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Friday, April 27, 2012

In Massachusetts Town, Cats Will Continue To Roam

(Flickr/kathy doucette)

You could practically hear the sigh of relief from cat owners in Concord, Massachusetts after a petition by a resident there to restrict where cats can wander was voted down at a town meeting Thursday.

We reported on Monday that Concord resident Lydia Lodynsky proposed articles that would have called for the town to hire an animal control officer, require cat owners to vaccinate and license cats, and adopt a campaign for responsible pet ownership.

Lydia said that her backyard bird sanctuary was ruined and numerous bluebirds killed because her neighbors refused to restrain their cats.

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  • Llida

    hey guys – you’re starting to misquote the facts here……NG……

  • Llida

    1)…I do not have a “bird sanctuary” in my backyard. My backyard is MY personal space, or as the media has latched onto – “sanctuary”…
    2) Yes – I am upset about the bluebirds getting killed by cats; I don’t like to see any animals killed needlessly/for sport by someone else’s pet. The issues surrounding this bylaw are much more complex, and include: personal property rights, community relations, killing of wildlife, responsible pet ownership and ultimately – cats (excluding ferals).  No need to trivialize the issues….3) the intent of the cat bylaw was not to restrict cats from wandering, but rather, encourage responsible pet ownership via keeping cats indoors or under the owner’s supervision. This *could* include building an enclosure to keep cats in the yard, or, as Robin Young has admitted to, using a harness on the cat when taking it out. 4) If neighbors’ agree to let their cats roam (and by neighbors, that would include the cat’s owner, other pet and non-pet owners alike), then there is no problem, is there? But if the cat is a nuisance or causing problems with the neighbors, then there IS a problem; it is for these situations that the bylaw was created. 5) every environment / community is different; responsible pet behavior in the community requires open dialogue and a willingness to cooperate between neighbor’s. Some neighborhoods are more dense, some less, and of course – the impact of free-roaming cats also changes with the seasons, food supply and type of cat. If you have 3 acres of land, I doubt the problems will be as obvious as with homes sitting on .1 acre 5) it is *a people matter* – of respect, responsibility and compromise.6) when people *sigh of relief because their cats are roaming* – one has to wonder – how responsible are they to those cats? How are they caring for them if they are out roaming? (and don’t shoot the messenger here; many cat lovers, veterinarians, cat adoption agencies, shelters and animal organizations question this…)

    You want to address these problems? try walking in my shoes for the past few months….I would NOT have gone this far if our neighbors had been caring, considerate, and responsible to their neighbors and for their pet…

    there is no reason here for anyone to be *sighing with relief*….not much good has come out of  this, even tho it may be interpreted that way by people who want to do whatever they wish with their animals….

    and that’s what I suppose it means when someone “votes AGAINST responsible pet ownership!”  

  • Llida

    (you really should keep this thread on one page/ where is was previously started….)

  • Tom D Ford

    I would argue that since domestic cats are born instinctive predators and are assumed to be hunting when they are outside, that people who allow their cats outside without a leash are violating the US Federal laws that protect songbirds and small animals from being hunted at all in any way or form at any time.

    In addition, most states, towns, and cities, have laws against hunting within the city limits.

    And there are state and federal laws establishing seasons and bag limits on game birds like doves and quail, so if a cat kills one of these game birds  outside of the legal season, their owner is criminally liable for a ticket or other fine or confiscation of their hunting weapon, in this case, their cat.

    So at the minimum, cat owners who let their cats run free outdoors are criminals in at least two ways, federal and state.

    A hunting dog owner or a hunting hawk owner is held responsible if they allow their animals or birds to hunt outside of the established season and can be seriously fined and barred from hunting for years. So why are domestic hunting cats and their owners not also held responsible?

    So, in conclusion, I suggest that the laws are already in place to hold cat owners responsible for allowing their cats outside without a leash, because the cat is by its nature assumed to be “hunting”. The owners are ongoing criminals flouting United States and State laws.

    All we need to do is enforce current laws against illegal hunting.

    Maybe a citizens arrest.  Maybe find a helpful police officer to get the ball rolling. Video the cat hunting, capture it, read the license number and call the local sheriff and file a complaint against the owner based on the actual and serious laws already in place.

    • Llida

      Tom D Ford: this angle has been looked info by a number of organizations, but I haven’t seen anything about anyone actually taking someone to trial for it….Maybe we need to search more; let me know if you find anything; I’ll add it to my website

  • Tom D Ford

    I suggest placing a bounty on feral cats in order to make it worthwhile for people to trap them and turn them over to animal control officers and hunting and wildlife enforcement officers and agents to dispose of properly. That would create jobs and help get control of a horribly obnoxious invasive species.

