. Think “Mystic River,” “Gone, Baby, Gone” and “The Departed.”

Now TV reality shows are hoping to capitalize on the “Southie” buzz. Last year’s arrest of South Boston native son and reputed mobster James “Whitey” Bulger only fueled the race to be the first show to capture “the real Southie” and its characters. There are now as many as five companies developing programs.

One of them, 495 Productions, is responsible for the Jersey Shore reality show and that has many South Boston residents worrying that their neighborhood will be portrayed in a less-than-flattering light. As lifelong South Boston resident Maureen Dahill tells Here & Now‘s Robin Young, “You just knew it was not going to be good. It was going to be very cheesy….and we just don’t want our neighborhood exploited.”


  • Maureen Dahill, co-founder of the website Caught in Southie
  • Peter Gailunas, a Boston firefighter, husband of Maureen Dahill

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GWBV2FUY3OBYX3RNK6I44QSC7I Kwum

    I’m seriously surprised at NPR’s Robin Young gushing over a reality show focused on the most notoriously racist city in the northeast. It boggles the mind how people have such short memories and attempt now to do spin control and romanticize a town whose inhabitants terrorized anyone of color who dared enter ” their neighborhood”…
    It may do you well to instead interview adults who.. as little black school children were pelted with bricks /rocks /eggs by south boston irish adults replete with vile racist epithets hurled.. at SCHOOLCHILDREN who were bused into that dangerous neighborhood for school..
    It really shocked and saddened me how NPR of all radios stations chose to mitigate the vile racism of south boston irish and label it “tribalism”.. I sat listening as NPR interviewed a south boston inhabitant who glibly dismissed this fact…” um…our town has been depicted very badly …. no we were not racist back then… I dont think so” then went on to say ” yuppies moved in and got beaten up by some residents as well…”
    Really?  Instead of quality journalism all the listeners got was ” so do you think this is part of southie tribalism”?  Were the KKK burning crosses on the lawns of Black residents being ” tribal” as well? Shame on you NPR and shame on TLC for the collective “pass” south boston undeservedly gets ..

    • South Boston resident

       For you to paint such broad strokes and generalize is not fair.  Not everyone from South Boston was a racist.  Not everyone in South Boston hates “yuppies”.  It is a small group of people who make bad decisions to do bad things, and the entire community is left with the stereotype attached.  Almost 40 years later, you are referring to all people from South Boston as racist.   It seems like you have a lot of hate in your heart for South Boston – I’m sorry that you had such a negative experience but I assure you not everyone in South Boston is how you’ve described.  

      • MSted

        I was a Herald reporter ON the 1st bus that rolled into Southie filled with kids from across town.  The rocks didn’t start until some kids on the bus threw their middle fingers at the crowd lining the street.  I believe the crowd’s anger was not racial, but frustration directed at the class-based antagonism they now feel is coming from the White House.  Not race- but class-warfare; a note from Lenin’s book, “What is to be Done” and the Russian discrimination vs. Jews and other minorities when the Soviets took over.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mike.mckeon3 Mike McKeon

       Not in MY Days… Grow and and Learn “Things change”, we had colored kids in my school, didn’t treat them any different, I went to Parochial Schools and B.C High…

  • A South Boston Irish Adult

    I’m seriously surprised at Kwum’s ignorence. You lable an entire town as racist based on what a handfull of people did some 40 years ago. Do you have proof that all or any of those people were Irish,I doubt it. You also compare what happend in Southie to what the KKK did. It’s clear who the real racist is(it’s you kwum,in case you can’t figure it out for your self) you owe the people of South Boston, and the Irish an apology, but I doubt your a big enough person to do that. Do everyone a great service and keep your comments to your self.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GWBV2FUY3OBYX3RNK6I44QSC7I Kwum

