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Monday, April 9, 2012

What Super PACs Spend Their Money On

It turns out that super PACs, which can accept unlimited cash contributions as long as they don’t coordinate with political campaigns, often send checks to the same companies that the candidates are, creating a circle of money that’s largely hidden from public view.

Firms with names like Target Point Consulting, Financial Innovations, Election Connections, and Strategic Media Services have mushroomed up in the 2012 presidential campaign.

Target Point Consulting does survey research for Mitt Romney’s campaign but also sends out direct mail for the pro-Romney super PAC Restore Our Future.

Some of the companies largely exist only on paper. Heads of super PACSs can also direct some of the big bucks to their own firms. And it’s all perfectly legal.


  • Kim Barker, ProPublica reporter who reported on super PACS

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  • Lavada

    Let the propaganda begin.

     This is capitalism and its all about money.
    The election cycle is part of the complex of keeping a few sectors of the economy employed selling your a candidate or some other stooge financed by coroporate interests to occupy the Monkey House in D.C. on their behalf.

    An endless epidemic of ads on TV, radio and the press media. Its MIND CONTROL at its finest.
    Tell a lie over and over enough and the sheep will believe it.


  • Ben

    How to influence and buy an election?

    Moneyed politics period.

    This the illusion of democracy in America. You get to vote for candidate A or B.
    Thats all folks. As it was said by Joe Stalin. Its not who votes, its who counts the votes.

    What a  great system of electing those bought and paid for by the money machine.
    America—land of the free and home of the homeless.

  • BHA in Vermont

    There is no difference between companies that get on the wrong side of monopoly laws and these super PACs who collude with the candidates, even if it is in the hallway of the companies who house both the super PACs and PACs rather than directly with the candidate. 

    The shenanigans will continue as long as the gain is greater than the fine. As Ms. Barker said, there is rarely an investigation or fine.  

  • edan

    if you think about it, if money wins elections and if there were restrictions on this, it isn’t in the favor of large corporations or big money holders/makers who have money that can be used to influence things in their favor.  This new outbreak  or what I think is a form of circumvention of the original campaign restrictions in the past or campaign restrictions that are currently in place is a victory for big money makers/holders.  Like I mentioned, if the goal for a company is to get money out of their company in legal and legitimate fashion, the super pac is that engine.  get money out and you can win, if this is accomplished then corporations win or big money makers/holders win

  • Mark San Antonio

    If we are going to continue to use the legal justification that corporations are people, and able to use money as free-speech, then in the interest of justice let’s wholly treat them as such. 
    Companies must need food and healthcare. They must need exercise and some time alone once and a while. May I have your Birth certificate, please? SSN? 
    Many corporations deserve to be tried in court, and indeed some deserve to be on death row. Try them in Texas and let Gov. Perry put them out of our misery.  I’m awaiting BP in the obituaries. ( I’m not holding my breath. )
    We continue to afford corporations the benefits of personhood without enforcing the requisite responsibilities therein.  This creates a frightening lack of accountability within the system. 
    Hopefully some good will arise from the transparent manner in which our government is being purchased. It seems more blatantly fraudulent this time. 

  • Clara

    Corporate fascism is alive and well in Amerika.
    The democratic process was hijacked years ago for the boys with the power, position and pelf.
    Money talks and with the Gang of Nine ruling at the Supreme Court a few years ago, the situation has gotten worse allowing unlimited corporate money to buy influence.
    We have candidates running for office as if they were prostitutes.
    Puppets to be used to advance their agendas. In particular to allow the STATUS QUO  of the ruling elite to maintain and even strengthen.

    • Jakesmelting

       I will not believe you are credible unless you can spell America right. Show respect, children view this page.

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