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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Amid Transport Bill Deadlock, What Infrastructure Needs Funding?

The Interstate 5 bridge spans the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington states in Vancouver, Wash. (AP)

While Congress considers a bill that would inject a whole lot of money into highway projects, Brian Derry, senior director of the highway and transportation division at Associated General Contractors of America says there are projects across the country in need of funding — from a bridge in Rhode Island that’s been deemed structurally deficient, to a highway in California.


  • Brian Derry, senior director of the highway and transportation division at Associated General Contractors of America

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  • Jalapenomom

    The Forest Hills Overpass is a complete embarrassment and looks like someplace in Russia or North Korea.

  • Mike

    Mr. Derry said that the I-5 bridge (actually 2 parallel bridges, one built in 1917 and an identical bridge built right next to it in 1958) across the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington was built on wood pilings.

     I live in Oregon and have listened to the arguements for replacing the bridge.   The only reason I’ve heard thru the media was to relieve traffic congestion.   I’ve not heard that the bridge may be structurally suspect (due to wood pilings being part of the structure).

    This makes me suspect either the local news media, or worse, your information.   Could Mr. Derry’s information be incorrect?  Could you investigate.

  • It

    It is ironic that the other day your program was making fun
    of trickle-down economics and today you have this story on how if the
    government gave billions to construction companies owned by millionaires it
    would stimulate growth in the economy and create jobs.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HOUFIU5JT6ZR6WZ7ASOX3IIV6I Truck

    Why are we talking about federal funds for a Toll road ? NY state has collected billions of Dollars over the years in tolls why did they not put money aside  for the eventual replacement of this bridge ? the NY State Thruway makes 638 + million a year . Now I am being told my tax dollars and my toll dollars have to build them a new bridge ? no wonder we are broke as a nation a nd a People .  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HOUFIU5JT6ZR6WZ7ASOX3IIV6I Truck

    4 comments on this story and  thats about the level on all the stories . is that the level of listener ship  to this show ? or does no one really care at all . very sad .

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