  • maryanne

    The lunatic left. By the way, what are these people drinking, now there is no water.

  • Llida

    Tom D Ford: this angle has been looked info by a number of organizations, but I haven’t seen anything about anyone actually taking someone to trial for it….Maybe we need to search more; let me know if you find anything; I’ll add it to my website

  • Woodsman001

    Told everyone this would happen. Cat-lovers manipulate your law-makers to hijack your properties and community. It doesn’t mean you still have no recourse. SSS and TDSS Cat Management Programs. (and “other” means) Shoot, Shovel, & Shut-Up or Trap, Drown, Shovel, & Shut-Up. Legal on every square foot of this earth. No local laws were broken if it never happened. And by federal law, you have EVERY RIGHT to destroy ANY ANIMAL (not on a protected species list), pet or not, that is threatening the health, well-being, and safety of yourself, your own animals, or family members. Legal even in densely populated cities.

    You don’t need any new laws to change cat-owner’s behavior and their clearly proven lack of any socially-redeeming values.  In fact, even if you passed laws, they still would not follow them. They don’t give one damn about anyone nor anything, not even if their clearly expendable cat dies from being ran over by cars, animal attacks, environmental poisons, etc. Just play along. They already proved their cats are 100% expendable. Just speed up the inevitable. Remember, cat-lovers are INCREDIBLY STUPID. You have to make AT LEAST 12-15 of their cats mysteriously and permanently disappear before they even begin to start to learn how to become a responsible and caring pet-owner, and a respectable neighbor (though the latter is usually a lost cause, they’ve no concept of the meaning of respect whatsoever).

    That’s the REAL law of the land. Doesn’t matter what’s written on any paper anywhere. If it’s wrong, correct it. There’s ways.

    Good luck! I solved the problem where I live by shooting and burying HUNDREDS of their invasive-species, disease-ridden, piece-of-sh** vermin. Don’t let it get that bad on your own land before you start to fix things. The longer  you wait or waste your time trying to reason with mindless cat-advocates the worse it gets. 100% guaranteed.

    • http://twitter.com/MicahsGlass Micah Smith

      Is your chosen profession serial killer by any chance?

      • Tom D Ford

        “profession serial killer’

        That’s what cats are.  Professional serial killers. 

        And cat lovers who let their cats outside unleashed, enable those serial killers. They “pay” their unleashed cats to kill songbirds by caring for, petting,  and feeding them.

        So, logical reasoning shows us that cat lovers are the real “professional serial killers”. They don’t do the actual killing but they send out the killers who do.

        If you let your cat out unleashed you are committing a Federal Crime and a State Crime.

        So. How’s it feel to be a Criminal?

      • Woodsman001

        Oh drat. I so wish you would have called me a “murderer” instead. I have such wonderful prepared reply for that psychotic claim of cat-lovers. And thanks Tom D, for beating me to the punch on some of it. :-)

        Here it is, I can’t help but share it, even though you didn’t outright call me a “murderer” (though cereal killer comes close enough LOL) …

        The word “murder” is reserved for the case of human death ONLY. A cat can never be murdered. It can only be killed or destroyed. Try to not buy into the anthropomorphic psychoses that has deranged the minds of so many psychotic cat-lovers. Or it already too late for you?

        Even if you do believe that killing a cat is “murder” (as psychotic as that might be), then a cat killing all wildlife makes the cat a “murderer”. I merely carried out their death-penalty for having “murdered” so many innocent lives. Even under the terms of “murder” they deserved to be shot to death. ESPECIALLY under the terms of the definition of murder, if it is going to be used to describe deaths of animals, they most certainly deserved a death-sentence for just being the witnessed and confirmed serial-murderers that they are.

        If you then claim that, “No, it’s natural for a cat to kill other animals”, then I counter that that cat is a MAN-MADE INVASIVE SPECIES and has ZERO right to be out in nature destroying native animals. No different than some insect that was genetically engineered in some lab through selective-breeding that, if released out into nature, would destroy all of nature — JUST AS CATS DO.

        And if you even then still believe that it is natural that a cat should be allowed to kill other animals then it is also true that man is and always has been a hunter. (Even those that do not hunt today — for I too am not a sport-hunter, I’ve never used a rifle for anything but cats.) It is perfectly natural for me, as a naturally occurring hunter/gatherer human, to kill cats. In fact, if it weren’t for all the hunters in your past, you wouldn’t even be here today. You owe your very existence and all of civilization around you to every hunter, all the way back to those with flint-knapped spear in hand, that came before you

        In the case of cats and having to destroy them in the ONLY manner that is faster than they can breed or adapt to, to protect every food-chain in every ecosystem on earth — you may end-up owing even your future existence on earth to hunters as well, quite soon.

