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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Firearm Sales Surge After Colorado Shooting

In Colorado Wednesday, family and friends will remember 51-year-old Gordon Cowdon, the oldest victim in last week’s theater shooting and the first to be buried. He had taken his two teenaged children to see the batman premiere.

And after the deadly shooting last week, gun sales are up across the country, not just in Colorado.

Dick Rutan, owner of the Gunner’s Den in Arvada, Colorado, told the Associated Press his phone is ringing off the hook for concealed-weapon training certification, but he’s not selling guns to everyone who walks in the door.

“I have flat out told people you know I don’t like your manner, I don’t like the way you collect yourself. If I smell alcohol on somebody’s breath, I don’t care how much money they have,” he said.

And as Michael Bender reports in Bloomberg, background checks are also up in Colorado.

Background checks for gun purchases spiked 41 percent in Colorado after 12 people were killed inside a suburban Denver movie theater, according to state data. In the four days after the July 20 shooting, dealers submitted 3,647 requests for state background checks required to buy a firearm, said Susan Medina, a spokeswoman for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. That’s 41 percent more than the 2,583 requests during the same four days the prior week and a 38 percent increase over the 2,636 checks during the first Friday to Monday in July.


  • Michael Bender, reporter for Bloomberg news

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  • http://gregorycamp.wordpress.com/ Greg Camp

    People are realizing that they are responsible for their own safety.  The Aurora theater was a “gun-free zone,” but that didn’t protect the audience.  The police didn’t get there in time to stop the attack.  In the moment, no one can help you but you.

  • Maggie

    I think that your headline is deceiving; the firearms sales surge is not a reaction to the shooting but to the relentless push (by national media) for gun control everytime a tragedy like the one in Aurora occurs. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003000884786 Navin R Johnson

       What push is that?  It is rarely even brought up by news media!

      • http://gregorycamp.wordpress.com/ Greg Camp

         Read or listen to any article about guns in the news.  The attitude is dismissive at best, but most often, the clear bias of the reporter or commentator is against gun ownership.  In addition, most people in the media show a total lack of knowledge about guns.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003000884786 Navin R Johnson

           Care to cite a few examples?  Perhaps you are blinded by your own bias.  I haven’t heard any recent news where the journalist was promoting gun control.  Many things I have read and watched actually seemed to ignore gun control, or dismiss it as ineffective, or say “this isn’t the time to have a national discussion.”

          • http://gregorycamp.wordpress.com/ Greg Camp

             What about the term used in this report, assault rifle?  The shooter’s weapon as semiautomatic only, so it wasn’t an assault rifle.  Other than on gun blogs, I see no discussion about how the hundred round magazine actually was a liability, since those things jam frequently.  I also see lots of handwringing about how much ammunition he bought on-line without any conversation with gun owners who practice regularly.

            Do you need more?

  • http://gregorycamp.wordpress.com/ Greg Camp

    Robin Young, to carry a concealed weapon in Colorado, you just have to conceal the gun.  To carry it legally, you have to get training and get a license.  That’s the point.  Criminals will carry without asking permission.

  • http://gregorycamp.wordpress.com/ Greg Camp

    To purchase an assault rifle, you have to pass an extensive background check and get a Class III firearms license, since assault rifles have full-auto capability.  Semiautomatic firearms are not assault rifles.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003000884786 Navin R Johnson

    Correction:  President Obama never had 2 years of a completely Democrat controlled congress.  The House was Democrat controlled, but the Senate only had a 60 vote Democratic Majority for just over 6 months (between the time that Al Franken was sworn in and Scott Brown was sworn in).

  • Tom

    What the Colorado shooting proves is that few people carry side arms. I do not remember anybody i nthe theatre shooting back.

    • http://gregorycamp.wordpress.com/ Greg Camp

      Carrying was banned in the theater–not that doing so did much good.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003000884786 Navin R Johnson

    Assault rifles should be banned and confiscated.  They have no purpose in the civilian population other than massacres.

    • Vanessa D

      Some people feel that a time could come when they would need to protect themselves from an invading force or from their own government. You might have noticed that this has happened in countries all over the world throughout history and is in fact happening now. Any gov’t that becomes oppressive relies on its citizens not being able to defend themselves or fight back because they are unarmed or have weapons that are not up to the task.

  • Sam

    James Holmes was one of six recipients of a National Institutes of Health Neuroscience Training Grant at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Denver, Madsen writes for the Wayne Madsen Report.“The Anschutz Medical Campus is on the recently de-commisioned site of the U.S. Army’s Fitzsimons Army Medical Center and is named after Philip Anschutz, the billionaire Christian fundamentalist oil and railroad tycoon who also owns The Examiner newspaper chain and website and the neo-conservative Weekly Standard,” Madsen explains. “The Anschutz Medical Campus was built by a $91 million grant from the Anschutz Foundation.”Holmes also worked as a research assistant intern at the Salk Institute at the University of California at San Diego in La Jolla. The Salk Institute teamed up with DARPA, Columbia University, University of California at San Francisco, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Wake Forest University, and the candy bar company Mars “to prevent fatigue in combat troops through the enhanced use of epicatechina, a blood flow-increasing and blood vessel-dilating anti-oxidant flavanol found in cocoa and, particularly, in dark chocolate,” according to Madsen’s research.The DARPA program was part of the military’s “Peak Soldier Performance Program,” which involved engineering brain-machine interfaces for battlefield use and other bionic projects.In addition, James Holmes’ father, Dr. Robert Holmes, worked for San Diego-based HNC Software, Inc., a company that worked with DARPA to develop “cortronic neural networks” that enable machines to translate aural and visual stimuli and simulate human thinking.The Holmes family appears to have deep connections to the military-industrial complex. Lt. Col. Robert Holmes, the grandfather of James Holmes, was a graduate Turkish language graduates of the Army Language School, later the Defense Language Institute, in Monterey, California (the same military installation, incidentally, where alleged 9/11 hijacker Saeed Alghamdi trained).The elder Holmes, Madsen notes, more than likely worked in intelligence. “Typically, U.S. military officers conversant in Turkish served with either the Defense Intelligence Agency or the Central Intelligence Agency at either the U.S. embassy in Ankara or the Consulate General in Istanbul, or both,” he writes.“Was James Holmes engaged in a real-life Jason Bourne TREADSTONE project that broke down and resulted in deadly consequences in Aurora, Colorado?” Madsen concludes. Operation Treadstone was a fictional top-secret CIA project under which the character Jason Bourne underwent behavioral modification.

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