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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Syrian Dissident: ‘We’ve Got Mass Graves Everywhere… We Do Not Want To Negotiate!’

Anti-government protesters carry the coffin of a slain protester, draped in the revolutionary flag, during the funeral of two comrades killed in earlier clashes in Idlib, north Syria. (AP)

Anti-government protesters carry the coffin of a slain protester, draped in the revolutionary flag, during the funeral of two comrades killed in earlier clashes in Idlib, north Syria. (AP)

Syria’s President Bashar Assad met with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Damascus Tuesday as Syrian forces continued their assault against people in Homs.

Lavrov said Assad is ready for dialogue with the opposition.  But dissidents in Homs, Syria’s third largest city and the center of a popular uprising, rejected Assad’s offer to talk.

Homs resident and dissident Danny Abdul Dayem told Here & Now‘s Robin Young that there was no way he and others would negotiate with Assad.

“We have mass graves everywhere, we’ve got bodies missing, people missing. We do not want to negotiate, we want this regime to fall,” he said.

“You can’t cross the street without running from the snipers, this is not a normal life. Kids from 8-years-old know they have to run now,” he said.

This weekend, Russia and China vetoed a Western and Arab-backed UN resolution this weekend that would have condemned Assad’s crackdown on dissidents.  It also would have called on him to transfer some of his powers.


  • Danny Abdul Dayem, dissident from Homs, Syria

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  • Beverly Mire

    I love hearing Renee Graham on your show.  I want to be her when I grow up.

  • Rubye Wright

    Politicians have always believed that they are smarter than God and that they know better than God what people need.  Unless and until the US breaks ties with the politicians of Isreal and grant the terms of freedom in organizing their own state to the Palestians with their own laws that are not indirectly or directly tied to Iseral, Israel will continue to be able to say I told you so, as they worked in concert with George W Bush in starting WWIII in Iraq in the first place; and as long as the politicians of Isreal are pulling the US politicians strings, there will be no peace in Syria, Egypt, Greece, and other countries because of the hypocracy demonstrated by the US who started WWIII in the first place with the first lie out of George W. Bush’s mouth and he alone is the reason why the Americans are suffering with the evil that he allowed those who do own power to inflict on those who have no power in the US.  So if you want to blame someone for putting America at odds with God, blame the republicans and George W. Bush who was in charge and comes from about as evil a family as Dick Chaney who is even more evil than Bush. These are tax dollars at work, when we turn politicians into gods and break commandment number 1.  What we are doing to Iran is nothing short of evil as it their right not to cow tow to the US.  The US and Brittian need to quit going around the world stealing that which does not belong to them just because those who own power in the US and Brittian tell them to.  Turn about is fair play. Russia and China both recognize that if you change this to appease one group that you will turn around and change something else to appease another group and everyone is right back where they started.

  • http://profiles.google.com/felix.scotfl2 Felix Scott

    I have good intuition and I have a feeling that this is not going to turn out well. I am going to try to enjoy what time I have left today. This is going to get ugly and complicated. There is no way out of this. It was predicted that this would come to pass. 

  • günter hiller

    How about revisiting the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights with the aim
    of putting teeth in it, to implement it.  We need to think of the violation of human rights in global
    terms.  The Syrian tragedy again exposes our collective passivity.  Those ostensibly concerned
    are “mulling it over”, while the corpses are piling up.
    I have been asked how I feel about the world, seventy years after the Holocaust, during which
    my family was murdered while the world stood by.  Then as now, dictators are at liberty to
    do with “their people” as they see fit.  World politics continues to be morally blind.
    We’re too busy dancing around the golden calf to notice.

  • http://twitter.com/goodUglyTruth dave frasier

    What to do about Syria? Nuke israel. Best possible solution.

  • günter hiller

    david frasier’s antisemitsm is the ultimate reductio ad absurdum

  • Randm12959

    Regarding CAI..the old adage “that no good deed goes unpunished” certainly seems to apply here! The only thing about this “trash talk” is that it is viciously hurting a very worthwhile humanitarian cause. This man has done great things and yes I will continue to fully support this cause both financially and any other way I can! Leave it to the media to “sell its soul to the devil” for the sake of sensationalism/money. Thank you “Hear and Now” for helping to clarify CAI’s position.

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