      Your steeped in denial ignorance is what perpetuates and sustains the arrogance that is South Boston.. Its comically sad now youre going to actually deny that any of all of  south boston residents are Irish? really?  “Irish Pride”..” Southie Irish pride”.. guess none of that rings any bells huh?
      See your inaccuate and disengenuous defense that it was only a handful of people also supports the negative image of south bostons arrogant denial.. In case you dont know your own history… There were countless South boston residents screaming about southie irish pride.. led by none other than head kluxer..er city councilor leader “Jimmy kelly” ( guess he was a middle eastern guy huh?) who was a vitriolic unabashed racist psycho who was fully supported by south bostons residents inciting violence against anybody black who dared enter south boston and promised residents to keep south boston IRISH..This piece of crap was repeatedly re-elected because he reflected the prevailing racism mentality of south boston.. funny how this small “handful of people” somehow got him re-elected… 
       - I guess whitey bulger ( another sick  bigot) wasnt irish either huh?
      Albert “Dapper” O’Neil ( another non irish guy huh?) said a Vietnamese neighborhood in Fields Corner reminds him of “Saigon, for Chrissakes. Makes you sick.” He’s reelected as well..
      I guess youre also not aware of the south boston IRISH pub who depicted MONKEYS in the window of the dump  declaring it was for ” Black History Month.”. And not a one citizen stepped forward to complain.. In fact their patronage increased..Charming.
        Oh and the 27 yo white guy who made the mistake of strolling into another IRISH pub in south Boston.. with his friend who is Black.. care to guess what happend?  They were attacked and beaten by southie goons ,with the n** word thrown around more than a Klan rally..The inicident was all but unreported in the media// wow the Irish and their fun loving ” tribalism”
      Lets not forget the irish err. Middle eastern congressman  steven lynch born and raised in south boston – fully supported by south bostons residents who as a lawyer offered to defend south boston goons FREE of charge who commited hate crimes against non irish people who dared venture into good ole southie.
      Where were the Irish voices in south boston decrying and denoucing the hate crimes, the bigots like jimmy kelly, louise day hicks,  steve lynch etc..? 
      Dead silence = Support. No voices confronting the bigots among them.. 
      As long as the Irish in South Boston reacts as you do  to this ugliness with denial and dismissing it as ” it was a long time ago… ( actually it wasnt all that long ago )  South Boston will never shake the stigma and plight of being the most racist city in the north..

      • Jlmullin66

        Well done to you. You have illustrated MY point that you are ignorant and a racist to perfection.  What’s comically sad is you think I said that there are no Irish in South Boston, what I said was that you could not prove that the people who threw rocks,bricks,and eggs at school children were Irish. Also not all South Boston residents are Irish.               My so called defense that it was only a handful of people that caused all the trouble is not inaccurate or disengenuous, it’s fact.    I do know my history, I grew up during forced busing, Did you?  The countless South Boston residents you say were screaming about Southie Irish pride, were screaming about their children being bused across the city when there were schools down the street.                               As far as your comments about Jimmy Kelly, first, he was not a city councilor at that time. Second, when he was a councilor, his district was not just South Boston, it included the South End, and Chinatown. Third, he did not promise to keep South Boston Irish because South Boston was never all Irish. And finally he was not a vitriolic unabashed racist psycho as you said, he was in fact a better man than you could ever hope to be(if you are a man, I’m not sure what kind of name kwum is). He got re-elected because he did his job well and took care of the people in his district.                            Since you brought up whitey bulger, all I’ll say is that the things he did do not reflect the people of South Boston. By the way, how many of the 19 or so people he is accused of murdering were black?                         As far as “Dapper” O’Neil, I do agree that he was a huge bigot, he was not from South Boston, get your facts straight(oh thats right, you can’t be bothered with facts).               As far as the Irish pub who depicted monkeys in the window, it was not in the window, it was over the bar where you had to be in the bar to see it, and the only one who declared it was for “black history month” was a reporter who refused to testify at any hearings,(he most likely did not want to be charged with perjury).  The other incident I don’t recall. If it was all but unreported in the media, it most likely was not a racial incident(maybe someone mouthed off to the wrong person and got his ass handed to him). And so what if Steve Lynch offers to defend ANY one for ANY reason he wants. He most likely believes they were innocent.                      Yes I do have cajones, and I still say you owe the people of South Boston, and Irish people an apology,  and no I will not gather the good ole Irish South Boston residents together for any apologies, because the whole town does not owe any apologies to any one. You find out who the people who threw the rocks, bricks, eggs at the school children were, and we will have them give an apology.

