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Friday, April 13, 2012

Comment About Ann Romney Still Echoing, Will It Matter In November?

Ann Romney, wife of Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. (AP)

Democrats are on the defensive after party strategist Hilary Rosen said in a TV interview on Wednesday that the stay-at-home, mother-of-five Ann Romney “never worked a day in her life.”

Republicans have blasted the Obama administration, saying it bolsters their argument that the President’s economic policies have hurt women more than men.

Rosen eventually apologized but even President Obama and his wife Michelle weighed in to criticize the remark. Polls show women favor Obama in battleground states, and Vice President Joe Biden said yesterday the right’s “war on women is real.”


  • Karen Tumulty, national political reporter for the Washington Post.

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  • Mitchell Swann

    Having heard Rosen’s comments and the full context in which she made them, I strongly think she is 100% spot on!  Rosen’s comments were made referencing Mitt Romney’s comment that he always sought his wife’s perspective and input on economicjob matters. Maybe he was trying to give a ‘soccer mom’ spin to his economic policies as opposed to the (probably more accurate) “investment banker” spin.  But for Rosen to challenge that “approach” by pointing out that Ann Romney has not worked in her adult life is, if it is functionally true is illuminating, revealing AND FAIR! If Ann Romney has not had to draw a paycheck or show up at a job on a prolonged daily basis  – if she has not had to work (for a living) then there is a very legitimite challenge to be raised to Mitt Romney’s relying upon her “perspective”.  She has no perspective on working or employment other than as an outside observer [or possibly as an employer].  Bill Clinton was pilloried for citing his wife’s (Hillary) input on healthcare policy – his wife the lawyer who had done lots of work in child health, welfare and advocacy.  These are NOT comparable situations!  When Ann Romney gets a job, a job that doesn’t come about via her husband’s significant Rolodex and keeps it because of her skills, then she might have some reasonable “perspective” on working.  Being a ‘stay at home Mom’ is certainly a fine thing; but it is not a ‘career’ choice.  You’re not likely to ever get laid off and its pretty difficult to ‘sharpen your resume’ and interview for a new “Mom” opening at some other family.  Heck, using the classical physics definition of ‘work’, Ann Romney is “working” every time she stands up or walsk up a flight of stairs! Get real.

    Rosen shouldn’t have apologized because Rosen is right!  

    This is another example of how ‘sell it no matter what’ media, in the quest for ratings, forgoes little details like the complete statement, the context of the statement or the nuance of language.  

    Lastly, I heard Ann Romney in discussing her ‘career choice’ of being a ‘stay at home Mom’ that all women should be repected for the choices they make.  Let’s now see how she holds to that position if we talk about a woman’s reproductive rights.  Are ya’ still “all about the choice” Ann???   

  • Jpmacco

    The National Organization for Women should make a statement supporting Ann. She has raised five children! There is no more important job than raising children, be it a man or woman, and they seemed to turn out quite well. Thank you Mom for staying at home to raise your two sons – you had a full-time job!

  • Totapb

    No matter what context, saying a stay home MOM does not work is insulting. PERIOD, END. STOP BLAMING THE MEDIA AND HAVE A BRAIN OF YOUR OWN.

  • Guest

    Thank you, Mr. Swann, for a wonderfully written  response.

    As a Mother and a retired full-time career woman, I agree with you totally. My Mother had a stellar career and raised successful children, as did her Mother; therefore this slim outcry is ridiculous.  

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