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Monday, June 18, 2012

What’s At Stake In Supreme Court Decision Over Arizona Law

Time is running out for the Supreme Court justices to decide whether Arizona’s controversial immigration law is constitutional. The law forces local law enforcement to question people stopped for minor offenses like traffic stops about their immigration status.

There’s speculation that the court could uphold some provisions of the law, while striking down others. And there’s also some confusion about how President Obama’s new policy on undocumented immigrants will be affected by the ruling.


  • Alia Beard Rau, Arizona Republic immigration reporter

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dave-Francis/100002158029860 Dave Francis

    Just one way
    to clean the dirt from the halls of Congress is by recognizing the
    Pro-Constitutional TEA PARTY? Even though it’s a part of the Republican Party,
    it is more responsive to the testimony of the U.S. Constitution than the right
    wing elitist’s agenda. The TEA PARTY is most certainly the most prominent part
    of the GOP, overwhelming both entrenched parties.  It holds a great deal of promise, to the
    disillusioned Democrats, Republicans, Independents and the rest of the  hurting American people, Of a government failing
    in bending to the will of the people and finding some kind of compromise, for
    standing issues gathering dust. It represents every American and has its
    individuality from the corruption, bribes and rot that THE TEA PARTY
    distinguishes itself from the parties in control.


    The TEA
    PARTY believes in the freedom bequeath on us by one of the greatest manuscript
    that rules us all—THE U.S. CONSTITUTION. 
    The Tea Party does not divide or Balkanize the American people, but is
    open to all people of color, race or religious faith. But its ideology
    illustrates a comparable difference between the ever warring parties. They have
    no kinmanship with the Democrats, who have backing of the ultra socialist
    enigma of the Liberals that has scarred this proud land. The TEA PARTY believes
    in the individual freedoms, but more so in the ‘Rule of Law’. Not Obama’s
    scheme of things, to pass his laws by decree, and not through the Senate and
    House of Representatives.


    He has of
    late undermined THE PEOPLE’S LAW, by executive order to allow under certain
    circumstances that the children of illegal parents can stay. The Democratic
    DREAM ACT has stunned the American people, that 800.000 children of illegal
    aliens are being allowed stay.  But
    nothing has obscured the law, which says the parents can stay. They are STILL
    In the next two weeks, this misnomer in the law will be clarified by the
    Supreme Court whether Arizona has the right to police its own residents, in its
    own sovereign state.  Whatever the courts
    decide the outcome will cause a firestorm of controversy, as Department of
    Justice U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and his minions have threatened any
    obedient state to bend to the government. 


    With his
    unfettered intimidation, how come Holder and his attorneys have not undertaken
    to investigate certain factors of the’ Rule of Law’ determining that although
    the federal government has the overall power, but Arizona as a sovereign state
    should have no right of policing enforcement, especially when decades of
    non-compliance or at best minimal enforcement has encouraged the mass movement
    of illegal migrants and immigrants. Illegal migrants from South of our border
    and illegal immigrants from other parts of the world, who have broken our laws
    to enter. Both entities have settled here stealing welfare and corrupted the
    processing system as millions still patiently wait for an employment visa. The
    procedure has become corrupt with corporate campaign contributions, that over 1
    million of lowly skilled workers are imported annually. 


    Two very important laws must be imposed at once, so no
    more foreign invaders are encouraged to break the immigration ‘Rule of Law’. ‘THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT’ must be passed and advanced, so
    illegal aliens can no longer steal jobs from the millions of Americans
    unemployed.  The ‘BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP
    ACT (H.R.140) must be compulsory so babies
    smuggled into America, so parents cannot take benefit from welfare, once the
    child become an immediate citizen. Half a million pregnant women enter the
    United States looking for handouts annually, for their children.  Let your Senator or Congressman/Women know how you will vote,
    by giving your name to the politician’s aides and that you want them to sponsor
    E-Verify and the Birthright Citizenship bills. Citizen voters should phone Congress at the central
    Switchboard at 202-224-3121.


    Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a strong
    willed, tough lawman, of Maricopa County, Arizona announced that his volunteer
    law enforcement investigation has found probable cause that Obama’s long-form
    birth certificate and his Selective Service registration form are forgeries?  Arpaio has been ruthlessly attacked by the
    Department of IN-JUSTICE, the Liberal media and radical interest groups. Not to
    be found in National Press, is a WORLD NEWS DAILY video coverage
    of a court case that took place today in front of Judge Terry Lewis. It
    suggests that President Barack Obama is ineligible for the position in the Oval
    office, which excludes him from being named on the Democratic election ballot
    in November.  


    If you want to read the facts concerning the lawlessness traitorous
    actions within Washington, then bookmark the ‘AMERICAN PATROL’ website.  Investigate other headlines today as, California – the 34% Unemployed Teenager
    State, Obama’s amnesty hurts America, children and minorities hurt most,  Border Patrol group calls for Holder’s
    resignation, Former Obama Prof: President ‘must be defeated’ in November, Obama’s
    campaign website downplays de facto amnesty news, Illegal alien triggers fatal
    pileup on Dallas freeway, Obama’s campaign website downplays de facto amnesty
    news, Obama’s amnesty hurts America, children and minorities hurt most, Marxist-controlled
    union goons target Latino voters for Obama, Cops say U.S. mayor smuggled weapons
    to Mexican drug cartel etc.,
    AMERICAN PATROL is a up to date
    disclosure site of the nationwide E-media and newspapers, blogs and commentary
    that the Liberal press prefers to keep from the public. Daily, the truth
    is revealed about illegal immigration and the corruption in Washington and
    state Capitols.  

  • http://www.squidoo.com/occupythispage Jeffrey Dillon

    Nice advertisement.  Next time, just post the link. http://www.americanpatrol.com/  Folks can now go and read racists articles promoting Israel and American racists sentiments, guised as “national security” issues.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Opus4210 Kevin Dietrich

    Gee, the World News Daily…I prefer the National Enquirer, myself.

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