        • Kwumey

          Really? wow are you really this dumb or just play one online?  Youre actually here DENYING FACTS and DEFENDING  the south boston racist thugs who attacked those small innocent children because of the color or their skin..wow Thats a new low 

          Congrats! You’ve PERFECTLY PROVEN MY POINT.. Youre not only a racist and a coward but also a LIAR..
          You’ve told so many lies in fact not sure where to begin..
          - denying most if not ALL of the goons attacking those children were IRISH

          - LYING about southie Kluxer jimmy kelly ( may he rot in peace) OBVIOUS and established connection to South Boston and yes he WAS  a city councillor and the front spokeman for southie bigots ( like yourself)
          Fail again

          - LYING saying I said ALL residents of South Boston are Irish

          - LYING and defending the goons who attacked innocent school children claiming it was only about ” their children being bused across the city when there were schools down the street”
          Really? Is that why they were terrorizing little children WHILE screaming ni**ers and other racist slurs at them? Fail again

          -LYING about whitey Bulger defending this murderous pos who was a KNOWN racist as well who proclaimed to the boston herald :that lil black n**er kids would never enter Southie as long as he is around”
          I guess that was his stunt double huh? Fail again

          - LYING about the IRISH pub in south boston placing the monkeys in the WINDOW ( as if it makes a difference where they were placed) when the OWNER of the Bar said to the REPORTER when asked that it was for Black history month..  Fail again

          - LYING about the LEGACY of hate crimes and racism in South Boston calling it a “handful” of people.
          Fail AGAN

           - LYING about stephen lynch.. yes he does believe those irish goons were innocent. as do you obviously.. all RACISTS are morally void of any sense of right or wrong when it comes to their racism.

          YOU people are a disgrace to Boston and put an ugly stain on the city..Thanks to people like you, Boston has the distinction of being every bit if not more racist than many southern towns.
          The more you lie , deny and defend hateful bigots .. the more it becomes apparent their either YOU or people you obviously know were participants in the racist attack on those children..
          Youre a coward and a disgrace to all GOOD IRISH people that your kind Shame..

          • Jlmullin66

            Here we go again, I wish I was getting paid to correct you, I’d be a rich man.     So now I’m a racist, coward, and a liar.       Did you suffer some sort of head trauma, or were you born the way you are? Actually the point I have proven is that you have no idea what your talking about.     The first thing you need to do is look up the definition of liar(or have someone look it up and read it to you).                               I  did not deny that any of the people who attacked those children were Irish, you claim that they were all Irish and I asked you to show proof of that, which you have not done.                      As far as Jimmy Kelly, I never said there was no connection to South Boston, in fact he was born, raised, and he died in South Boston, and I am proud to have known him.   Also I never said he was not a city councilor, I said he was not a councilor at that time. He was elected in 1983, look it up idiot. He was not a racist or a bigot(like yourself).              I was not defending “goons who attacked innocent school children”, I was defending people protesting that their children were being bused  across the city. They were not the same people. Again I grew up then, did you?                  I did not, and would never defend any thing whitey bulger did, what I said was that the things he did do not reflect the people of South Boston. Go back and read what I wrote(or have someone read it to you) idiot.   As far as the Irish pub placing monkeys in the bar, the owner never said that it was for black history month to the reporter. The reporter said it was “someone in the bar”, and would not testify as to who said it . Probably because he was lying.             As far as Steve Lynch, how exactly did I lie about him? All I said was he has a right to defend any one he wants, for any reason he wants. Seriously, look up the definition of liar.                     You know that all racists are morally void of any sense of  right or wrong when it comes to their racism because you are a bigger racist than any of the people who attacked the little school children.  You are a disgrace to any city, state, or country on this entire planet  You attack a whole town based on what a handful, thats right I said it again, handful of people did. It must be lonely in your sad little world. I doubt any one would want to be associated with a sick, twisted, racist, moron like youself.         By the way, if you have the guts to call me a racist, liar, or coward to my face, name the time and place

          • Kwumey

            Broken record much? I dint even bother to waste another second of my life reading your incoherant drivel.. Youre much like a dog vomiting  then returning to eat its own vomit..undoubtedly you come back to repeat the same tired LIES./ DENIALS/ and excuses… 

            I will always engage a debate that is
            - intellectual
            - honest
            - articulate
            all which you sadly LACK..Its like trying to reason with a pathological criminal who has – zero remorse - zero empathy. zero intellect.

