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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why Lyme Disease Vaccine Isn’t Available To People

(Jesse Costa/Here & Now)

Tick-borne Lyme Disease has been around for a long time. At least 5,300 years. DNA tests show that the “iceman” found frozen in a glacier in the Alps had the Lyme bacteria.

Today, thousands suffer from Lyme Disease every year. But there is a vaccine that gives us immunity from the painful and debilitating illness, however it’s not available to people, as Here and Now‘s Curt Nickisch reports.

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  • Ted

    I have never bought into the Lyme Disease crap that the Feds have been feeding the masses.Consider where Lyme, Connecticut is in relation to the Plum Island Animal Disease Center on Long Island, New York.Reports for years talked about a release of some organism in the air that very likely drifted to the north over Connecticut.  Take a look at a map of the region. Lyme, Connecticut is almost due north of Greenport, New York where Plum Island is located on.I didn’t need to watch any of Jesse Ventura’s programs on TV about Plum Island.One only needs to do some research on your own.I have been bitten by ticks many times in the past with no reactions.Possibly due to the fact that I have a good diet and take absolutely no medications all my life. The less toxic your bloodstream, the less reaction your immune system will have to the garbage within you which needs expelling. This disease could have been named something else, but Lyme is somewhat a catchy name, so the PR boys used it.The Feds for decades have been testing various biological organisms on the American people and others. Read Leonard Cole’s Clouds of Secrecy: The Army’s Germ Warfare Tests Over Populated Areas A History Of US Secret Human Experimentation  http://www.rense.com/general36/history.htmhttp://theintelhub.com/2012/01/28/presidential-commission-direct-energy-weapons-used-on-american-citizens-in-tests/

    • Dave

      Ted- While I agree that by and large, vaccines are full of crap, Lyme disease is very real, and not a fun thing to get.  A friend of mine got it in northern Michigan, and dealt with extremely painful side affects for years.  Not all ticks carry it, so just getting bit does not guarantee an infection.  

    • Annevc4

      Watch the award winning documentary, “Under Our Skin” and then comment.

  • Ted
  • Milo

    How about your reporter tell us the complete list of ingredients within this vaccine?
    About all the additives, antibiotics, preservatives, adjuvants, etc.?

    Give us the whole story please, not what Big Pharma tells you, even though they paid your bills.

    • VaxSaveLives


  • Anne

    Read “Cure Unknown” by Pamela Weintraub for the real scoop on the
    vaccine. You can find most of the pages on Google books. It is chapter
    48 The Vaccine Connection: Lyme Gets a Business Model. 

  • Woody

    Why all the anti vaccine vitriol?  So many deadly diseases have been eliminated or greatly reduced over the past century or more due to the introduction of vaccines.  It seems there are always conspriracy theorists ready to spread paranoia.  Sure, medical science is not perfect, but get real.

    • Dabcovich

      If people are against a vaccine, then they can elect not to get it. But I would definitely get the Lyme vaccine if I could, having just recovered from the disease. I was lucky and got a bulls eye, so it was still in the early stages and treatable. But others who don’t get a rash may suffer for months and years, allowing the bacteria to fester, before getting treatment. And by then it may be too late. Lyme is a serious disease that can not go away on its own. Chicken pox, on the other hand, is not so bad for kids, but now they are marketing that vaccine, and it’s actually causing a greater outbreak of shingles among adults since the presence of chicken pox is lessened, therefore less “boosters” for adults.
      But bottom line, if you don’t believ in something, fine, don’t do it. But let the pharmas do their science and offer what they can to the public. People need to make individual choices, it’s not like the government is requiring that all citizens get vaccinated.

      • Carkea

         Chicken pox vaccine is not “causing a “greater outbreak of shingles among among adults since the presence …..”.   As follows:

        Anyone who has had chickenpox is at risk for Shingles.
        98% of adults in the U.S. have had chickenpox, and because you’re one of
        them, you’re at risk, too. That’s because the virus that
        causes chickenpox never leaves your body. It can resurface years later as Shingles.
        And it’s hard to predict when it will occur, or how mild or severe your case might be.

        A person’s chances of developing Shingles increase substantially as they get older. This is because the immune system weakens with age, making it easier for Shingles to break through the body’s defenses.

  • Wtmorgan

    I live in a rural area with a high deer tick  populations. In the late 1990′s I received the vaccine. I am often outside in all types of terrain. Many others I have been with, and that live in the area, have contracted Lyme disease, some with devastating consequences. I have had many deer ticks attached to me and I have had no sign of Lyme disease or negative side effects of the vaccine.
    I understand there are risks to any medication or vaccine, but for those in high risk areas, occupations, etc.. the risk of Lyme disease may be greater than the risk of the vaccine.
    As others have said, let the individual make an informed decision for themselves.

  • Sam from lakeland

    I received this series of immunizations in the nineties – and am curious to know if it is still effective. does anyone know

    • http://twitter.com/CurtNickisch Curt Nickisch

      Sam, it should no longer be effective.  Booster shots would have been necessary to keep your immunity current, but with stopped production, you haven’t had access to those and so you are in all likelihood not protected.

  • Sweetfancymoses

    Does anyone know in which other, more enlightened, counties the vaccine is available?

    • http://twitter.com/CurtNickisch Curt Nickisch

      It’s not available anywhere.  Part of the problem is that Europe and Asia have similar diseases, but they’re caused by different bacteria.  So even if foreign companies work on a vaccine for their illnesses (which some are), it wouldn’t apply to Lyme disease in the U.S.

  • i70

    Dogs & cats Can’t say it doesn’t work !

  • http://www.facebook.com/precious007 Alexandru Matei

    I would be curios to know what this vaccine contains - 

    No fluff, no hidden agendas, hoping it’s not just another Money Maker for the Big Pharma. 


  • ChrissyJohnson

    This vaccine needs to become available NOW.  Misinformation like the few comments below do not help the situation at all.  Lyme is an epidemic that is spreading faster and faster each year.  Just tonight, I picked a tick the size of this dot . off my 4 year old.  How is a mother supposed to protect her children from this disease when the vector is nearly invisible?  I do “tick checks” on both of my children every night and live in constant fear of them contracting the disease, or myself, or my husband.  We live in a high risk area that is crawling with ticks.  Literally thousands of folks are diagnosed with Lyme disease each year, just in my county.  It needs to stop.  VACCINE NOW!!

  • THEGrnMtnBoy

    I was able to have only 2 of the 3 required 3 shots. I had such a reaction to the second shot, my doctor told me the third would probably kill me. I was severely sick with every symptom of lyme for 4 days. The third shot, I was told, would probably kill me.

    We do need something new AND IMPROVED.

  • Jim

    I was vaccinated with Lymerix before it was pulled from the market. I don’t recall any kind of reaction after each of the injections.

    About two years later, I was fishing in New York state. I thought I had a pimple forming on my hip and did not notice until almost 24 hours later that I had a tick which had burrowed into me. It was a deer tick.

    I went to the doctor immediately to be tested (they did not test the tick). The initial screen indicated a possible positive for the bacteria. The second, more expensive and more precise test indicated a negative result. My theory to this day is that the tick which I came into contact with was infected, and I had the appropriate immune response which kept me healthy.

  • Sunny

    Take your vaccines, drugs and all that good old American crap you are being sold Marcie boy.
    Just another fool for the marketplace.

    As  its been said of your idiots across the land :

    “We’ve turned into this nation of overfed clowns, riding around in clown cars, eating clown food, watching clown shows. We’ve become a nation of cringing, craven f*ckups.”  James Howard Kunstler, author of “The Long Emergency

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