  • Tom D Ford

    How about enlisting youth groups like the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Campfire girls, Boys and Girls clubs, 4H and FFA,  church youth groups, etc, to help save the songbirds by setting up trapping programs and turn the feral cats over to local animal control and or state and federal wildlife officers for proper disposal. Define some merit badges like “save the songbirds and squirrels”, “eliminate invasive species”, etc.

    Set up youth feral cat trapping contests and give out prizes every month.  Get local bird feed supply and birdwatcher supplier businesses to contribute prizes.  Start up summer programs and contests that will keep kids busy in a positive way contributing to the community. Ask “live trap” supply companies to give special deals to contest participants, even give traps as prizes. (Make sure they are the live skunk type traps so the kids don’t get sprayed).

    Start kids young and they will more likely  grow up to be responsible adults.

    Getting rid of the always hungry and so always hunting,  feral cats will help a lot. And maybe the well fed house cats will do less damage.

    And bust the US Humane Society for spaying feral cats and setting them out to hunt again. They are a big target and busting and fining them would  get lots of public attention in the media.

    • Woodsman001

      First off, you’re not going to get HSUS or SPCA groups to stop promoting TNR. ALL their huge grants come from pet-food companies, drug-companies, and veterinarians who make a fortune off of keeping as many cat-mouths alive as possible, no matter how those cats cruelly suffer until they meets their cruel “attrition” death.  The board-members of those groups are not going to be giving up their complete paycheck to go against TNR. TNR practitioners themselves are just unwitting pawns of this money-flow. This is why a pet-food company will donate some $80,000 for a TNR effort. Sound good, doesn’t it? How kind of them! How caring! But that’s not even enough money to TNR more than about 450 cats. EVERY community, no matter how small, has far more stray and feral cats than that. The rest of the money is going to get conned out of every citizen’s pocket. That $80,000 is just seed money for the potential $millions from each community that those corporations are going to make from getting people to practice TNR.

      Secondly, that idea to get kids involved would be great! If it weren’t for all the deadly diseases that stray and feral cats are spreading everywhere today. If you search the net, kids having to undergo expensive rabies shots from coming in contact with stray and feral cats is common (and adults).  One well-known report last year of a young girl who didn’t get shots, but managed to survive by being put into a drug-induced coma during the height of the infection. Something like trapping stray and feral cats really needs to be done by an adult who will take the necessary precautions. The temptation for a kid to “pet the cute kitty” is far too great. This is what is causing so many rabies events in children lately from all the stray and feral cats.

      I’m sure I posted that list of zoonotic (transmissible to humans) diseases on the other related blog about this. That list is no scare-tactic. They are all very real, there are reports on the net of many many cases of people having to undergo medical treatment for any and all of them — from cats. And some people have already died from them. Like cat-transmissible plague. It often makes me wonder — there must be an AWFUL lot of cat-lovers sitting behind news desks. I guess if you don’t want to die from the plague from a stray cat, you have to Google for the information yourself these days.

      Well, rather than have you go look for that list, I’ll just post it here again (what’s a few more bytes and monitor-screen photons):

      These are just the diseases they’ve been spreading to humans, not counting the ones they spread to all wildlife. THERE ARE NO VACCINES against many of these, and are in-fact listed as bio-terrorism agents. They include: Campylobacter Infection, Cat Scratch Disease, Coxiella burnetti Infection (Q fever), Cryptosporidium Infection, Dipylidium Infection (tapeworm), Hookworm Infection, Leptospira Infection, Giardia, Plague, Rabies, Ringworm, Salmonella Infection, Toxocara Infection, Toxoplasma. [Centers for Disease Control, July 2010] Sarcosporidiosis, Flea-borne Typhus, and Tularemia can now also be added to that list.

      • Tom D Ford

         Thanks for the reply.

        I’m just brainstorming here.

        I can see your methods working in more rural areas but not for those of us in towns.

        I wonder if there is such a thing as a cat proof fence.

        I understand that there is no effective cat repellent because they are like skunks, they spray their foul chemicals and are not offended by odors.

        If someone comes up with a good cat repellent they could make a mint very fast.

        Or maybe some kind of cat predator, like a cat hunting dog, or weasel or something.