             IN all honesty one thing is becoming very apparent: I suspect that you’re a heavy drinker who needs scapegoats to blame for your own failed existence and racism is just your crutch of choice to prop up your lack of self esteem like the rest of the bigots infesting your town…
            You are the moral and intellectual equivalent of your southern redneck kkk counterpart who has never ventured beyond the trailer park and views other thru a lens of sterotypes and race hate…

            Your utter and obvious ignorance  just renders and reduces you to a  sad ignorant clown to be mocked and pitied.  .  Are you even aware that you are typical of what people think of the old south boston residents and the reason why south boston is regarded nation wide as racist  uneducated Irish trash. ?( yuppies being exempt)

            Here is a suggestion for you: Maybe if you got out of that racist dump called “southie” you could actually get to know people as people.. not as a color..Its not too late..You would actually learn something.. you would actually have some empathy and MOST of all.. you could actualy drop your racist hatred of  people who do not look like you.. and can actually get to meet and know people who do not have surnames like” sullivan-murphy-lynch-obrien kelly etc’…

            Overall – It boggles the mind that a grown man would actually DEFEND adults attacking and assaulting innocent children because of race..
            Guess what?You are no different from the Taliban. Perhaps worse-  because the Taliban at least are HONEST about who they hate.. You just take the coward way out and deny deny deny..


          • A South Boston Irish adult

            I’m getting tired of this.     Why don’t you have someone look up intellectual, honest, and articulate for you and tell you what they mean because none of  your  comments even comes close to any of those words.                  By the way “dint” real intellectual kwuney.                        Not that it’s any of your business, but I have been sober for about 20 years, and I’m quite successful in my life, so I don’t need  any kind of crutch, and my self esteem is just fine, unlike you who spends his time spewing racist rants all over the internet.                Are you aware that every time you post a comment here, or anywhere else, your proving just how ignorant, and how big a racist you are? Probably not, because you keep coming back with more mouth diarrea.                         As far as your suggestion goes, I do go out of Southie often, and I know people of many races and nationalities, DO YOU?  Some I like better than some of my white friends. You should look up “friends” so you know what I’m talking about because I doubt you have any, and probably don’t know what the word means.               I have a suggestion for you, why don’t you get out of your mothers basement and do something productive with your sad, pathetic life, and stop being a burden on the world.                  I guess I have to correct once again. I am not defending adults attacking and assaulting innocent children, I’m defending the people of South Boston, and Irish people who had nothing to do with that.                               As far as you taliban comment, now your just reaching because you know your wrong in every sense of the word.            One more thing, useing words like, intellectual, honest, and articulate, does not mean they would ever apply to you.

          • Kwumey .

            Youre getting tired? Not surprising..Defending bigotry and hate without conscience has to be a heavy burden for you.. yet somehow you cant seem to evolve..
            Sorry I wont attend your pity party.. So youre a drunk.. . most alcaholics need scapegoats to cope with their miserable lives..

            With all  the lies and pathetic denials you spewed.. you have not once expressed a shred of empathy for those traumatized innocent children assulted by Irish adult goons in your beloved “southie”..

            Instead in your booze soaked bigotted haze, you have the vulgar audacity to attempt to depict the racist thugs as the victims… This only reveals that you indeed must be one of those vermin.
            You of course are not as stupid as you come across online with all your ranting nonsense.. you are very aware that south boston is infested with racist irish scumbags and only in recent years the yuppies have thankfully saturated the “irish bigot drunkard goon” element in that city..

