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Monday, March 12, 2012

Syrian Activist Tours U.S. Calling For International Intervention

Syrian activist Danny Abdul Dayem, speaking at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center in Boston. (Jill Ryan/Here & Now)

Sam Cook’s “A Change is Gonna Come” served as an anthem for the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s.

Last Friday night, it played as visitors arrived at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center to hear Syrian dissident Danny Abdul Dayem speak about what’s going on in his home country, and what they can do to help.

“We need you to spread the word. What we need is your support,” he told a crowd of a couple hundred.

Here & Now’s Robin Young recently spoke with Danny when he was in the Baba Amr neighborhood of the besieged Syrian city of Homs. He escaped before the Syrian government occupied the area and came to the U.S. to speak with Americans.

“Everyone is saying we sympathize with you, we feel sorry. I know they do, [but] I need the government to move. We need military intervention. We need someone to save lives there,” he told Here & Now‘s Robin Young.

Syrian activist Danny Abdul Dayem, after speaking at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center in Boston. (Jill Ryan/Here & Now)

First-Hand Account

Imam Abdullah Faruq, associate imam at the Mosque for the Praising of Allah in Boston, said it’s important that Americans hear Abdul Dayem’s story.

“We can read or see what’s on the news but when someone comes back [from] there, witnessing the kind of thing that’s going on there, it needs to be echoed. And the Muslim world needs to know,” he said.

‘All We Can Do Is Pray’

A student who preferred not to give her name for fear of her family’s safety said she has family in Syria.

“All we can do is pray for them. I go to school here and a lot of the students had no idea what’s going on over there,” she said.

Syrian-American Rushdal Beebee,visiting from Florida, decided to come to the center after her daughter told her Abdul Dayem was speaking.

“Seeing him at CNN, and then seeing him in person, I think he’s my hero. Just to meet somebody like him, it make me feel good that there are good people in the world,” she said.

The View From Syrian-Americans

Rushdal Beebee said it has been hard to watch the events in Syria unfold.

“It’s very sad, it’s very stressful,” she said. “You can’t even watch a few minutes and you start to cry. Syria in the past used to be a shelter for people from Armenia, Chechnya, Palestine, they all would come to Syria. Now seeing Syria have refugees is really heartbreaking. So hopefully we will get over this and the Syrian people again will be free.”

Syrian activist Danny Abdul Dayem, speaking at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center in Boston. (Jill Ryan/Here & Now)


  • Danny Abdul Dayem, Syrian activist

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1021408357 Tim Anderson

    Dannys is a fabricator, see him exposed here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wwl7BVCRXiE

    • Anonymous

      Here is the rebuttal to your point 
      http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/bestoftv/2012/03/06/ac-danny-syrian-activist-video.cnnHowever, the point here is the human crisis in Syria where there is a mafia regime killing children, raping women, mutilating and torturing prisoners, and slaughtering families using swords and knives. Check this FB for the hundreds of thousands of videos shot by citizen reporters (Assad’s regime does not allow Western media to shoot the massacres committed daily by Assad’s loyalists)

      • Expose Danny’s Lies

        CNN is a poor excuse for news media and only promotes propaganda.

        • Obaida

          ha ha……got another sorry excuse that haven’t already used??? Pathetic!!! As NewSyria said…..if you don’t believe…..look at the thousands of other videos that show the killings of your lover ASSad and his thugs.  But then again……..i don’t thing anything can get through such blind love. Another lost soul….blind to the murders of innocent civilians……the sad reality of this world. We’ll pray for you too. 

    • Obaida

      Thanks for posting a greatly edited video fabricated by ASSad supporters.  I admire your credibility ………..or shall I say…..LACK THEREOF.   Sadly though, you may not be the only sorry soul who’s been duped by such efforts of the Regime’s supports…….hence the reason why WE freedom seekers support people like Dany to make his trips to clear up such closed minds.  Let’s not forget……foreign media is banned from reporting ‘freely’ from inside Syria.  Those who got in had to sneak in to get some credible reporting out….sadly, Maria Colvin was killed by Assad thugs in her efforts. Tim…..you seem like an intelligent guy…..try harder and maybe we will not lose that ‘perception’ of you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=524396569 James Nicholls

    “Danny” Abdul Dayem has been revealed on many news channels as a fraud. Why was he given a platform to continue spouting lies about events in Syria?

  • EIOBoston

    Beware of what you advocate. I came from a country divided between christians/moslems, and any people apiring to power that advocate a system of political/cultural/religion mix I would stay away from. libya/egypt/yemen others are creating instability in other parts of the world and we seem oblivious to what will happen when all these countries are overtaken by people who advocate a certain way of life with no allownace for other views.

