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Thursday, June 21, 2012

‘Fast And Furious’ Sparks Conspiracy Theories About Second Amendment

Members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee including Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., left, confers with Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., center, the ranking member, and Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., right, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday. (AP)

A House committee Wednesday voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt for withholding documents related to the Justice Department investigation into the “Fast and Furious” gun-tracking operation. Some lawmakers on the right are saying that the operation was an attempt to curtail gun rights in the United States.

Republican Darrell Issa, head of the panel that cited Holder for contempt, told Fox News recently that the Obama Administration used the operation to limit second amendment rights.


  • Josh Gerstein, White House reporter, Politico

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  • cassandra_m

    A right-wing conspiracy qualifies as news?  Really?  Right wing conspiracies are the purview of right-wing radio.  I’m pretty stunned I have to listen to this baseless stuff here.

    • Robin

      Hmm.. Cassandra, appreciate the concern, but can’t agree with you on this.

      If it were just the stuff of late night conspiracy radio, I thnk you would be right.

      But when it’s the belief of congressmen and possibly  the back bone of a contempt citation, well now that’s news.

      All best,

      • J Frog

        You had a choice between two conspiracy theories today. Strangely we only heard about one…the other was Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi thinking its a vast conspiracy for “voter suppression”. We’re not talking a backbencher her…we’re talking about the parellel reality of former Speaker, and current Minority Leader. How much of THIS conspiracy thinking is a part of what’s going on in Congress now?


  • Info

    That’s disappointingly glib, to suggest this can be compared to the “conspiracy theory” of oil playing a role in our attack on Iraq. Obviously it did. It wasn’t the only motivation, but preserving U.S. hegemony in the Middle East certainly played a big role in the decision to invade. I don’t think anyone who has seriously studied the history could say otherwise.  It certainly wasn’t just about “WMD’s”, which was a pretext as much as a motivation.

    As for this ATF debacle, perhaps it more closely resembles FBI efforts to gin up domestic terrorist plots, where they let criminal plans build up and even actively encourage and guide them, so that they can swoop in and have a big success story for the headlines. “Terrorists stopped in the nick of time!”

  • Joe

    Why does this look like a conspiracy? Well, what was the plan for tracking guns once they got into Mexico?  Oops, no plan or infrastructure. What was the purpose? To capture the “buyers”? To capture the people receiving guns in Mexico?  To restrict the flow of guns? (Obviously not!) This looks like an effort to build statistics to prove that a problem exists so that additional gun control measures would have a better chance. If you dig into the details, the legitimate gun dealers cooperated with BATF by reporting suspcious transactions. These transactions could have resulted in criminal investigations of the parties involved and the guns captured in this country, but BATF “instructed” the dealers to proceed with these transactions and then stood back and did nothing. As much as the saying ” if you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns” sounds trite, all you have to do is look at Mexico as an example of the results of of this philospohy of restricting the legitimte rights of the people to defend themselves.  At worst, this is a direct attack on the rights of US citizens, with criminal culpability in the deaths of US and Mexican citizens; at the least, it’s incompetence and the brainchilds and authorizers for this program need to be held accountable. 

    • Pardh1961

      This arms program was established during the Bush administration.  Please look up who designed the program.  The Obama administration inherited the program.  Do you want criminal proceedings against George Bush, Dick Cheney, etc….. I didn’t think so.  

      You think that there aren’t enough crimes in the US committed with guns, that Obama would need to have some Mexican deaths to drive the republican congress to pass stiff gun control legislation in the United States.  Does that make any sense?  Of course not.

  • btraven99

    This is crazy.  Does anyone think that a Mexican narcotraficante would not be able to buy a Made in USA assault rifle except for “Fast and Furious”?  If the fact the US has supplied the vast majority of firearms used in killing 50,000 Mexicans last year points to the fact that the US needs to (well, “needs” in a same world) do something about it, so be it.

    The “conspiracy” theory is simply a ploy to gin up support from gun activists against a President who has taken no action in the gun control area.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1421666010 Wilbur Blount

    Yeah because everyone knows that there’s never a good legitimate disaster involving guns in the United States like some nut getting a gun legally and shooting his congressional representative in the head or some whackos getting together and executing a plan to shoot up a school.  Yeah, since those things never happen in the United States I can see why the administration had to gin up an excuse.  Unbelievable!

  • It

    Conspiracy theory?! I am constantly surprised when Robin gives up to her liberal leanings so completely. She was really off today with this and your perspective on the Romney immigration story.  Robin, you like to point fingers at Fox but your bias is getting just as bad.

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