            The glaring proof of the utter sad failure of lifelong south boston resident to evolve beyond their racist persona is that .. to this very day.. irish south bostonites like YOU continue to deny that they did anything wrong.. continue to close ranks and defend attacking innocent children simply because of skin color and like true cowards “pretend” that it was only about busing.. when it was ALL about race.. and making those innocent children scapegoats and pawns in your collective sick bigotry…
            NOBODY .. not ONE person from the south boston bussing debacle has manned up and stepped forward to denounce the shameful vile disgusting attack on those children and the COUNTLESS hate crimes against others in that city. Not one..
            Your collective guilt reeks. claiming the years of countless HATE CRIMES were only done by a “handful of non Irish”.. not only exposes you as a unmitigated BIGOT .. it exposes you as a patholgical LIAR.

            Im guessing you have learned NOTHING  from the 12 step program huh?

          • A South Boston Irish Adult

            Accually, I’m tired because I have to continuously correct you in the many, many ways that you are wrong. And I never once defended bigotry and hate,so there is no burden on me at all.                        I’m going to help you with this next part.       The definition of SOBER is: 1. habitually abstemious in the use of alcoholic liquors or drugs. 2. not intoxicated or affected by the use of alcohol or drugs. So you see, I’m NOT a DRUNK, NOT in a BOOZE SOAKED BIGOTTED HAZE, and I AM  a RECOVERING(look it up yourself) alcoholic, you idiot. See I had a problem and I did something about it, What’s your excuse? Oh yeah, you can’t fix stupid.    Oh and in another way that you are nothing but wrong, I am not in the 12 step program,  although A.A. is fine for those who need it, I, like some other sober people do not. And if I EVER needed a pity party, I definitely would not want YOU there. I’m actually starting to pity you. It must be hard to wake up every morning and realize that YOUR YOU.                 I don’t know what happened to you in your life to fill you with so much hate, but you need some serious help. Unfortunately it may be to late for you because it’s probably so deeply rooted in you body and tiny mind, that it might be inpossible to fix you. But you really need some professional help. At the very least maybe they will find you mentally unfit, and commit you to a psyhiatric hospital before you hurt someone.           I have to say you were right about one thing. I did not in fact express empathy for what happened to those children, and for that I apologise to them, not you. What they went through was an atrocity that should not have happened, but again, you can’t blame the whole town of South Boston, and Irish people for this.          And speaking of the little school children, I think it is YOU who owe them an apology . You use them as a basis for your HATEFUL,RACIST, ranting. You call me a coward, yet you hide behind these children to try and justify the ridiculous B.S. you spread across the internet.  I’m sure if someone were to ask any of those children if they would want someone like YOU defending them, I bet they would say ABSOLUTELY  NOT!                      One more thing, useing words like, unmitigated, audacity, and empathy, does not make you seem intelligent, I think everyone can see through that.

          • Kwumey

            YOU drunks are all the same.. YOU cant take responsibility

          • Ted

            Stop being a dick kwumey white children where bused in to black neighborhoods to and do u think the black families liked that no one liked busing it was Terrible thing and it destroyed the Boston public schools and southie wasent the only white neighborhood that had problems Charlestown was worse just not as well know

          • Ronald baker

            What’s wrong with being a drunk which is what he is he said he didn’t go to meetings in order to be considered a acholic you have to go to the stupid meetings other wide your a drunk and there of many people in southie that where agents busing and like and have freinds who are black they just didn’t want to send there children across the city to go to school when there was a school right down the street and call me racist all u want but it’s a true statement white schools are better than schools it’s a fact so parents in southie had to also send there kids across the city to black neighborhood that is one of of the most dangerous neighborhood in Boston to to go to school when they have a better school down the street that is reduclous would want to send your kid across the city blacks and whites where agents it so to call the people of southie all racist would be judgmental

          • Ronald baker

            I know you will call me stupid cause I suck at English and I dont read over what I wrote but there is rasism everywhere and everyone is a little rasism and most stereotypes are based on truth i don’t care if people say its wrong to say why is it there is also a difference between hate and rasism know I know they threw ricks at the busses what tpa guarding the buses they had so much power and just attack random southie people including children they where distanced because they where do bad

          • mplo

            It’s very true that racism exists throughout our society (it has from day one!) and throughout the world, generally. I do, however, beg to differ with you somewhat regarding stereotypes and stereotyping. Stereotyping is often based on certain traits/tendencies that’re present in one segment of any given racial, religious or ethnic group and blown out of proportion by people who are either ignorant and don’t know any better, or by people who’ve had numerous negative experiences with specific members of a given group(s), and therefore tend to reduce all members of such a group(s) to the lowest common denominator, if one gets the drift.