  • Anonymous

    “Syria Danny” has been exposed as a hoax and a pathetic one at that. HERE & NOW should do some real reporting and look into the alternative media’s expose of this Western intelligence asset’s fraudulent reportage’ instead of spewing Judith Miller style warmongering propaganda. Hey, HERE & NOW, did you ever hear of Charles Jaco and CNN’s Gulf War coverage? No? Well, google it.

  • Anonymous

    It seems that the Assad’s propaganda machine has become very active commenting on this page. According to Assad’s thugs, there is nothing going on in Syria, there are no crimes against humanity committed by Assad’s mafia, no children getting killed by Assad’s Shabiha, no girls being raped daily by Assad’s defenders, no cities are bombarded by heavy artillery and tanks by the Assad’s armed mafia. Nothing is happening in Syria… For the Assad’s thugs nothing is happening. It all the Western propaganda and we should believe that this Assad’s terrorist regime is peaceful.

    • Obaida

      NewSyria…….don’t worry, the propaganda machine is running out of fuel. What I feel more sorry for are those sorry souls who have been duped by such games. But then again…..intelligence isn’t for everyone.  Keep up the passion…..there are many like you and I who will stop at nothing to at least give a voice for truth. Peace.

  • Anonymous

    For those who wants to know about the daily massacres by Assad’s thugs, please search YouTube for the hundreds of thousands of videos shot by citizen reporters and protesters. The Assad’s mafia has turned Homs into a new Grozny and his loyal death squads are roaming the country and killing Syrians for nothing but asking for Freedom and Dignity.

  • Expose Danny’s Lies!

    Where is all the money coming from for Danny to fly all over the place promoting US raids on the Assad government???? These are all lies and there are other supporting evidence on Youtube to  counter.

    • Anonymous

      This is absurd! If you are talking about sensitivity to foreign intervention, I would like to remind you that there are thousands of foreign terrorists in Syria coming from Iran (the terrorist revolutionary guard) and elements from Hizballah (the terrorist organization). Both are FOREIGN elements that are aiding Assad’s quest to kill and terrorize the Syrian people calling for Freedom.

      Here is a clue for you (Hizballah terrorist fighters usually use yellow ribbons):

      • Jack Young

        I noticed you didn’t answer the question about who is funding Danny’s trips back and forth from the UK to the US.


        • NewSyria

          I responded already. It is the Syrian ex-patriots who are looking forward to seeing a new Syria free of terrorists like Bashar Al-Assad.  FYI, Danny is half Brit. 

          • Jack Young

            I know you have responded already…over and over again with your own cliches.  You are trying to posit anyone against spilling American blood or throwing more debt on our children to support military intervention by Western GOV as some how supporting the deaths of innocents in Syria.   Confusing cause and affect in a logical trick of argumentation and despite the fact that Americans have fallen for that ruse many times before, we are fighting against that mindset today.

            WE ARE BROKE!  We have homeless people starving in our streets and tens of millions of Americans without a way to feed themselves or their families or put shelter over their heads.  What are you going to do to help us? (SARC)

            We aren’t asking for help of course, but don’t browbeat us in to guilt when myself and hundreds of millions of other Americans had no involvement in your current problems.  You should be spending more time rallying Syrians to overthrow their government than spending time here belittling us when you obviously have no idea what we are dealing with ourselves. 


          • Anonymous

            Jack, Syrians are rallying on their own against injustice. No one is browbeating you into guilt either. Syrians will be victorious with the help of the world or without it. 

            Just a FYI: I live in the US and I DID/DO help my local community. I have been part of the fabric of this free society and I am not waiting for anyone to tell me to help out.

            Good luck with your troubles.

  • Anonymous

    The world will be a MUCH BETTER place without the terrorist regime of AlAssad. Currently the terrorist chain is Iran-Assad-Hizballah, once we rid the world of Assad’s regime Iran will have no link to Terrorist Hizballah and the world will be a better place.The Syrian people urge the FREE WORLD to support our fight against the terrorist mafia regime of Assad.

    • Expose Danny’s Lies!

      The way we hear it, it is a bunch of western backed mercenaries.  And they use poor Danny to get the word out and beg for help.  Creating false flags to gain support for ousting Assad.

      • Anonymous

        Mary Colvin, an American journalist who was targeted killed in Homs when Assad’s mafia closed in on the city and shelled it with artillery and heavy weapons, has reported also about the massacres committed in Homs. Google her and you can find more about the gruesome despicable crimes that Al-Assad’s terrorist regime is committing against humanity every day. And YES, we want to oust Assad’s regime and rid the world of a BIG Terrorist called Bashar Al-Assad. It is not only our fight, but the fight of every free man looking for a better world.