        • Woodsman001

          Yeah, I understand the brainstorming part. I think I posted the follwing possible solution on the other related blog page (embedded in a lengthier post on “Human Territorial Behavior by Expendable Proxy). Just another creative brainstorming thought. You might like it if you haven’t read it.

          “Property owners’ tip: Put up signs at the edge of your property, prominently visible to the criminally-irresponsible cat-lovers and all others. Or hand them a paper with the following notice (while in the presence of your witnesses). “Cat-Recreation Land-Use Fee: $10,000 per day per cat. Evidence of your cat using this land will be your legal agreement to these fees. Payable on demand. (legal description of your property in fine-print)” You have every right to charge anyone any amount that you see fit for them using your land for any purpose of theirs. After posting notice then document with video and witnesses anytime you see their cats using your land for any purposes. When you take them to court for non-payment (wait until after they have amassed the amount of money that YOU want :-) ) you get to legally own every last thing in their lives; house, cars, what’s left of their savings (if any), garnisheed wages if the amount surpasses the value of what they presently own etc.; just like they have stolen the use of your property all those years. Only you get to take all of their possessions for your own use legally.”

          For more urban dwellers, don’t forget the SSS and TDSS Cat Mangement Programs. (Shoot, Shovel, & Shut-Up; or Trap, Drown, Shovel, & Shut-up. The latter for when even air-rifles are not allowed due to local ordinances.)

          Trying to train cat-owners and cat-lovers to do the right thing is like pressing down on a blob of mercury and it squirts out in all new directions. Soon as you fix the problem one way, they come up with another lame excuse to take over your property and lives with their cats. This is why I strongly suspect their cats’ Toxoplasma gondii parasites have hijacked their brains. Spread cats around (the parasite’s host animal) at ALL COST! Their thoughts demoted to that of parasitic protozoan awareness. Where nothing matters but that parasite’s biochemical survival. Without any concern nor regard for anything else in their environment. Sci-fi come to reality. Real life pod-people. Sure seems that way, don’t it?

          • Tom D Ford

             “”Property owners’ tip: Put up signs at the edge of your property,
            prominently visible to the criminally-irresponsible cat-lovers and all
            others. Or hand them a paper with the following notice (while in the
            presence of your witnesses). “Cat-Recreation Land-Use Fee: $10,000 per
            day per cat. …”Ha ha ha! I like it.But I be thinking that you’d have to be well lawyered up to actually make it stick.Hmm, I wonder if some of those class action lawsuit lawyers would jump on a chance to take that on? Good job creator for lawyers and financial investigators.

        • Woodsman001

          p.s. There will never be anything like a successful cat-hunting predator.

          I posted the reason on the other related blog page. Reader’s Digest Version: Due to the variable bold patterns in cats’ coats, no predator will go near a cat with bold patterns. Bold patterns on unknown animals are a universal symbol throughout nature to all wildlife — from reef-life, to insects, to reptiles, to mammals. That bold pattern means DANGER, STAY AWAY. Any animal with bold bright patterns is usually harboring some toxic, deadly, dangerous, or olfactory defense mechanism that is not apparent at first. Nature’s way of species playing fair against other species.

          You might get native predators to pick-off the bland-patterned cats, but in the end you’ll just have bold-patterned cats breeding out of control. (This is precisely what happened on my own land, and why cats annihilated the smallest of prey up to the top predators that got starved out because they wouldn’t prey on the bold-patterned cats. (An original discovery of my own.))

          The ONLY predator that can prey on cats effectively, will be the human with a brain (and a gun) that can override this universal instinct in all wildlife in nature. Taking out ALL cats, not just the ones that seem safe to prey on.

        • Llida

          Tom – go to my website: I have lots of pix of enclosures for cats posted at  
          and you are correct: it is different for woodsman001 in rural areas vs. in densely populated neighborhoods….  I made adjustments to the bylaws recognizing those differences….  still didn’t work….

  • Woodsman001

    And now on the lighter side …

    This is your brain …


    This is your brain on cats’ Toxoplasma gondii parasites.

    Any questions?

    (Though nearly all of them do everything in their power to ensure more live cats in the environment to host their dear little brain-control parasites for them. She did mention kicking it outdoors several times to go spread more parasites, but her obsessive attachment prevented that. Not sure what happened in this case. Complete parasite overload?)

  • guest

    I won’t bother with laws or the hassles whenever I saw a cat messing with my chicken on my property I fed them with .22LR and bury them.  I don’t care if it’s someone’s pet or feral, as long as it harms my pets, live stocks, I shoot them, period. If cat owners really care about their cats, they should have locked their pets up instead letting them roam.

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