            Examples of rather prevalent stereotypes are, in no particular order:

            A) Palestinians/Arabs-Terrorists or oil shieks.

            B)Jews as super-rich, passive, ‘shyster with money”, greedy, etc.

            C) Irish as racists, drunks, brawlers and street criminals

            D) Italians as Mafioso figures, opera singers or buffoons

            E) Blacks as street criminals.

            While there is a segment in each population that does fit such stereotypes, these particular segments are not the majority of such populations. Unfortunately, however, these are stereotypes that come to the forefront of a lot of people’s minds, and that’s when they become stereotypes, if one gets the drift.

          • Kwumey

            See the very fact youre out here condoning violence against innocent children mirrors the fact that the 12 step program has taught you NOTHING..
            and yes you are a DRUNK. ALL alcaholics are.. You may stop drinking for a while but you will always be an alcaholic. Alcaholics are the most SELFISH people walking this planet- You typify that . YOu cant even ADMIT that youre a drunk.. you ” had a problem” huh? Obviously you have a boatload of issues.. being a bigot and a drunk is just 2..
            People who are good and treat others well dont need to drown their evils in a bottle to deal with life… This is the PATHOLOGY of bigotry.. look at you .. Its actually taken you over a WEEK of yammerin your nonsense to even express an ounce of empathy or pity for those kids because you were too busy DEFENDING THE  SOUTH BOSTON irish TRASH  who attacked them…. How can you sleep at night being so void of decency? What did these kid ever do to you to engender such hate and apathy in you? I really dont know and dont care why.. All I know is that you should be aware that karma is real and you succumbing to being a drunk is only ONE aspect of payback that life has dealt you.When you do evil and have malice in your heart.. It always comes back to you.. Or did you not learn this as you sat up in your Irish Catholic Church when then molestor ( priests) were preaching about being a good christian?

      • callahan888

        Mr. Kwum, what happened over 40 years ago is done. I am Irish my family lived in Southie & we celebrated St Patty’s day every year with a open house, food for all, not one person was ever turned away, because of color. You are just a poor person, whose only talent is to rehash, things that have gone by 40 years ago, you have nothing worthy or intelligent to say, about todays society, what children need to get ahead, like hey lets start with a “Education” because as everyone knows “if you do not learn from your mistakes, you are doomed to keep repeating them”. With people like you spouting their mouths off an inciting the most vulnerable of our society, the children. This is what will keep happening, not just here, but everywhere. Instead of going forward, people like you choose to live in the past & keep yelling about the past. You are nothing but a danger to our children, especially the already troubled ones, who at the crossroads. If they listen to you, they will end up dead or in jail, because of you.
        Growing, teaching, moving forward, show our children, yes what it was like, in the true actual facts, the changes that ensued since then, teach the next generation, by working together as humans, we can accomplish it all & they will learn quickly, people like you, are to left in the dust, where you belong.

  • A South Boston Irish Adult

    To kwumey,  I need to put a stop to this, it’s like talking to a wall except the wall is more intelligent. Nothing you write makes any sense. All I’ll say is you are WRONG about South Boston, WRONG about the Irish, WRONG about ME, and basiclly WRONG about everything you feel the need to comment on. You are a SAD, PATHETIC, excuse for a human being. Look up the word HYPOCRITE, it describes you to a TEE. If KARMA is real you should be very, very afraid because it’s going to come back at you with a vengeance.   Seriously get some help, FAST, you are a VERY SICK  indivvdual. And please STOP polluting the world with the IDIOTIC, HATEFUL, RACIST, CRAP you somehow think passes for intelligent commentary. GET HELP!

  • MStreet Park

    Most of the true South Boston people who had lived there when Whitney was in charge have moved away and it has now turned into a yuppie haven most do not even have a Boston Accent so ,, why bother filming there now 

    • mstreet park


    • A South Boston Irish Adult

      M street park, I used to hang up M street park.

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