        FYI: Bashar Al-Assad was sending AlQaeda members to Iraq so they can disrupt stability in the region and he will keep every terrorist organization under his disposal.The point that you need to make is why are you defending a terrorist regime and Al-Assad’s actions and murders against the people of Syria.

        • Expose Danny’s Lies!

          We have been force fed false flags for a long time including the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that did not exist.  And we know that the west have backed Al Qaeda in taking down Muammar Gaddafi.   

          • NewSyria

            Please change this cliches, I’ve heard it quite a few times by Assad’s thugs. Realize your moral obligation towards humanity and how you are defending a terrorist regime that became a mafia killing children and raping girls… How about changing your name to be “Terrorist Defender” or “Applause Children Killers”….

  • Jack Young

    NewSyria–Assad is a thug.  No one is disputing that.  But we’ve been duped too many times in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan,  etc. to just throw our support to overthrowing one thug so the NWO can put their new thug in place.  Thanks…but no thanks.

    Good luck to you and if you are on the right side I have faith that you will succeed.  Trust me, you don’t want to owe the folks who run NATO, the UN, or the US anything.

    We have our own problems to deal with before they become too similar to yours.

  • Jack Young

    And again…who is paying for Danny’s trips?

    • NewSyria

      Jack, Danny’s trips are paid  by the Syrian ex-patriots that are looking forward to a better and free Syria. As yourself mentioned, there is no appetite for the US to intervene militarily in Syria. I think this is due to either having problems of your own or due to keeping the status-quo. 

      However, the way the Syrian see it is that whole world was crying foul at Assad’s regime for supporting the terrorist Iran and other terrorist groups like  Hizballah and when the Syrian people wanted to topple this terrorist regime, the same western world turned their face the other way (anything wrong with this picture?).

  • Anonymous
  • Jack Young

    And good luck to the Syrians.  I honestly wish them all the best.  I am, if nothing else, a true supporter of freedom across the globe! 

    The plan for the Middle-East, north Africa, and Asian Persians has been one of destabilization for decades now.  The actors in this plan are the unfortunately the same interests that plaster our TV sets and newspapers with propaganda to get us to support this destabilization.  The plan in getting rid of their former asset, Assad (the bad guy that he is) is to use the power vacuum created with his absence to put in a more ruthless regime.  That is the plan for that region and the world in general.  Special forces are already in Syria.  They leak out the info in PRESS TV, RT and Al Jazeera to marginalize the info but once the deal is done, as in Libya, it will all be confirmed by NATO and the US…on pg. 12C of any paper actually reporting on it then.

    Be curious.  Wonder if that sniper on the roof top might be UK or US or Xi (Blackwater)?  They will kill Syrians to blame it on their own government and make sure a civil war starts.  It’s worked for them all over the world in the past, and they replicate it today. 

    I wish you all the luck my friend.  Knowing your enemy is only half the battle, but you better make sure you have identified them correctly.  Who stands to gain when Syria falls?  The people of Syria (as a whole) or the NWO? Remember General Wesley Clark’s list of 7 countries he was told would be overthrown?   Here they are “starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and finishing off Iran.”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oJUnG3Z6WI  

  • 1234

    The only terorists are the masters of this world and theyr ignorant and slave populations. Americans… go… play with your d… in the sand, you are stupid enough.

  • Expose Danny’s Lies

    Like I said, lies.  AJ helping spread the western lies.  http://youtu.be/usVsj_u2ITQ

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=524396569 James Nicholls

    “Danny” Abdul Dayem has been revealed on many news channels as a fraud.
    Why was he given a platform to continue spouting lies about events in
    Syria? Who knows how many other videos are faked by opposition activists

    • Expose Danny’s Lies

      Plus they are being paid money for those videos.

    • Obaida

      “Many channels”???????  You mean the Syrian State channels right???? The one’s claiming that NOTHING was happening in Homs when bombs were falling on Baba Amr??? And the one that was caught ‘red handed’ (literally) setting the scene of one of the Regime’s bombing in Damascus placing grocery bags while holding Syrian State TV mic in hand???  The same bombings where Arab League monitors said that “the bodies that had been ‘placed’ at the scene for the bombings showed signs of being ‘dead’ before the explosion because of the dried up blood”.  Buddy….get something credible and maybe….just maybe someone will believe this BS.  

  • Anonymous

    New video shows how Assad TERRORIST regime is bombing Homs 3/25/2012

  • Anonymous

    This is NOT a movie trailer… This is a real massacre that is happening in Syria for more than 12 months while the world is watching.


  • Anonymous

    A 45-min documentary about ASSAD’s crimes in Syria against Humanity:


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